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im so tired**ready to give up

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i am so tired ready to give up it seems i ALWAYS FAIL I just seem to try i have been  doing this for 5 weeks and only lost 3 lbs . HELP I  NEed motivation. :(
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Quickest way to fail is to quit.
Hey, you've lost three pounds!  That's three less than you were at the beginning.  Have you been logging calories to make sure you're getting enough/not too much?  Are you doing anything active in the way of exercise?  It's hard work, but you have to be motivated for you or it will not work.  How badly do you want to change?  Quitting just puts you back at the beginning. 
I do work out at least 3x's a week I go to school and have 2 jobs so its hard for me and do log in my calories.
perhaps filling out your profile or giving us an idea what your weight loss goals are would help...
Don't give up! It might seem hard in the beginning and you might seem down in the dumps, but trying is better than giving up and gaining all the weight back plus more. And like other people have said, if you really want this, you have to stay motivated and not give in. I also agree that giving us as idea of your goals would help too.
It is frustrating when you see other people around you here losing weight faster.   You should be proud of yourself though for making a good choice to better your health and to lose a few pounds.  Three pounds is an excellent start :-)  For me I found it comes off in fits and starts - nothing for a while than bam 3 or 4 pounds.  Keep going - it will happen :-)
If you don't have time to track your cals daily, keep a notebook of everything you eat. At the end of the week look it over - see where you went wrong. most likely, as busy as you are you eat a lot of fast food, right? If so, go to their websites and look for lower calorie food choices. For instance, Taco Bell has their "Fresco" style menu - they substitute salsa for cheese, to reduce the calories on some of their foods. Food choices and portion control - that's half the battle!!! Good luck!!
Like kathygator said,  you fail when you quit!  No matter how slowly I loose, no matter how much I mess up; I know I'm still winning my battles each day I log on.  Stay with it!
You didn't gain it in a day or a week or three weeks... you're not going to lose it that fast either.  The sooner you deal with that fact and accept that there's no "magic bullet" the better off you'll be. 
don't forget to give yourself occasional food treats. The diet shouldn't be drudgery--it should be a lifestyle change. And if you're in it for a very long time, you need to occasionally take a break from Perfect Foods. Okay, okay I need to, anyway.

It's just a matter of portion. A tiny bit of something wonderful instead of a whole plate. I've found that if I buy the overpriced stuff, I'm more likely not to gobble it down.

Cheap Kate, who's trying to justify the chocolate she ate yesterday. Hey, it was less than an ounce.
I know how you feel. But what you don't understand that the longer you keep trying to make changes the easier it is going to get.

You need to get the I ALWAYS FAIL thinking out of your head.  That was in the past.  You know are thinking I CAN.  I CAN do this.  It is going to take time, practice and planning.  If I mess up a meal, or a day, I am going to get right back on track so that I can learn to succeed.

Don't dwell on the negativity, focus on the positive.
You only fail if you think you're going to fail.

You're the only one who can make yourself do this. You can't look to people here. If you want it bad enough, you'll keep working at it. Giving up isn't going to help you any. Just remember you've started working hard and you've made progress... so why quit?
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