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I'm a newbie too!!!

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Hello everyone,

I just joined calorie count and the resources I've used so far are really cool.  I'm what you call Skinny Fat!!!  I have a 30% body fat percentage range.  So, I'm hoping with the extra support, I'll be able to burn fat and get healthy.

I look forward to sharing with all of you!!!
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This site is awesome I am new myself but i have found that this site is very motivating and the people here are a great support team. I know that you will have great success in your weight loss... Welcome to a great place to be.
Welcome to you both!  This site is great and the support is unbeatable.  Definately take the time to read through the old forums.  I did that when I first started back in February and it is a true eye opener.  To date I am down 22 pounds so if I can do it anyone can.  Have fun, eat well and work out hard!

Tammy :)
I'm so glad to see that there is people that are new besides me! I only
found the site 3 days ago.   it's amazing, I've yo-yo dieted all
my life, and now that I've found this site I know that it's going to be
the time I really will do it, It's just a feeling you know?  I
can't believe all the support I've already recieved, It's really
helpful that there are many people that are in the exact same position
as me!  Love this site! 
You guessed it...another newbie here.

     I'm going to turn 32 later this month, and I've got to drop some weight. This site looks great. My main problem is procrastination. I always figure I'm going to start "next month" and ... well, you can probably guess what always happens.

     Anyways, a hectic work schedule has left me flabby and annoyed at myself for allowing myself to get this way. I'm trying to get started on an exercise and proper diet plan, and I figure this looks like the place to do it. Nice to meet you all.

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Hello people!! I just joined this site today. I workout everyday with Tae Bo and i have four kids so i fugure i need to be in shape to keep up with them. i just turned 25 and i'm not getting any younger and i figured if my kids see me living a healthy lifestyle, they will follow. I don't have a workout buddy although people keep sayin they will, but i find it helpful to have support of people that do the same things you do.
i'm new, too. used to be a committed runner, then got pregnant and had
a baby! she's six months old now, so i've been trying to get back in
shape. i also want to set a good example for my daughter so that being
active comes naturally to her and she won't have to worry about weight
so much. i look forward to sharing my experiences with others and
hearing their stories, too!
I have actually been visting this site and using the tools for a couple
of months now but this is my first post.  I have been battling
weight problems since I was in third grade.  I dont have that much
to lose really now but am always afraid of gaining to a point where I
will.  I lost like 20lbs 4 years ago but since have gained some of
it back.  My husbands plant closed and we had to basically start
over again which forced me to get a full-time job and finding time for
excercise now is tricky.  And I now have a desk job which I am not
use to and I find myself wanting to nervously munch all day. 
Every day is a chore to make the right food choices and get the
physical workout I need.  But this site seems to help me a lot
even though there are days where it just seems hopeless.  But I am
forever trying.
OMG!! I just started on this site like 15 days ago, and started my food and activity log and it works great.

Please add me to your list of friends.

I am also with you in the struggle to loose the weight and fat percentage.  I am at 36% which is high for me. I should be at least at 33%.

Hey Strempy, GREAT JOB loosing all that weight. It's hard ;)
Hey Ya'll I'm new too !! Add me as a friend! I cant tell you how much support I'm going to be asking all of you for through out the next year or so. Good Luck to Everyone!
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