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Im always HUNGRY!!!

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Im so lost because I want to eat healthy but after the smaller portion healthy meal I feel like im starving !!! Is there any way to fight the craving so i dont eat that piece of cake or that left over pizza??? I feel this is my only down fallCry

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What are your stats (age, weight, height, activity level), how much are you eating, what are you eating?

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Eat stuff that will fill you up with not very many calories like vegetables or water-based soups (no "cream of.." soups, they're calorie bombs).

What do your small portions of healthy meals consist of? There are lots of things you can eat a bit more of without a big calorie impact. I like to stock up on things like raw veggies, plain nonfat yogurt (I mix it with fresh fruit or multigrain cheerios or wheat germ to sweeten it a bit), so grabbing a bowl full of one of these things to munch along side your meal - or before it, or after it - can really help you fill up. Make a big salad with a light dressing to go along with your meal. Or some tuna salad (light mayo) that you can wrap inside a big romaine lettuce leaf. Make sure your meal isn't always things like Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones. Those "meals," to me, are a poor showing for a meal. They're the right amount of calories, maybe, but don't pack enough nutrition and certainly don't fill me up! Eat more protein (some protein with every single meal and snack) to feel fuller longer, too. I have been trying this lately and didn't notice a difference right at first but now that I've been doing it consistently, I'm never all that hungry. 

Bananas are one of my favorites - they are surprisingly filling! Carrots is another one; i can eat a bag of baby carrots with zero guilt. Soup always makes me feel kinda bloated and icky, but i see it on here a lot that soup fills ya up. I go for the fruit though - a nice big apple satisfies my hunger and my need for crunch. Plus it takes some time!

I am 6"2 I weight 240 and im modertly active im working out more these days.

How many calories are you eating?

Today so far I have logged 759 Calories that includes an energy drink. :)

No wonder you are hungry.

I don't know your age, but if I guess you are 25, then you should be eating at least 1900-2000 calories a day to lose weight, possibly more if you are very active.

You are always hungry because you haven't even reached half of your daily calories.

I am 29 but thank you lol......I wouldnt consider myself VERY active im just getting into really...I really want to do this the right way so I dont fail i ended the day at 1139 calories going to eat a few rice cakes now !!!! Thanks for your help

Eating only 1139 would be "failing". Please start eating more than a few extra rice cakes. Rice cakes are my "I'm hungry, but have had enough calories" food. You don't have enough calories. Nuts, nut butters, olive oil dressing, fuller fat dairy are all good ways to increase your calories, since dieters often make the mistake of cutting too much fat from their diet.

You are at a size where it's possible to eat more and still lose relatively rapidly (2lb/week). But what you are doing now will make it harder for you to lose, and definitely harder to maintain.

Best of luck.

don't try to lose every pound in a single day.

Try to add 1/4 of cooked brown rice and 1/4 cup of beans to your meals (together they are 1/4 of my plate and a little over 100 calories). Add lean meat (if you eat it) I never eat more than 4 oz in a single meal because the rice and beans fill me up) and cooked vegetables, a lot of them (1/2 of my plate) Ha, don't forget to start your meals with a cup of soup or salad with oil and vinager. 


instead the rice and beans, pasta = 1 cup pasta (measure your pasta) and add veggies and protein

I was skinny my whole life. I went from 95 lbs to 175 in five years after I got married, and I am back to 118 in two years eating my rice and beans, meat and veggies.

Get snacks all the time with you, so if you feel hungry, you have them in hand. My snacks are fruits and nuts (one hand full goes a long way)


also, you would be surprise how many times you think you are hungry and you are thirsty. Drink water if you can (carbonated and flavored are my favorites)


You need your carbs, and as long you keep it in moderation, they will make you feel full longer.

Oh ok I see ...thank you so much I was completely off lol 

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