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Hey.. If you are a winner say. Yes i am..

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I want every one that is a winner-- pounds lost or not to post that i am a winner. I hate that name the biggest loser.. Hell i want every one to be the biggest winner..  Take them words loser and put it in the trash can. We all are WINNERS DAMMIT..

Hell i am a winner.. I know the rest of you are too..

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Im a winner and it shows baby!!!!!!
Mark Fidrych:
When you're a winner you're always happy, but if you're happy as a loser you'll always be a loser.
I am a winner!! I love red wine!!  LOL  Just kidding - yes I am a winner!  **red face glowing**
Go slappy! You are winner go-go-go...
Rox. I love that song by Ub40. Red Red wine. A relaxing song i think.. But you are A Winner.. YOU go girl..

Randy on Idol.  We got a hot one tonight. LOL
You better believe I'm a winner!!!
I sure do believe that you are  a WINNER!!!
uhh.. yes?  i'm a winner!  **puts one tired and wobbly had in the air**
(had a long hard day guys)
**runs around house screaming "I'M A WINNER** Hit the 20's today, definitely a WINNER!!!
*waves hands and jumps up and down* yesssss I am a wiiner!

Love, Karen
I am a WINNER!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! :-)
YAY TO YOU ALL.  I am so glad that you all are winners..

O - am sorry that you had a bad day..I hope you feel better. But you still are a winner..
everybody still winners today???

I am!
I've always been a winner, baby ;)

LOL This is a fun thread!
I am a winner!!!!! I broke an 11 day plateau and lost 3 lbs to boot!
I am a winner :)
I am a winner!!!
*jumping up and down*  I am a WINNER!

~*\o/*~      &n bsp;        ;       &n bsp;        ;  ~*\o/*~

       &nb sp;               ~*\o/*~      &n bsp;        ;       &n bsp;        ; ~*\o/*~
awesome to hear that neeners!
I am a winner here!!!!!  Guys you know about getting under the 200 mark yesterday...Well while I was at Goodwill one of Dan's highschool buddies wives came up to me...(one of those gal's that thought her poop didn't stink....and now looking at her makes me want to throw up even more)..well I stopped to talk to her and the first words out of her mouth was "Omg you have lost a lot of weight!!!".....needless to say my head is still swollen today!!!!

I am a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!  ya baby!!!!!

Everyone here is a winner because we keep everyone so motivated!!!
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