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HELP .. after three days of binge free, I received three boxes of cookies and brownies:(

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what should I do? cookies are my trigger food.:( I love them so much and last month I was binging on cookies and cakes.

It has been three days since I have started counting cals again but just today I got cookies and brownies and they seem very good from a fine bakery :((
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Give them away to neighbors or co-worker, fast ;)
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Agree - give 'em away.  Or trash disposal.  May seem wasteful, but it's better than being waist-ful.  :-D

they are actually three boxes. I just had one small cookie:( how many cals is that, I am wondering? it is a mini chocolate cookie.
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If you don't know what to do, then you will be unsuccessful.

I love and I mean LOVE baking and sweets. More evil they are. The more I like them. That in mind- I bake cookies or brownies or something horrible for diets once a week I allow myself a few and promptly send the lot of them to husbands work and give him the strict instructions DO NOT BRING  ANY  Home! It's a win win deal. I get my favorite fresh homemade treat, it's not too accessible  since I don't ever buy pre-made baked goods, and my husbands co-works think that I'm awesome. He gets compliments and I get them too.

best wishes 

Amy : since you bake cookies a lot, do you have an idea how many cals should I log for a mini chocolate cookie with nuts that I just had? thanks.
Drop them off at a local church or a shelter or the hospital.
Get ris off them fast.
spoiled candy: I am stuck at work. Still have 3 hours and the boxes are just next to me, calling me. LOL.

Put them in the reception area or work break room. Trust me, they will go away on their own!

Stay strong!!!!

=^..^= MOLLY

Thanks Molly:) I just had one cookie:( and gave away one box. Still two of them with me.

I was hungry so I had an apple and swiss miss diet hot chocolate. I am full now. Thank Lord, they are not soft baked otherwise I would have finished the entire thing in a minute :)
YAY :) the second box is gone. hopefully, I will manage to give the third one away before I touch any more cookies:)
Thank God. Third box is gone:))
Isn't that weird? after I made great efforts to give those boxes of cookies away, I just had another box of baklava. Lord, I love the stuff.

Guys, I think I had a point when I was complaining about my co-workers .
I love my coworkers, but I hate it when they give me sweets!  On the other hand a small amount of baked goods are fine imo.
:) I know Sara. Anyway, I gave those away too.
id throw them away.. but youre also talking to a girl that just had 3 cups of hot chocolate and like 5 cookies. and salad :)
I used to get so many gift baskets when I was working in purchasing, from all the vendors.  My solution was to carry them down to the loading dock where buff young men would make short work of them.  I also always gave things to the security guards. They all loved me!

I actually think you should send them to me :)

No i'm kidding. Use them as stocking stuffers for someone else or christmas gifts.

Look at the label on the box. Find your calculator or use the one on your computer.

How many grams, total, in the box? How many grams in a serving?

I don't know your real numbers but I can show you how to calculate the serving with pretend numbers.

Let's pretend there are 500g in the box, and 30g per serving. Divide 500 by 30 and you get almost 17, which is the number of servings in the box. Just say there are 17 servings! It's okay to round the numbers a little bit. Makes your life easier.

Count the total number of cookies in a whole box. Let's pretend your box had 45 cookies.

Now you have to see how many cookies make up a serving.

45 (total cookies) divided by 17 (total servings in a box) gives you about 2.6 cookies per serving. That is close enough to 2 1/2 cookies (2.5) per serving. That is understandable in real life! For such a small amount of food and calories it will be okay to round the numbers.

So, with our pretend numbers, you ate two halfs of a cookie and a serving is five halfs. That's 2/5 of a serving, or 40%, or 0.4 servings.

Don't just go put in 0.4 cookie in your food log! You need to go back and use the actual numbers on your real box of cookies and if you round to the nearest decimal point your answers will be accurate enough to mean something on your food log.

Hope that helps.


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You know, heroin is really good too I'll bet, and a lot harder to pass up if you are as hooked on it like you are cookies.  I suppose it's a good thing you don't try it.
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