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Help! Looking for inspiration

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I have been on and off doing this for a while, yet always seem to fall off the bandwagon. I let others and sitations guide me... or I eat when I am bored for no reason!  I feel totally helpless and out of control! I am getting married next summer, and want to be slim and trim, but I cannot seem to get myself together. Please help! How do you all manuever the temptations and cravings? How did you get started (and stay on the program)?

Thank you for your words of wisdom.
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I find that just logging things in here helps me.  I think its because I am always online here, so I always have my "diet" or weight-loss plan in the back of my mind.
the fact that i see a muffin bakery on my hips is motivation heh.
There is an interpretaition (spelly check) that happens alot with some people when it comes to others about diet.... it isnt easy for any of us i dont think. we all get those temptations and cravings but the ones who fight it and succed are in my opinion. know why they do it. and this reason is important enough to go through that fight with temptation. i do it because i honestly hated who i was. i wish never to become that fat lazy slob ever again. i want it so bad that those muffins or what ever other temptation makes me cringe in disgust :). Just want it and u can fight those cravings

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