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I want to lose 8 pounds and tone up but do not have the energy to work out and cant seem to keep my daily calorie intake under or at the recommended settings.

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Wish there was an easy fix but you just have to find the willpower.  If you can't get the work out energy then cut calories out that are useless like sodas or other drinks.  If you can't just cut fizz right to water sub it with something else like seltzer or a "zero" soda that is no cal, or use the additives for water like Mio or crystal light packets or something on those lines.   I know a lot of people that just detest water and end up drinking a lot more calories than they realize. 

If you work, can you take the stairs vs elevator? or park further out at work or when doing errands?  You're "exercising" without really doing much that way and the extra steps do add up. 

That's all I can really think of to make minor changes until you're able to get into a routine with working out regularly.  Rumor has it that something becomes habit after 21 days so just know it does get easier.

Well i already drink diet or no caloreis drinks and i drink 5-6 16oz bottles of water a day, so water is not a problem and i di work however i have the type of job where you are constantly moving ,i work with severe special needs kids and i also clean peoples houses 2-3 times a wk after my other daily job. I am also a full time college student a married mother of three 10, 12, 15 so i am pretty active without exercise.

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