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Height and Weight Pictures!

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I found a website that I think is really cool! I've seen a lot of posts in the forums before from people wondering how they will look at their height at such and such weight. This site is a height and weight matrix of real people with pictures! It goes to show you we all come in different shapes and sizes and numbers are just numbers. =) eight.shtml

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wow, this is really cool! It really does show how numbers are just numbers...shape really is genetic...mostly i suppose

yup, so it looks like my 115-125  looks just fine! eight.shtml


the OP link doesnt work cause of the space. i fixed it. =)

That's a really interesting site! It really shows how differently people can carry their weight - some people look like 'holy cow, did they put that photo in the wrong slot?!' I sent in one of my progress shots because the higher weights are still empty at my height.

very nice but some of the thumbnail pics lead to different photos (ie  a woman in a dress leads to a man in jeans)

This site is soo cool the woman at 5'4 and 13 stone dose look alot like my size but some pics are like no way your that small also i think the site is put together a bit sloppy too with the wrong thumbnails.

This is such a great find

Thank you!!! Fascinating!!! Laughing

Yeah, those just don't look right. Maybe it's her hideous clothing & lack of muscle, but the 5'5 120lb pic looks way too big. & WTF is 5'5 115 wearing!? Those pants make her look huge! 

* bump! *

I wanted other folks to get to see this... Laughing

too bad it doesn't also list their body fat% and measurements, haha. 

Also when I first started looking, I was like, why is it all men?  And then I remembered that there really aren't that many women who are over 6' I scrolled down and there they were!

Does anyone have a pic of them selves at 175 pounds and around 5'8?  That's my goal weight and I'd love to see what it looks like!

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