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heartbroken... "i don't date fat girls"....

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I was really good friend with this boy. I know I have gained weight since freshman 15, but I CLEARLY remembered he once told me that he likes me for who I am. when I was willing to commit into a relationship with him, he rejected me and told his friends that he doesn't date fat girls.  what the?!!! so the fact that I transformed from a size 2 to size 6 changed everything... I am still in the healthy range. why?  are guys all like that? not only my mom called me  a chubby lamb... a boy who used to like me thinks i am freaking fat..... heartbroken....(tears)

i am going to run 3 miles today!!!!!!

P.S. sometimes, i feel like only you guys can understand me and motivate me.  thanks everyone.
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lamiemia.. what you justy tried to date was a 100% pure j*ck*ss.

Do yourself a favor, stop talking to him and let him get on with his shallow life.

I Can promise you that NO, not all guys are like that.

(PS.. WTF?!?! Since when is Size *6* fat! That boy has SERIOUS issues! )

*looks at Emily's picture* Emily.. you are NOT fat! You have a round face, but... W.T.F., mate!
w0w... that's bs. but honestly if he's that superficial then he honestly doesn't deserve you (and a size 6 is not fat). You know what's going to end up happening? Sure, he may find a size 0 and settle down, but 99% chance she will not treat him right, she'll only use him- then with time, she'll get bigger with time and he won't know what to do, and I'll laugh when he gets bigger too and they'll both live unhappily ever after.

Hopefully he'll snap back to reality before he gets screwed (in his mind) lol

Take care.
I love how the people closest too us can hurt us the most.

Seriously, tell them both to get a head check.  You look great, a size 6 is fricken amazing.   And not all guys are like that, the good ones will love you regardless of size.  He sounds like a pretty shallow, egotistical jerk to me.  As for your mum, you should tell her that you are trying to lose weight and it does not encourage you to do so when she says things like that.  just be honest with her.

Hope you feel better! 

Don't let one nasty, completely ridiculous comment get the best of you!
Yeah, that guy is a friggin MORON.  Emily, you are insanely gorgeous and I think a size 6 is PERFECT.  I'd take you any day of the week!!  That guy is missing out and will probably regret it once you start dating someone who's nicer AND better looking than him :)
OMG I must be god darnit fat then because I wear a size 7...yikes....

tell this boy to go be an ass somewhere else. he's a loser and probaly has no self esteem.
He's gonna be sorry when he gets his Size 0 cheerleader chick and finds out that they've got the personality of a porcupine ;)
and the brain of a t-rex, eh hk?!
Don't go insulting porcupines by saying they have the personality of size 0 cheerleaders.  I think a more apt comparison would be a rock.  Rocks have no thoughts...they just sit there waiting for something to be done with them.  Maybe?
I haven't read any of the comments yet, but you're a size 6 and considered "chubby", "fat"... wtf!?

That is just screwed up... ignore those dumbarses!!
Honey, I am so sorry!  I know you must be bummed, but really what everyone has been saying is so true.  That boy is a jerk with his own problems (inflated ego, low self esteem, shallow values, lack of maturity). 

And a 6 is BIG?!?!?  Yikes!  Since when?  That's right smack dab in the middle of the "normal" (not "plus") sizes, and the average American woman wears a 14-16.  You look great!! 

Trust me, I work at a college and see how unhealthy some young women are, starving or throwing up, binging on food and alcohol, working out for 4-6 hours a day so they can "be hot" and "get the guys".  As someone who has been there and sees all of this happening each semester, I can tell you that YOU are the one with your head on straight for trying to be healthy.  That, as most men with any maturity will tell you is the most beautiful and sexy thing! 

Hang in there.  Dump the boy.  Take a run and get him out of your system.  Keep posting if you're still upset, and don't let this get you down.

PS--Your mom sounds like mine.  I know they say that parents know best, but honestly, sometimes, they just don't have a clue.  You're not "chubby" at all, sweetie!! 
Oh, and one more thing (it is kinda evil . . .), but when he says, "I don't date fat chicks," you could just reply, "I understand.  But I don't date brain-dead guys, either, so I'd better look elsewhere."  :-)
He is an ass!!!  size 6 is not fat by any means.  I am sorry that he hurt you but you deserve better.  I am sure that he has many faults...without even knowing him I can name a few (brian-dead, selfish, moronic...just to name a few).

hang in there and don't let this silly little boy through you off :)
thanks everyone!
i just feel so happy to be in this loving environment, and all of you are being so supportive.  i was trying to call some of my best friends, but it just happened that they are all busy in the same time.  i was going to call my mom and tell her about it, but i am sure she is gonna say something like "see i told you".  leaving comments here about my personal issues was my last option, but i did not realize that everyone here is just so nice and sweet.  I thank all of you for your kindness.

P.S. I just got back from running 3 miles and drank TONS of water.  I feel good!

Though I am a girl, I think you're absolutely ADORABLE! Like HK said... that guy is a jackass. A size 6 is not fat (I'd kill to be a size 6 right now haha). That guy is not worth your time to date anyway.
You will, at some point need to have a talk with your mother.  You'll have to spell out to her how much she hurts you when she calls you chubby.  Mothers don't want to hurt their children, but sometimes they do it without thinking.
Lamiemia, I haven't read all the responses to your post but I'm sure they all go a little bit like this. 

Size 6 is NOT, I repeat, NOT fat.  Concider yourself lucky, you just found out quickly exactly what kind of a person that superficial moron is.  You've saved yourself from a lot of grief of having to deal with someone like that.  I know it's easier said than done but be rid of him.  Cut him out, he's like a cancer.  He doesn't know how to like someone and he doesn't know how to value someone and that's really what you want.  So dry your eyes, head up, tall and proud of who you are and keep going.  You are better than that BS.
Lamiemia, you are better than him. You are a beautiful, strike that gorgeous girl. He sucks. He's not worth it. Just imagine what a jerk he would be if you actual were dating, you don't deserved to be treated that way, you deserve better, much better. Like Finewine! He's a really nice guy, even though he doesn't love sheep! ;)
what a jerk!! He's obviously not worth your time and has his head too far up his own @#% to know what beautiful is. You have too much going for you to worry about this guy (although I know how much hurtful comments can feel like despite trying to ignore them)

You are a better person than I am... I would have punched him!
I agree with writestuff...if someone had said that to me, the conversation would have gone like this:

Them: "I don't date fat girls."
Me: "Oh...I'm sorry, I didn't realise that you were...I'm so embarassed to have asked you now because you see I don't date a**holes, so this could never work. Sorry."

Maybe this is why I don't date much? :)

Seriously, though, a size 6 is NOT fat, that guy is a huuuuuuuge jerk, so forget him and all the other people who are trying to get you to swallow poisonous negative untruths about yourself. And that goes for your mom, too. I have a little switch in my brain now, labelled "tune out" that I employ whenever mine (though I love her) starts telling me those things that bring me down. Just because we care for and respect our parents does NOT MEAN we have to listen to them all the time!
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