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And, lo, the daycare clan was collected early this day, to which Tam proclaimed thusly:


And wog she did.  For 55 minutes on the Lochside Trail.

============================================= ====

WOG = a walk/jog

I am sooooo proud of me right now!  All my munchkins were gone by 330pm!  This never happens! 

Old Tam woulda just slipped into her flajamas, ripped open a bag of chips and nested on the couch til dinner.

Not New Tam.

I think I'm gonna make it to the finish line this time Cool

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Great job! It is really those little choices that matter from day to day. Also- I love your terminology­???
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Keep it up!! I'm joining the YMCA this way they can watch my little munchkin while I'm working out!

Go, 'new' Tam! You can do it! (: Good job getting in the WOG, lol.

I love it!!  Great new word!

A wog.  

I sometimes wog at lunch but not as often as I should.

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