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Why haven't I lost weight?

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Okay, I'm new to this whole dieting/working out thing.  But I'm really frustrated right now because I have been working out for an hour a day for a week, and I have cut my calories to 1300 a day, down from who knows how many because I used to eat like such a pig, and I haven't lost one pound.  And it's just really frustrating because it makes me feel like all my hard work is for nothing.  I'm not expecting a miracle, I would have been happy with one pound lost, but nothing?  Come on.  Has anyone else experienced this, not dropping any weight at all after a week?  And please tell me it gets easier.  
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Losing weight takes PATIENCE.  You won't see weight loss in a week, it  takes more time than that, sweetie!  Don't give up!  You will see results if you just maintain CONSISTENCY in your eating and workouts.
i didn't see any weight loss results for a month after i started exercising regularly.  not saying it'll take you that long--it took me a while cuz i didn't change my eating habits right away, but it takes a while for your body to catch up with what you're doing. you gotta give it at least a couple of weeks.
I didn't see any weight loss for the first 2-3 weeks, then it seemed to come off fast for the next 2 months...then I hit a plateau for like 2 months...I've just gotten over that plateau and have lost 2 more lbs in 3 weight has gone up and down. So yes, dieting takes patience, BUT I just fit into a pair of 10 jeans that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. My total weight loss since Jan has been 22 lbs with 21 more to go.

So don't give up and remember patience!
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Just like everyone else said... it takes patience.  I've lost 14 pounds... but it's taken since September to do it.  Granted, my eating habits weren't too horrible to begin with, and I've always been an active person, so there wasn't a WHOLE lot I could change without completely starving myself, but the weight always comes off in cycles.  I'll stay the same for almost three weeks, then suddenly I'll lose a couple more pounds.  I was stuck around 115-116 for about three weeks, and I just recently dropped to about 112.  Just keep up what you're doing, and you'll lose the weight :)  Just don't make the mistake a lot of people do and get frustrated because you're not losing quick enough and say "screw it" and resume old eating habits (I've been guilty of that too). 
Chery - you have to remember that the weight didn't all pile on over night, so it's not going to come off that way either... you need to be patient and just remember what your overall goal is.

Another thing, how much water are you drinking?  You should try to drink lots and lots of water; this will help your body.  I'm sure in no time you will see a loss in weight.  Try to make it a habit to step on the scale once a week - this way you can see your progress that way (in case you are jumping on the scale daily).

Be patient Chery - it will happen!!
Just wanted to add a cheezy inspirational quote:

"don't give up before the miracle happens"!
I'm sorry it sucks, but not everyone drops weight the first week.  Only about 50% of people I've noticed lose anything the first couple weeks.

Keep in mind that you will need more calories if you exercise, but if you're eating 1300 and being completely sedentary, you will eventually see weight loss, it will take about a month, don't give up! 
I doubt your body is in starvation mode after only a week, but if you're working out an hour a day, you might not be eating enough calories.  Play around with the tools on this site to calculate the amount of calories you are burning each day.  From this subtract the amount consumed to get your calorie deficit.  1000 is the absolute maximum deficit recommended.
I am close to week three without weight loss.
same here on the week three without weight loss. dang it. i believe in miracles but we also need to believe in ourselves
Time to get a good measuring tape, and measure yourself once a month.  With all your exercise, you're probably gaining muscle.  Good luck!
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