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it's happening! all I can think about is sweets!

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I haven't stopped thinking about ice cream and donuts all morning :( I don't want to give in
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Don't give in. It's just your appetite trying to sabotage your brain. The moment will pass if you start doing something else to take your mind off it.  Then just think how good you'll feel the next day, when you will have not given in to the temptation the day before.

Thanks bron54. I was at work during most of my craving and the only sweet items I had were strawberries and my meal replacement shake so I didn't break.  After work I was so concerned trying to prove a point to my aunt (she took me out for supper and told me it's ok to just break free and have a cheat day, I can always start over) that when I came home, I pulled a frozen yogurt (like the 35 cal cup yogurts) out of the freezer and it took me about half an hour to eat it and I felt better.


Thanks lisaxfaith.  My aunt was trying to get me to eat high calorie/fat food at the restaurant, order me another drink and on top of my ice cream craving, it would have been two cheat days rolled into one.

I considered going to the store and buying just one of those little cups of ice cream but then I started over thinking it.  I eat one cup and my craving gets worse or I start convincing myself I can control portion size then I start buying large tubs and eating them in a weekend :|


Thanks lisaxfaith.  I think I'm just being a suck because I'm tired of eating chicken breast and rice and my body wants all the delicious food I used to eat.

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