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Hair Loss

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Hi ‚?? every since I have started my weight-loss/living healthy regime, my hair has started to fall out. I have typical ‚??Indian‚?Ě hair, i.e. thick and wavy, however, as I said, it has started to fall out in chunks! I really am getting quite worried, because this has never happened before, and not to sound conceited, but I always thought that my hair was the best part of my body! Has this happened to anyone else??

Thanks - soxie
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... please explain to us what your weight-loss/living healthy regime means. How many calories do you consume? How much do you exercise?
mine has been coming out alot too-but what's strange is that I don't look thinner on my head, if that makes any sense.

and since I'm eating at maintenance and exercising 5 days a week, I don't think mine is diet related. sorry I can't be more help.
I have indian hair also but it is straigh instead of wavy. when I take a shower, wow, it drops like crazy. I don't know why. It could be stress, hair color, a number of many things. If it get's so seriious as in you start seeing bald spots, go see a doctor
Make sure you're getting enough protein and enough of the good oils and fats in your diet!  If you're short on those things, it can result in hair loss.
I'm wondering if that might be my problem, nymo. early in my weight loss, I had problems with my protein-according to articles I'm reading online, hair loss can follow about 3-4 months later. if that's the case, then I'm right on schedule. lol

luckily, with proper protein and fat ratios, the problem should correct itself.
hair loss is a sign of an eating disorder. how many calories do you consume?

take care
Hi soxie,

what are you eating in a typical day?  How many calories?  How much fat/carb/protein?  I think--not an expert, here--that hair loss can signal too strict a "diet" or that your body is missing some nutrients.  Nymo's right. 

But, that said, I have really thick, long, wavy "Indian" (Native American) hair and always lose some in the summer just because it is so heavy/hot.  If I have it colored, some comes out, too.  So, it may not be a big deal. 

How much is coming out?  Have you ever had it do this before?  You may want to see a doctor, if not.
hair loss is also a big indicator of a thyroid condition.  most thyroid conditions are actually diagnosed by hair dressers becuase they are trained (usually, if they are good) to mention any indication of hair loss and suggest getting that checked..

that being said.. there are so many reasons that you can be losing your hair.. i would say go talk to your doctor and get a check up to make sure you're OK.
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I'm losing alot of hair too, and I definitely don't have an eating
disorder...could it just be the heat?  I know every summer my hair
thins out and then during the winter it's thick and very rarely falls a dog ;)  Body's response to the weather and all that.
that could be, jades. all I know is that I'm eating better than I have in years, so I hope my body isn't rejecting all those nutrients and healthy stuff! XD
Hair loss is also a sign of age. And yes, even women lose their hair. Sad, but true. It thins out. There are lots of reasons for hair loss. The others are right. More information about you is needed before we can really offer any suggestions.
Hey soxie, I can tell you I have the same problem any time I have changes in my body like gaining weight or losing weight, when I'm sick or stressed out to much my hair is the first thing I notice change. It can be more oily then dry or I'll have more hair loss than normal. I make sure and take a daily multi-vitamin to make sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need to help but sometimes these things still happen. I have really long thick hair and I have accepted the fact that I 'shed' alot, hubby even makes fun of me and tells me to brush outside! I wouldn't concern yourself too much over it if you know your eating healthy and you've had a check up for things like blood pressure, thyroid, etc. I have been checked lately so I'm not worried about it but then again this is a familiar thing for me and my body. Take care!
It is natural for you to shed during warmer weather.

I had hair loss from second generation gonane birth control pills, and also from Depo-Provera and Norplant in the past. It was the presence of the types of progestins that caused the problem: all of them had androgenic effects.

My gynecologist switched me to a fourth generation pill containing Drospirenone. My hair is growing back and has stopped falling out in clumps.

If you're using one of the older forms of oral contraceptives, this might be what is happening. There's more about the various contraceptives here.

If that's not it, it may be what some have said: you might not have enough fat in your diet, or you aren't getting enough calories.

But as someone else posted, you should check with a doctor. Hair loss can happen for many reasons.

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