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The 'gym bug' and how to catch it!??

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I am desperate to catch the 'gym bug'!! I go to the gym twice a week but I really don't enjoy it, I see the people that get really into it and hear about people that genuinely love going to the gym and can't seem to stay out of it and what I want to know is how they went from hating to loving it?! Am I missing something??

Also, does anyone have any tips for giving up junk food? I don't eat loads of it but when I have tried to stop eating it and replace it with fruit etc I just crave it even more until it gets unbearable and I give up. I feel addicted to the sugar, salt and additives!! Would love to cut it out though.

Be great to get any replies if anyone is in a similar boat :)
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I don't go to the gym. I run and do body weight exercises at home. I can't afford a gym membership but I caught the running bug and its crazy. The ideal is to get a good workout. The kind that makes you want to die in the process but then enjoy your accomplishment and the way you feel afterwards. I'd ask someone at the gym to help 'push' you. Working harder will lead to your body starting to crave that feeling again.

If I go 3 days without running (like I am starting today until Sat morning) I get a feeling like I need to do something. I'll do body weight exercises, push ups, dips, chair sits (back against wall at 90 degree bend in the knees), etc. It just doesn't cure the desire to go running but it helps and helps maintain muscle mass.

In short- work harder at the gym to get that feeling of accomplishment a few times and soon your body will start to control your lazy mind (happened to me)

For me, it's not so much the "gym bug" as it is the fact that exercising kicks my depression in the butt.  Feeling like a normal human being is so much better than the alternative.

"In short- work harder at the gym to get that feeling of accomplishment a few times and soon your body will start to control your lazy mind (happened to me)"

It's happening to me too!  For the first time since..well....I was in my teens and early 20s and took dance classes 3x a week and cycled or ran everywhere.  The first week was really hard to get going, but now it's become a habit...I actually miss it on my rest day...or when I'm sick like this week...give it time, find something that you really really love to do, but that pushes you a bit.  For me, it's powerwalking/jogging - I call it wogging (haha) - I push a double jogging stroller and haul a wagon behind me - 4 toddlers in total - it's awesome for them to get the fresh air and we always see something new on the nature trails around my house...and it's amazingly calming for me. 

You can do it!

"In short- work harder at the gym to get that feeling of accomplishment a few times and soon your body will start to control your lazy mind (happened to me)"

This also happens to me, but the truth is the only way I can make the gym tolerable (and sometimes very enjoyable) is with good music. If I forget my ipod at home the gym is torture.

I like to use music to motivate me, I'll go up a few levels on the elliptical when my favorite song of the moment is playing.

And I compete with  myself, trying to do better every time I go, this might help, next time you go log the calories burned, and then your next visit try to burn more calories in the same amount of time, it's an amazing feeling when you do.

That's what I do :)

I don't go to the gym. I feel you have to do things you enjoy. I do Zumba because it's FUN!!! It's also a great workout. I feel awesome doing it.

Create a good playlist that will keep you pumped.

As for the cravings,it's inevitable. You always want what you shouldn't have. Just give into them occasionally so you don't feel deprived,but in smaller portions.

I'm going to echo what others have said about adding some music to your gym workout.  Before I got my mp3-shuffle thingee I felt like the gym was pure torture.  So I would say get an ipod or whatever and put some awesome tunes on it.  The best part is you can be totally selfish and put only the music that YOU really enjoy on your playlist!  I have fairly eclectic taste when it comes to music, but any song that's fast paced gets me motivated to stay on the treadmill longer or do just a few more crunches.  Who cares if it's New Kids on the Block or Justin Beiber or whatever - it's for you and you only!

I kind of tried to change the way I look at going to the gym.  In my mind, my time at the gym is "me time".  I just put in my headphones, hop on the treadmill, and have my thoughts all to myself while I tune out the world for a bit.  Kind of nice actually!  I'm not a person who is terribly social at they gym so this works well for me.  My husband is a much more talkative sort and he's always chatting with people at the gym.  He's made all sorts of buddies from all walks of life, and I think his gym friends are what keep him motivated.  If you're the more social sort, maybe you could take some time to get to know some of the regulars at the gym.  After all, everyone at a gym has some sort of interest in living a healthy lifestyle!


So far as the junk food...I've struggled with this as well.  My suggestion would be to try to replace your regular junk food with a lower calorie equivalent.  Instead of chocolate chip cookies, eat some chocolate-flavored mini rice cakes.  Instead of sour cream and onion potato chips, eat sour cream and onion Special K cracker chips.  There's usually a good alternative out there for any kind of "naughty" snack.  There's a website/Twitter account out there called "Eat This, Not That" that I've found helpful.

And although it's kind of controversial around here, I say a "cheat meal" every week or so isn't going to hurt!

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