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Egads.  What WAS I thinking?

Walking through Walgreens this afternoon when it occurs to me that they usually sell my old favorite brand of Gummy Bears, Black Forest (they taste just like the ones I used to get as a kid in Germany).  My feet had a mind of their own.  Down the candy aisle. Yup, there they were.  Hey, only 120 cals a serving.  yeah, there's 4 servings in a bag, but I won't eat the whole thing, right?

You know the rest of the story.  I opened the bag and downed the WHOLE thing. Me, the health food fanatic.  Little miss eat your fruits and veggies.  And no good reason either.  Not treating myself.  Not PMSing.  I just didn't even TRY to have any willpower. 

I admit I enjoyed them, I did, but what I KNEW would happen is now happening.  Sugar crash.  Upset stomach.  Shaky. Uggggh.  Oh, yes, NOW I remember, THIS is why I don't eat SUGAR! 

Thanks for letting me vent!  For some reason I feel a little better now.
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oh cookie dough .. i just made a post about how my sister came to visit me and brought me a 3-lb bag of homemade choc-chip-cookie dough! wrapped it up with 3 ice packs and smuggled in onto the plane. =) note that i don't have an oven; she brought it solely so i could eat the dough!
Haribo macht Kinder froh...und Erwachsene ebenso :P

(Haribo makes kids happy...and adults) HOW TRUE
tracyvision, yep, I'm an Air Force brat.  We lived in Germany for three years when I was a little girl.  My favorite childhood memories are from when we lived in Germany...but almost all of them have something to do with food...hmmm ;-)
3 years in Germany for me too, Army (age 4-7).  My favorite memories are all about food too! LOL  Going into town and having weinerschnitzel and fanta pop.  The guy that would come around military housing every day in his little while station wagon with fresh made brochen (sp?), the BEST little buns, hard and crunchy on the outside, tender white fluffy insides, rock candy, and those gummy bears.  I was too young, obviously, but there was also a beer guy that came around once a week.  You had this carved wooden sign that you put in your window with the brand of beer you wanted, put your empties in the hallway and he dropped off a new case.  Now THAT's service!

and seraph, I don't know if Black Forest are really that good, but I do know that I don't even feel tempted by any other brand!
That's funny...I was also there age 4-7 (1966-1969).  I remember going shopping in town with my mom and the shopkeepers giving me candy.  I also remember the pretzel venders.  We lived off base for a few months and I remember the neighbor giving me german chocolate bars and homemade cookies.  It was great fun living in Germany.  We went to Holland on vacation.  I wish I had been a little older so I could have enjoyed it even more.
g, we're exactly the same age and were there exactly the same time!  that's weird...

hard to unwind those warm early childhood memories from the FOOD that comes with them.  No wonder we reach for food when we need a little comfort!
Heh, this is funny, I remember flirting with the base soldiers when I was around 18 or 19 (two airbases near where I grew up, Spangdalem and Baumholder) and stuff. Never occurred to me that some bring their whole families.

Tracy - isn't German bread the best you can get? I love it so much, it's the thing I miss the most here in the UK. You just cannot get hold of decent bread. I munch it endlessly when I go home. The things you mean are Brötchen. Impossible to find nicer bread rolls.
That is odd Tracy...but we know we weren't on the same base..we were Air Force.  I don't remember the name of the base we were at, or the city.  I'll have to ask my Mom the next time I talk to her.  Small world...that's for sure.
Brötchen!  thanks blurredkh!  Seriously, that was more than 35 years ago and I still have such vivid memories of it.
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