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Guaranteed Motivation...Right Here!!

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 Oh my god! Gaining at least 1 pound every week, sometimes even 2 pounds!....Could you imagine?

 Now, let's gain some perspective here. Why is it that when we are trying to lose weight, 1 or 2 pounds is nothing to us, but if we were to gain that amount of weight in the same amount of time we would really freak out.

 One to two pounds seems like little every week, until you look back 2 months later and are down a whole 8-16 pounds. It's a lot of weight. Keep on keepin on, the weight will pile up so fast. Like I have read so many times, the time is gonna go by anyway, you might as well get healthier,look better,and be happier while you're still livin.

 It's been about 6 weeks for me on CC and I have lost 11 pounds (28 pounds total). Do you have any idea how fast the time went by? And how happy I am?


Don't give up. It's so worth it.



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BUMP! Embarassed 

Just hoping to motivate someone!

That is probably one of the best perspectives I've seen in a long time!! I LOVE IT!!

Congratulations!!  Laughing Losing weight is by far the greatest feeling you can experience. Keep on going!

Great motivation, and spot on :)

Keep up those motivational thoughts, they truly help!

Way to go! Congrats! Thanks for the pick me up, what a great way to look at it!

Where is the "LIKE" button?   :)


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I love this perspective!!!  Truly inspiring to think of weight loss in this fashion!  Thanks kokoblues!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!!! You are doing well. So is everyone else who works each day at living healthier. I am rooting for you guys. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I go to the doctor and weigh this coming Thursday. I hope to see something good.

This is very true, thanks for reminding us of these little goals that will ultimately lead us to our bigger goals. Every time I think about losing the 20 lbs I want to lose and I only see that I've lost 2 or 3 pounds I think of a quote that I read once. "To get something you never had you have to do something you never did."

I never tried as hard as I have now to get fit and healthy, So I never was. . .Now I exercise every day and eat right so I can get fit and healthy, and its working! I'm doing something I never did to get something that I never had and want so bad!

Thanks again Smile

Thank you, you are so right! I beat myself up all the time. I even feel discouraged and almost depressed about my weight. This helps me and uplifts me.

Great motivation! The time really does go by fast! I started counting calories and excercising on 12/28/10..I have been losing 1-2 pounds per week, and here we are a little over 3 months later, and BAM...36 pounds are GONE! i have a goal to lose 100 pounds total, so it thrills me tha I am now more than a third of the way there :-)



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Good luck to all on thier weight loss & healthy journeys!



Wow, thanks for the responses. I had a bad week, and I was feeling really bad about it. Seeing your replies is gonna help me get back in the game today. Thanks!

Wow,Laughing did I need this post today!  Thank you! 

It is so easy to forget how long it took us to get overweight and to have the patience to wait for the thinness to arrive.  I love this!

Keep up the good work ! Wink

So true! We get so caught up in wanting instant gratification that we forget the fact that slow and steady wins the race. As long as you keep plugging along you will eventually reach that goal!!!

Wow I really needed to see this post today I was thinking about blowing it and going to Mcdonalds today because I haven't seen much progress, this is what I needed to get my mind back in the game. 



Well, I'll tell ya, CC has never needed a "like" button as much as it needs one now!

Thanks for the encouragement and you are absolutely right!

Wow! That's just amazing. I've never thought about weight loss this way. Thanks for the encouragement and insight.  True Knowledge can change the world.

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