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This all went down a few weeks ago, but it's worth mentioning (in my world). Gave me a boost anyway. XD

Earlier this year (much earlier), my grandmother and I were taking a long walk, talking and what not and, eventually, weight came up. She knew I was miserable, and pretty upset with the idea of going to another country at the weight of 349 (though I didn't know it at the time). I was unhealthy, embarrassed, and just...depressed.

At that time, she told me to get the surgery. Lap band surgery to be precise. She told me that I would be struggling with this problem until I was 30 if I tried to do this on my own (I'm 18). I told her I was scared and that I just didn't want to do it. She told me to suck up my fears and go through it.

And I was gonna do it.

I had called my mom, telling her I wanted to start the process, that I wanted to be cut open, that I wanted to do that surgery. My grandmother is never wrong, so I was sure she knew what she was talking about when she gave me the twelve year forecast of suffering.

That was months ago.

I didn't do the surgery. I really was (and still am) scared of the idea. I ended up telling my mom to just...tell my grandmother she was still planning it, but not to do anything about. I told her I would do it on my own.

After my little revelation thanks to a fat movie, I really did do it on my own and, so far, I'm down 76 pounds, so I know I can really do this.

Why the back story?

A couple weeks ago, while sitting with my grandmother again, she said, "Remember when I told you to get the surgery? Well, you sure showed me. You did it all on your own."


99.9% of the time, my grandmother is indeed right. But this time, just this time, she was wrong, and she admitted. I felt awesome, and I still feel awesome about it.

Now, I'm not doing it to shove it in her face, like, "Haha, I did it without surgery," but more like, "I'm gonna be okay with this. I'm not going to suffer anymore. :)"

It feels good.

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I loved reading your post.  Thanks for sharing.  You have done a wonderful job and are a great inspiration.  Hooray for you!!  And keep that wonderful momentum going :)

Congratulations!  That is a tremendous accomplishment.  This is a great reflection of how strong you are inside - you can do anything that you set your mind to.  Keep up the good work. 

What a wonderful family you have - so supportive and grandma (and your Mom) really loves you! 

Wonderful story. ^_^ You've gone an amazing job, kiddo.

(And! Random interjection: I love your Totoro!)

Very very cool.. and what a great feeling to have.. 76 is a lot of weight..

I too have just lost a little over  75 so I know what it feels like.. my high weight was 330.. ( actually I am not really sure what it was as I dieted for a month just to be able to get a reading on my scale.. my scale tops out at 330 so it was probably close to where you were)  

Be proud sweet heart be very very proud !!!

That's awesome! I'm so happy for you and proud of you. Not only did you show your grandmother, you showed yourself. I'm sure you're so proud of yourself. If not, you should be--that's great!!!

Jae your story is amazingly inspirational! Man, if you can reach such a mature focused decision and succeed like you did, the world is YOUR OYSTER, for you to conquer, and you will. 

Anytime I feel discouraged, I am going to draw on your strength and courage. You did this for yourself, but, I have a feeling you will change many people's lives in a positive way.



Great job, you truly are amazing. Your grandma and mom must be so proud of you, not only did you do this for your grandma, but you did this for yourself. You have inspired me to change my life style, thank you for such a wonderful story. Keep it up.

Thank you all very much. I'm happy that people liked my little story. ^^ Stuff like this always helps me when I'm down in the dumps, so I thought I'd add to the mix. <3

@serenelife: CC and moving around...and help from my school's health program. Laughing

@xue_mei: My Totoro thanks you. :D

Good for you! So many people look for the quick fix and so few these days seem willing to work hard for anything.

You're putting your all into it and have the pleasure of seeing results that you can really feel proud of and call a true success!

It's not the destination that matters, it's the journey Smile

Thanks for sharing your story.  It was very inspiring.  Cool

well done!!! :D

way to go!!!Cool That gives me a boost

wow.. what an awesome story.. I too have considered bypass operation. See i started this weight loss journey in jan 2006 i weighed 280 pounds and am 5' 6"!!!! I started working out like crazy  and trying to eat better. but for the most part, my weight loss success was due to excersize. i was averaging 18k steps a day and working 0ut average of 2.5 to 3 hours a day 6 days a week. My lowest weight was 232 around thanksgiving of 2008.. then i got plantar facia on one foot and had to stop working out.. It has taken nearly a year and I am almost back to where I started 271.8!!!! But just as I overcame 18 year chemical dependency problem 3.5 years ago ( one day at a time) I know that i will succeed with this as well. I know now that diet is the key!! excersize is a bonus!! I am hunkering down trying to use portion control , measuring everything etc. and I will  succeed this time .. Your story really insoired me thnx.. I do not need bypass surgery to get this done

Take care,


Yay jaefuma! :)

Thank all, and congrats to fishinking for making that choice. :) I by no way mean that bypass/surgery is easy, it's just as hard, but it's also hard to go without it. ^^

Wow! That's amazing! Keep it up, girl!

That is very inspiring Jaefuma!

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