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**CLOSED** FRIENDS with a few to lose but a fitness focus.

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Well, basically...we're not quite maintaining but not quite losing. Just here to support one another with the goals of:

  • Eating healthy-without loads of deprivation
  • Staying active- to sculpt the sexy body that we want
  • Support one another in LIFE and not just health/fitness (we are friends after all)

So, let's post, joke, give support, and have fun as we take this journey to a better body and more self confidence!

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Kaley--doesn't sound like you OVERDID it at all yesterday. You practiced portion control at least!!

Sara--woo hoo!! Sounds like an awesome day!!

@Kaley - Not only is the almond milk the milk that gives me the least problems (stomach/allergies/etc) but I really do like its taste the best! And the Dark Chocolate Pure Almond by Silk is wonderful with my protein powder. But I usually just have the original kind. That kickball sounds super fun! Have a good time!

Snack was an organic honey nut rice cake with a banana.

chrissy- i did alright i only felt full after the tuna vegetables chocolate and chocolate milk lol i made sure to keep the peanut butter in the fridge! the cupcake was big and i ate most of the frosting cause it was amazing. i'm definitely not worried, but i didn't need the extra stuff after the tuna.

sara- i don't get an upset stomach from milk or soymilk or anything, but i think the reg milk was clogging me up a bit. i like the unsweetened vanilla almond milk cause it's only 40cals per cup and it has calcium in it. that way i can put yummy mix-ins with it or have it along with a meal and not go over calories. i want to get the chocolate kind! i just wish they made the smaller serving sizes cause i lack self control in open chocolatey containers. only a matter of time i bet.

pre workout snack of a clif crunch granola bar. gonna head to the gym soon.

Hey ladies--I'm at 2/2 so far--2 more meals to go. Yeeps--lol. Happy hour and dinner--no menu online so I logged pan seared salmon and a salad. That's REALLY caloric but it's more of a place holder. Ya know?

@Kaley - Haha yeah I hope so! I do the same thing. :(

@Chrissy - Yeah it's really hard to estimate when you don't know for sure!

Leaving for bloodwork in an hour or so and I am already a cranky mess from not being able to have breakfast, or even coffee, or even WATER for that matter. My appointment is at 9:45 so I am bringing an apple and some pretzels for my drive from the blood place to the ultrasound place haha I refuse to wait until I get home to eat because that most likely won't be until 1! 

Sara--ahhhh that's sucky--I hate fasting tests. It's like PLEASE SCHEDULE ME RIGHT WHEN YOU OPEN!! How did it go anyway?? I'd totally head on over to first watch for lunch--lots of extra cals :) woo hoo. Is today a rest day? Is Harry still working out?

Okay so the restaurant I went to was soooo weird--it has like fried pig ear, octopus, weird goat dishes--lots of really foo foo gross stuff if you ask me. Haha. I had salmon with asparagus and loads of little tastes of desserts. There were like 4-5 things: fresh strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and sorbet, chocolate salted pretzel tart with vanilla bean ice cream, espresso mousse with vanilla ice cream, and key lime cheesecake with gingerbread crust. you can probably guess what I ordered. Lol
Chrissy... I'm done with the blood work (quick and painless) and now waiting for ultrasound. My pretzels tasted like French fries after 15 hours of not eating haha Harry and I are trying this authentic British restaurant off the beaten path that he has always wanted to try for dinner so that should up my cals. That place you went last night sounds scary as hell!

Today is a lifting day so the plan is to eat a real meal when I get home, wait for Harry to get home, lift, then shower and go to dinner!

chrissy- YIKES! kinda weird for a company event but at least those desserts sound BOMBNESSSSS i'd say your main picks would be the pretzel tart and the cheesecake. personally i would opt for the espresso mousse! good job sticking with salmon and veggies!

sara- lol i love it. "the pretzels tasted like french fries" isn't british food known for being gross? haha. i only know that their breakfasts are good as well as their pub food (fish and chips much!) what is traditional british food? sounds like you have a good plan for your day.

kickball was really fun last night! we went to a bar afterward i had wine and beer so i stayed within calories. prob won't be the same next week though. my BF is going out of town for the weekend which will be an interesting break for us i don't think we've been away from each other longer than 24 hours for maybe two years. i'm not gonna lie, i am kinda looking forward to it. i have sooooo much cleaning to do though. blaahhh i hate cleaning. i think today is a rest day for me. my legs need it. breakfast is ezekiel toast with PB and coffee with truvia, half and half and hazelnut.

Cheesecake was MINE and I ate quite a bit of that and the strawberry shortcake --I don't like chocolate very much generally;

Sara--woo hoo!! That's great that you hoy through it!

@Kaley - Certain things are definitely to be desires (steak & kidney pie, for example), but if you're a meat eater there's lots of good eats: shepherd's pie, orange pasties, bread pudding, fish & chips, fisherman's chowder, etc etc. I'm probably going to go for the fish & chips even though it's not the healthiest it's the most traditional and what the place is best known for! I wonder how to estimate the calories. I'm glad you had a lot of fun last night!

Just had a FEAST to make up for the weak breakfast/snack I had:
- edamame
- iced coffee (coffee, almond milk, brown sugar)
- wrap (whole grain flax wrap, raw spinach, homemade hummus, quinoa and grilled tofu)

Tofu and cooked quinoa are officially all eaten! I love not having to toss anything out as a result of it going bad. I'm not a waster haha. 

Sara--edamame and a wrap = feast?? Nah. I'd count the number of fish and just estimate based of their size in comparison to a chain restaurant with nutritional info.

@Chrissy - The wrap took up an entire dinner plate and was falling all over the place it was so big haha. And good advice about fish & chips.

Off to lift!

Julia how did you lose so much weight? That's brilliant! I weigh 127lbs (59kg) and really want to lose around a stone just over, do you have any advice to do that? :) I find counting calories addictive but if I'm honest I love dieting and exercising it just makes me feel better!
Sara--how was dinner?? Did you get fish and chips?? If so how was it??

Well I had froyo and egg salad for dinner--getting a mini cardio sesh in. Tomorrow I hope to get an AM training session in. We are going to manhattan beach for a scavenger hunt on boats. Fun fun!! There will be loads if snacks and crazy eats but in not so concerned as long as I get at least 10 min abs, 30 cardio, and 10 strength. That's all I aiming for tip morrow and Saturday.

Who is Julia?

@Chrissy - I DID and it was sooo good. Definitely upset my tummy a little later because it's been so long since I've had greasy food but it was worth it, and I'm pretty sure I worked it into my calories. I also split a sticky toffee pudding with Harry. The place was awesome, too! So cute. Even the owner/waitresses were British. I really felt like I was in England for dinner haha.

Hi everybody! I decided to join us, as i would like to just lose some few pounds (i am from Spain, so i count it all with kg) and stay fitness, like all of you. My name is Dafne, i am 23 and i am a college student too, ending my studies on mechanical engineering. Weight 135 pounds and 5'3". I do ballet 3hours a week and insanity program thrice a week aprox. I have just lost 5-6 pounds. It's also soo dificult for me to follow a healthy diet, but now i amb controlling my calories and seems to work :) so, any ideas on how to improve my plan to stay fit and lose some pounds? Thank you!
Sara--what was the pudding like?? Caramel? Glad you enjoyed it!! Sounds like a blast really!!

Dg--we generally post rather frequently. Daily for the most part--just a forewarning because we aren't really taking new people and if you're not able to post daily then perhaps this isn't the proper group for you. Tips wise--I'd say be patient, eat ENOUGH (1700-1800 ) and try to get some strength training into your routine. It will definitely help keep your weight in check and improve the LOOK of your body.

@Chrissy - Yeah it was! It was like a sponge cake made with ginger and it was sitting in a mixture of custard and toffee sauce. DELISH.

Finally got out and got some sun today! It's been so dreary here the vitamin D did me some good. First Watch was YUM this morning. I'm planning on going out tonight for the first time in a LONG time (since my birthday, like 17 days ago haha that's sad). Just had edamame and greek yogurt and I plan on having a PB+banana wrap around 6 and then I'll have 2-3 bud lights tonight.

What plans do you guys have?

Sara--did a scavenger hunt boat race with work colleagues. It was a disaster day from beginning till end--low in calories at least. Ugh. Soooo annoyed. Dropped my iPhone in my coffee and it is now malfunctioning. Not cool at all. Fredie and I aren't getting along either. I did Maje him a lasagna though. I'm not sure what/if I'll have dinner though--oh well, not a huge deal. I'm fine with it.

@Chrissy - Aw I'm sorry you guys aren't getting along! What's going on? Boat race sounds awesome! Why was it a disaster? Sorry about your phone. :(

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