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I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a support group with ppl around the height of 5'3" (my height)? I suppose you can be any weight, but I-myself am 136 Ibs. and I'm looking to drop to 120. I'm hoping that ppl around that same height can support each other in their endeavors to loose weight, b/c maybe if we're around the same height (and frame and weight) we can loose that weight together! So tell me if you're interested :]
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I'll join, I'm 5'0 exactly and weigh 135.5lbs right now, looking to get to 120lbs eventually.  I've lost 105lbs over this past year, but I'll tell you this last 10-15lbs are the hardest I'll have to loose.  The last 10 seemed to have taken forever, though I know they didn't.  Hope we have others who want to join us!
I am 21, 5'6 does that count? I weight 159. My goal is to get down to my original and my goal weight 130.

Last year I got married and right after that happened I gained over 30 pounds in a year. Now I am working out non stop, counting calories and trying to live a better life style.

Can I join you guys? :)
I'm 5ft 3ish 4... I'm at 187 right now (plus some for my bad McWeekend).  My goals is to get to 150 at least, 135 if I can help it.  I'm not looking to be a stick figure, as it seems a lot of people in the forums do.  I'm looking to wear Petite clothes again, because they rarely go over a size 14.  That's all.

BTW Hi Joelle, I see you everywhere :-)

I'll join!

I'm 5'1

I'm 5'2'', 158 lbs, medium to large build, and want to be down to 140lbs and a size 8 again! I am 36 years old and live a sedinatry life. I own my own home based business, Marketing agency, so I get very busy sometimes. Being at home allows me to watch what I eat but client and vendor lunches kill me. I also have some health issues that make workouts a little painful but push through it.

 Is anyone else hungry, all the time?

I am hungry all the time! I learned to eat small snacks with protein or Fiber. They both fill me up pretty good.

Sometimes I have a banana and dip it in a 3/4 cup of danone creamy vanilla yogurt. It fills me up pretty good.

Hey Leo! I see you all the time too! lol

Well, after increasing my cals to the 1200 a day I have lost 2 pounds! I still haven't worked out because I am lazy. I wish I had a good excuse but I don't.

Do any of you have a good meal that is easy to prepare and does not involve onions or peppers? Oh, and no seafood, I'm allergic.

My husband is giving me a hard time because I am always hungry. I made him a sausage omelet with cheese for breakfast and I had oatmeal with raisins. You would think that he would get hungry by noon too. I had a granola bar thing as a snack but it didn't touch my hunger.

I'm 5' 1'' too! Pretty happy with my weight but trying to get a more healthy lifestyle and get into better shape, so I completely understand about the being hungry all the time thing.  The best (though hardest) thing that helps me curb hunger and stay strong is to avoid sweets completely for a while--you stop craving them and start feeling more full.  I love the granola bars and cereal and all the yummy carbs, but if you stick to protein and veggies and less sugary items it is pretty helpful and filling.  Also stir-fry with chicken and a ton of vegetables is one of my all time favorites for dinner and pretty healthy. 

Count me in too!

I'm actually a hair under 5' but round up anyway haha.  Medium framed, 131.8 lbs w/ a goal range of 111-113 lbs.  My eating's been pretty erratic for the last two weeks but I hope to get back to a regular eating schedule.

Part of why I hate dieting is b/c of hunger; no matter what I do I seem to get hungry 2 hours after eating (assuming I haven't binged LOL).  I haven't found any tricks that work consistently, though drinking hot herbal tea helps sometimes.

Besides the weight range, other goals include 14-18% body fat, running a 5K in sub-27 minutes, and to transition into a vegetarian diet w/ little to no dairy/egg.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you! 

I want to be part of this group. I'm 5' 1/2" and that 1/2" is very important to me!!! I'm 122 and I want to be anywhere between 115-118. At my biggest,  I was at 160!!!! I was disgusting (to me at least). I really need some help & motivation to attein my goal and people around me all say that i'm good like that (for sure compared to 160!!) I need to talk to people that understand how hard it is to lose weight!!!
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I'm 5'1.5" started in January at 152, currently 142, and shooting for 123 but more importantly I want my body fat down another 10%. I am 36 and work nights so my eating schedule is always out of whack. I do eat every three hours, and I find I don't have that 4am lull I used to.
Hello! I want to be part of this group too! I've been on CC since the first of the year and frankly am a little frustrated.

I am 5'1", currently about 144 although I'm not really sure as the scale keeps changing...a lot. I started at 150 and I know I've lost some but I can't tell how much. I'm 34.

I work out about 5 days a week and try to keep my calories averaging at about 1300 per day and usually have a deficit of about 700 calories so I know I'm not not GAINING weight, but I can't figure out what I really am LOSING! It's so frustrating - to the point that I finally went out and bought a digital scale so I could keep better track.

Anyway, I'm pretty frustrated about my progress. I don't know why it's not coming off faster or more regularly. I should have lost up to 8-9 lbs. according to my deficit.

Any other shorties with this problem?

I want to join too! I am 5'3" and currently 135 and my goal is to be 115 to 120.   I stared with 142 beginning of this year.   I have been working out  5 to 6 days a week for 50 to 65 min (mainly cardio - treadmill to be specific).  I also started trying to watch what I eat and count my calories....however I have been in a platue for the past two weeks. 

It is really difficult to lose weight and changing the regular routine of eating what ever I wanted and when ever I wanted to eating a balanced meal.  

I am in need of motivation too because I keep on doubting my self and saying I can't do this and wanting to just give up.    

This sounds like a good place for me! I am 5 Foot Nothing! So as many of you know the shorter you are the less places you have to hide weight. I am 200 pounds at this time. The biggest I have ever been. In my younger days, I am 30 now. And before cancer and a full hystructium, I can't spell it. I was 130 pounds and a size 6. I have always been tone and built muscle eaisly, after doing hormone treatments and this that and the other all this weight just came. I am done with it. It has been 3 years and I want to be healthy again!! Any advise or support would be great. I just started this week and I have already lost 2.2 pounds. So maybe this is going to work out for me.


This sounds like a great place for me too!  I also am 5' zero!!!!  I am 31 years old and currently 130 lbs.  I was down to 120 lbs on my way to goal of 110 lbs but then I had to go and get even healthier and quit smoking back in December and.....well.... back to 130lbs.  But still a former smoker!


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Original Post by that_one_amy:

Anyway, I'm pretty frustrated about my progress. I don't know why it's not coming off faster or more regularly. I should have lost up to 8-9 lbs. according to my deficit.

Any other shorties with this problem?

I think it is harder for us because we have little room for deficit. We have to eat closer to 1200-1300 calories and work out like fiends to have a decent daily deficit.

I'm in, at 5'0"! Wavering around 121lbs right now, 22 years old, looking to ultimately get down to 105 lbs and stay there.

Just curious, what calories are you guys eating? I'm aiming for an average of 1350 over a week, but I'm wondering if 1400 is better.

I am 5ft even, I was at 116 worked very hard to get there from 125.I started a new job and have totally got messed up with calorie intake at work .No computer to log or check calories there..It defintely helps to be able to log in as you go.It has taken months to loose 8 lbs and just under 2 weeks to gain 2 lbs..GRRR.My intake is  suppose to be 1200 daily and I am not excerising like I did before I went back work.Oh well,I just wanted to vent.Yell   (My goal is 111..Someday..)

I wish all of you the best in your weight loss.I must say I love the rice cake chedder flavor quacker cakes.They are alot less calories than chips and taste great.

i'm 5ft and an odd fraction. I like to say 5'1 on a good day lol.

im 157 today, my short term goal is 140 by the end of the spring semester, long term goal 120-130. I have a big butt and thighs and i doubt those will go anywhere anytime soon lol.
Hi!  I'm 5'2'', started last June at 200 lbs, and am currently 164 lbs (been maintaining at that for the past 3 months).  I'm looking to get down to 130 lbs and re-evaluate then. 

I've been away from cc for a while (those 3 months) but i think it's time to begin counting again!
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