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5'9" - 5'10" Females?? What size are you?

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I saw a post earlier about women who were 5'7" and I know that 2 to 3 inches makes a difference in sizes.

I've only met a handful of people here at this height. Either they were way taller or a good amount shorter than me. =) I know sizes are hard to define because of manufacturer differences, but I'm trying to get a handle on possibilities.

I'm 5'9.5" at 202 lbs. Wearing anywhere from 14's to 16's depending on the store/style. Started at 271 wearing 24's.

Anyone else want to chip in??
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5'9" 140.8 lbs. My 8's are getting looser but I don't think I am down a whole size yet. 

5'9 136 lbs and in a 6 :)

5'9" started at 210 was a 14/16 145 size 4 155 size 6 165 size 8 175 size 10

Currently around size 8/10 but would like to be a 4 again
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I'm 5'9 and weight 160lbs..started at 230 lbs. My goal weight is 150 lbs

I am 5'9" and currently weigh 153LB. Am a UK 12/14.

Cant really understand why people my height & Weight are so much smaller?  I think those size 8/10 are US sizes.

Am trying to lose 8LB to fit into size 12 comfortably.  

I'm a little over 5'10" and weigh 237. At 245, I'm a solid size 18. I'm a 16/18 at the moment, but I'm a 16 around 225, and honestly I've never been smaller than a 16 in my life, so reaching 14 is one of my goals :)

5'9" 134lb, size 6, 4 if I'm lucky, 8 if I'm not, 27 jeans. Jealous of the 144lb size 4!

5'10" Currently 255 (just lost 5lbs yay!) and usually in a US size 20, sometimes 18

Back when i weighed 215ish I was in a size 16 sometimes 14

Right now I'm trying to focus on fitness goals more and the scale less so when I can fit into my 16's again I'll be a happy girl!

I'm 5"10 and 210 pounds.

My body frame is medium and its straight up and down (little top heavy). I wish that I were more hippier. I wear size 12- 14 jeans and 14-16 in tops and dresses. 
I am really working towards a size 10-12 jeans and 12-14 dress size. I am estimating that to be about 20- 25 pounds (185 ish). 

Because of my shape, anything below 185 would be to skinny for my taste, or maybe I have just gotten used to being a little thick. 

I find it quite interesting that everyone's goals are so diverse for our height. The perfect dress size for me is 12. What would be yours?

@rebepi: Congratulations, that 70lbs! What did you do to lose the weight, how long did that take and have you gained any back?

@gustafsonk: Wow, you must have a tiny waistline.. I'm jealous, lol. 

@wallowflower: Don't feel bad, thats exactly what would happen to me. When I gain weight, it alls goes to my waistline. (boo)

@icegenesis: Congratulations! Have you lost any more weight?


I'm 5'10, 200 lbs, solid size 16 (14 dress if I'm lucky!). I have a small waist but thunder thighs!

@lynettep> 200 is my first goal. I do really well if I could only put these cookies down. (sweets are my weakness) How much are  you trying to lose?

Original Post by justmetee:

@lynettep> 200 is my first goal. I do really well if I could only put these cookies down. (sweets are my weakness) How much are  you trying to lose?

Oh man, sweets are certainly my downfall as well (though I can't believe how much I've resisted them since starting this!)

My first goal is 173, at which point my BMI will be into the 'healthy weight' range. I will set a new goal when I get there :)

Five ft nine, uk 10/12, 140 lbs.
5'9" 250lbs and size 18. Goal weight is 150150 which will only put me down to a size 10, 8 if I'm lucky.
Five nine ( and a bit!) 141 lbs, uk 10/12.
Calculated my lbs wrong!!! I'm actually 150! ;-(

I'm 5'10" with a 34" inseam.  I'm currently at 345, and wearing size 34.  I bought those when I was around 380.  The 34s are now very loose, nearly falling off, but the next size down that I own are 28.  The 28s can be worn, but they fit tight, and I like roomy clothes.  I'm too cheap and stubborn to buy anything new for my in-between size.  For now, I wear a belt and keep working toward the day when the 28s fit exactly as I want them to.  Hopefully, that will be July or August.

here's to hoping i never have to post this weight and size again...

Lost 5lbs so far and I'm 5' 9" - 5' 10" 225lbs

super big boned with twice the amount of Beyonce's toosh.

currently I'm an 18. 16 (on a good day)

Though if we're talking "normal" juniors I'm probably a 20 (OH GOSH!)

I'm 5'10" and am currently 135 lbs, I currently wear size 7 jeans. I want to tone my body and lose about ten or a couple more pounds for summer... I got as bad as 150 lbs and its taken me forever to lose the little I did so far. :/ Stupid height!
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