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5'9" - 5'10" Females?? What size are you?

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I saw a post earlier about women who were 5'7" and I know that 2 to 3 inches makes a difference in sizes.

I've only met a handful of people here at this height. Either they were way taller or a good amount shorter than me. =) I know sizes are hard to define because of manufacturer differences, but I'm trying to get a handle on possibilities.

I'm 5'9.5" at 202 lbs. Wearing anywhere from 14's to 16's depending on the store/style. Started at 271 wearing 24's.

Anyone else want to chip in??
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I'm 5'10 small frame 142 and wear 9-11's I used to be and am trying to get back to 130 and then I wore from 7-11's depending on the brand. I also have wide hips so most depends on frame build too
I am 29 yrs old, 5'9" at my heaviest... I am around 260 lbs.. I ended up buying a size 22 in jeans this past weekend...sat in the fitting room in tears... Although 22's are a little loose on me... 20's I can't button... some places use to carry a size 21 in Juniors...which fit perfect... but I haven't had any luck finding them!  I also have a booty... which is why I think the 22's are a lil loose around my tummy...

I use to be 145 pounds... before I had my kids... then I wore a size 7/8.

At any rate... I really need to find a way to stop eating so much...
5'9.5 129 size 4

Hi. I'm 5' 10, currently 163, and wearing a size 8. The history:

210: size 16

195: size 14

180: size 12

170: size 10

160-65: size 8.

I'm aiming for 155 and hopefully a size 6 or so. 

The problem is, as I am getting thinner and moving down sizes, the pants are becoming too short!!!! Is anyone else having this problem? How frustrating.  

katyayer, i know what you mean. you just have to shop at store who sell Long or Tall jeans. regular jeans are about a 32 inch inseam. talls are 34 inch. knda sucks you can't just take a pair of jeans a go lol
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24 yrs old, 5'9" and 143 lbs, mostly size 6, sometimes 4, at stores like kenneth cole, banana republic, calvin klein...jean are always a size 6. my goal weight is 119 lbs. I have been a size 6 for many years now. Even when I was down to 130 lbs, I didn't really get down a size.


24 years old, 5'9" and 180 lbs. Wear size 10-12. 
I am 23  and 5'8" started at 169 3 months ago and wearing a size 12 now I am down to 152 and wearing a size 10.  According to the wrist measurement I am supposed to be a small frame (finding that hard to beleive though).  Goal weight is 130.
I am 5'10" and weigh 143 now. I wear size 5 juniors or  4 or 6 in womens sizes, and need the long length.  I started at 215 or so and wore size 16's but that was 2 years ago!  ;)
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5'9" and 197 lbs - size 12-14
at 177 I was a size 10-12
I want to get to 155-165 - size 8.
are we talking us or uk sizing? I'm a uk 16-18 (think thats a us 12-14?)

I'm 5'9.5", 187lbs and a uk 36G

I'd love to be a 36DD, UK 14 (us 10)

I laos agree that the wrist measurement thing is aload of rubbish as it says I'm a small frame when i'm clearly not!
sorry added 2 replies there

Hi!  I'm 5'10 and weigh 260.  This is my heaviest all time weight.  I'm a size 20 and have been pushing the barrier into 22's.

I've noticed that Lane Bryant pants will always fit, whereas other brands are cut much slimmer and don't get over my thighs and hips unless I go into a bigger size.  I stayed in size 18's from around 190-250 this way, lol!

I am 5-9 medium frame, top heavy mostly, 280 and I wear size 22. When I was 220 I was 18.
5'9", i think medium frame, 153 and size 4-6 (i'm really muscular)
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Wow! You all seem to be in MUCH smaller sizes than I am.

I am 5'9  177lbs and wear a size 18T in walmart bluejeans. I have always worn between a 14 and an 18 and that's between 160-180 pounds. I guess my hip bones are really big or you are all very small framed. That's very discouraging for me. But I feel best when I was in a 14. I haven't been in anything smaller since about 7th grade and I'm 28 years old now.  

Hi Cindy,

Don't let it discourage you at all- one of my best friends is the same ht/wt as me but completely different build.  I have chicken legs and a big ol belly and she has the small waist with the curvey hips and bum.  She's also consistently 4-6 sizes smaller than me. so strange.

Don't let it get ya down.  Smile

I'm 5'9" and about 180.....I wear a 8/10 depending on the store..
200- 12/14
180- 8/10
my sizing never made sense to me...there is no set amount of weight a lose to correlate with a pants size for my body cuz when i was heavier, it was about 15/20 pounds to a size and now its about 10 pounds. 
I am 5'10 and 153 at the moment, we are doing a diet at my work, my goal is 135. HOPE i can do it. I would be happy with just 10 pounds though. I never ever knew i weighed that much until i stepped on the scale last wednesday, height does weigh more!!!

I am just a little taller at 5'11" and hit an all time high of 249 at the new year. I am still able to squeeze into my favorite style of Vanderbuilt jeans in size 18 Tall, but my dress slacks are all tight 20s and the tops are 2x because I have huge shoulders.

Memorable weights and sizes:

152 lbs and size 8/10 during the aerobics craze in the 80's

165 lbs and size 10/12 after losing weight on Jenny Craig from baby #1 (still trying to lose the weight from baby #2 and he is a teenager)

193 lbs and size 14/16 when my dad died unexpectedly 4 years ago (it's been up and up since then, until NOW!!!)

The site puts my goal at 161 lbs, but I think about 170 to 180 would be my healthiest weight and I will be a size 12 or 14. Even at that, I will never get below at size 16 jacket due to the broad shoulders and long arms. (That's why I learned to sew as a tall, skinny teenager. ) But that's fine. What I really want is to get my long legs in great shape before hitting 50!



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