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Fell off the wagon and can't get motivated again :(

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I started losing weight about 8 months ago and was doing really well at first - then I went on a vacation in July and when I got back I lost all my motivation and I'm pretty sure I gained the weight back that I lost :(

How do YOU get motivated to go to the gym? Eating right isn't that much of a problem, I just have to make sure that I stop eating to junk food as well.  The big problem for me is working out.  I get off work at 3:30 and would like to go straight to the gym and then home after that.  I keep my gym bag in the car (still in there) so I shouldn't have any excuses.  BUT I drive past the gym and go home every day.  Yesterday I even drove through the parking lot at the gym but didn't go in.  I don't have any friends or family in the city I live so I can't go with a buddy.  I guess I just have to kick myself in the butt Yell

Any advice??!!!

right now I weight about 205 and I'm a 29 year of female about 5'7
I want to lose 50 lbs to start and then go from there - I'm getting married in a year and a half and want to look really good for my wedding day.

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I feel the way that you do sometimes. Just start small. Make yourself go for 10 minutes - just 10 minutes and then you can leave. You might end up staying longer, you might end up leaving after 10 but at least you went. Try that for a week and see how you feel.

I know it's cliche, but magazines always help me get through 35 minutes on the elliptical when I'm ridiculously uninterested in the gym.

When I have just downloaded really good workout music, I usually am fairly enthused about working out (new Britney Spears, Ciara, Sean Paul, Beyonce - just some of my good work out artists).

Just some things that usually work for me. Good luck!!

We have s similar story, I started losing weight back in january and then over summer gained some of it back, but I have been remotivated. I have made the gym a part of my schedule. I go to school and work, so I schedule it according to that. You have to not let yourself miss it. Treat it as work or class, something you cannot just bail on. It is not an option. I have early classes at 8am, get off at 9:15 and have a break until noon. So I go to the gym for about an hour and a half, then walk to my apt, eat, shower, get ready and off to the next class. Its just a part of my routine. I do have a somewhat different schedule than most people as I am in school and don't have 8 hour long days, but if you want this, you're going to need to add that hour and a half to your schedule. I mean, whats an hour and a half? I know I would otherwise spend that time on the comp or watching TV, nothing productive.

Just write down what your goals are to remind you of why you wanted to get slim, and when you drive my the gym, remember them too. Treat it as not an option but a requirement because in essence that it what it is. You HAVE to exercise to lose the weight, but also to be healthy and keep your body in shape. Hope everything goes well with you!

If looking perfect on your wedding day isnt enough to motivate you, I dont know what will.  Thats supposedly one of the most spectacular days of a woman's life-you dont want to spend it being self concious! Get yout tush in the gym-if you work hard, it will show!

Get your gym bag out of your car and bring it into work with you.  Then before you leave work, change into your work out clothes and half the battle is won!  All you have to do is find a parking place, walk in the gym and start. 

WOW!! thank you guys!!

those are all great suggestions to get me motivated! I'm going to the gym tonight no matter what - I've already told myself!!!! Yell

I'm also going to write down WHY I want to get healthy and stick it somewhere that I can see it every day.

thanks again and I'll keep you posted!

I went to the gym after work and did a 45 minute workout!! yahoo!!!

thanks for all the support!

Well done i know how hard it is to motivate yourself. I started by making small changes so i didnt feel like i was changing my lifestyle to drastically. I was exactly the same lost a little weight then lost my motivation. I was lucky i got myself a dog and he needs to be walked everyday for up to an hour. I also got myself the wii fit which is great fun without seeming like exercise. On top of that got myself and exercise/stability ball and i love doing that because personally i find it a lot of fun especially when i go on youtube and follow the exercises on there and try to keep up lol. It sounds to me that the first step is realising you really want to do it. I am the same height as you i started off weighing 182 pounds in febuary i now weigh 132 pounds and the small changes that didnt take a lot of effort really helped me on my way. Keep it up just try and do a little trial and error so you know what works best for you. 

Wow meshell, you sound just like me! I get done work at 330pm too and my gym bag is in my car too and has been for a while. I just can't get motivated its horrible. Then when i do get there if i don't do it for a while i feel guilty. I felt like I was reading my own information when I read yours. Good for you that you are getting on the right track again, I need to do the same thing. Im just really squishy, not really heavy. I would like to lose about 6 or so pounds but tone up.

buy new stuff for the shoes or shorts etc...make it fun...

and im beyond guilty of not wanting to do anything after a long day at maybe try going in the morning on your days least get two days in....

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