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Fell Off the Bandwagon!

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I've never posted on here, but I need some encouragement! I started working out last summer and lost about 40 pounds in 6 months, totally healthy and the right way! All I did was count calories and work out 5-6 days a week. I was so proud of myself and felt great. I maintained my new "ideal" weight for a month or so and then since about April, I've been steadily gaining some weight back. At first it was slow and I made excuses (period, bloated, big dinner, etc) but now I can see that this weight has stuck around for a few months. In all I'd say it's about 7-10 pounds. I'm really disappointed that I let this happen...does anyone have any advice to get back in the game and get motivated? Thanks!

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just deal with it now before it gets any worse and try not to let it happen again. you have still lost 30lbs which is really hard to do!

Sounds a lot like me! I started CC in March 2011 and have managed to lose 45 pounds the right way. This past month though I have not been the same. I lost 3 pounds and then have gained 5 or 6. I seem to have lost my motivation.....I know I just need to start going to the gym again, but I keep making excuses for myself...ugh. I need school to be back in session so that my son is not at home when I get home from work. That is when I used to work out everyday. I also need my in-laws to leave. They have been here for over a week now and all they want to do is eat! I would say that I will go to the gym tonight, but I know I won't have time for that today. Then tomorrow is Friday and I almost never work out on a Friday. it will be Saturday morning!

I don't think I am being very motivating for you...sorry.

We just need to get back to working out and counting those calories!

Inspiring quote for you:


Even if you lose it little by little, it will still add up to a big result in the end.

Just get back on track. If you were playing, say, the piano, and you hit one wrong note, you would acknowledge it and play it the right way the very next note, right? Same thing with losing weight! You may have fallen off, for now. That does not dictate your future, or - maybe just look short-term first - the next few months.


You have done it. You can do it again! (:

I have done the same thing to myself. It creeps up before youeven realize its there. We just need to suck it up and prove it to ourselves we can do it! Goodluck

I'll bet most of us have done the same thing.  Aug. 2010 I started here a cc and lost 25lbs.  I went to visit family in May and in June had family come visit me.  I ate what I wanted and before I knew it I was up 10lbs!

Now back on track again.  Am I mad at my self?  Sure!  Am I thinking I could be 10lbs. thinner right now?  Sure!  The main thing is to get started eating right again and soon those 10lbs.  will be gone.  I've already lost 5 of mine and plan on staying on track until 50 more are gone.

I guess we all have to look at this as a long journey and that we'll probably always have to  cc to some extent, but we should all be healthier and live longer and happier lives.  I KNOW it is better to live as a size 10 than as a size 22, as I was there when I was younger and want to be there again.  Good luck to all on this journey.

You've done great so far.  Make sure you are still at the gym at least 5 hours a week; look around, the regulars look great and that is what counts.  Don't worry about the pounds.  Work out, eat right, and you will be fine!  If you don't worry so much about the weight but work out and eat right, you should feel FABULOUS about yourself and that goes a long way.  Great job and keep it up!


Have you tried a change of routine?  Being in a rut has both physical and psychological causes.  The physical part is because our bodies are remarkably adaptable.  That's the reason why the weight falls of relatively quickly at first, but when our bodies start getting used to the exercises we're doing, they become more efficient at them and can get through them by burning fewer calories.  Hence, the loss tapers if you do the same old exercises.

Another factor, and some say a bigger one, is the psychological aspect of routine.  Once our minds starts getting used to whatever we're eating and doing, once it becomes a routine, boredom starts creeping in and motivation goes out the window.

It's happened to me a few times, and what I did is try something new. When my body got used to jogging, I switched to biking.  When that palled, I took up boxing.  When I got bored with running around my local park, I joined some local 5K runs.  These are called "fun runs" over here, but the term belies the competitive nature, and the necessary preparation and having PRs (both my own and my friends') as training targets gave me extra motivation.  I'm now thinking of trying out swimming and joining a local hiking club, and there's a possible triathlon in my long-term future.

I've never replied before, but was struck by your comment.  I lost 10 and now am right back where I was.  I have not ability to stick to this.  I've gained it over years and want it off in 3 days.  I live alone so that's my excuse.  I really envy you that you lose 30.    I go to the gym again. I didn't for about a month, but started back.  I'll keep us both in my prayers.


I feel for you and understand. I am in the same situation. I lost 45 lbs and have gained back 25. Every day I say I am going to get back to the diet and then I don't. But just this week I renewed my determination to get back where I was and loose at least 20 more. Maybe we can be support for each other!

It's all about thinking like a thin person!  I lost 60 pounds last year with calorie counting and exercise and have kept it off in the long term.

I was so happy with my new body (and all the new clothes), but after reaching goal weight, the strangest thing started happening in my head, I almost "couldn't believe" that that was me in the mirror and because my belief was that I was a fat person, I started putting on weight again.  I had to rethink this get my head around this new thin person.  

So, the point here is that even though you have lost all this weight, it sometimes take awhile for your mind to catch up with it.  If you're like me, you will have to watch what you eat for the rest of your life, so if you've found a routine and plan that works for you, hopefully it is something that you can incorporate in your life for the rest of your life.

Good luck

Wow-  how did you know my story?  I also lost 60 pounds in the last 12 months  and I am on my 4th month of maintaining.  I agree with everything you have said.  I also call this a journey because it's not just getting your weight off, it's a whole relearning of being a better Ann from the outside to the inside.  I am 66 and have been obese most of my life with dieting as a "hobby".  Lose it gain it, almost like a game but a very painfull game to my body and emotions.  With this new experience my wording in my head is I'm not here yet- and that is a journey I am not finished with Gods handiwork and it has become a way of life.  Gym 5 days a week and thinking of what's going in my mouth and the results of my actions.  Good luck and thinks for your post.

I have been there too.  I am working on losing again and the easiest way to get me motivated is to take it one day at a time.  Today I will exercise, today I will watch what I eat.  Don't worry about tomorrow until it gets here, just handle today.  I have to work out everyday because if I skip 2 days I find it really hard to motivate myself to work out again.  So go take a walk and you'll feel more inclined to do it again tomorrow.  Good luck!

Maintaining is 100 times harder than losing the weight.  Maintaining is boring; losing weight is exciting.  I have totally been where you are - lost 10 and regained 15.  Am now 14 down again, but man is this hard.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around the thought that what I'm doing now to lose weight has to become my permanent lifestyle, but it's hard when really I just want to lose the weight and go back to the way I used to eat, which is how I gained the weight to start with.

Wow! 40 pounds in 6 months is wonderful. 30 pounds in in a year (counting your "backsliding" period) is awesome, too. Set a date, get up, and start counting calories again. Around the third day of that, you'll be back "in the groove". You have to face it, you are still learning about healthy eating. It took you a long time to accumulate the extra weight, so expect that it will be a long recovery. When the scale starts heading downward, that's all that matters. Whether you lose 5 pounds a month or 1 pound a month, at least you are still losing. If the loss slows as you reach your goal, that's normal and is actually giving you more learning time. Don't forget how good it feels to be making healthy food choices in the right portion sizes. And you might want to take up walking if visiting the gym feels like a big deal, for now. Walking is free and is excellent exercise - you might even call it pleasant. If your exercise program is too strenuous or tedious, you are setting yourself up for failure. Maybe change that by walking and see if you can ease back into this activity, which is an activity you can maintain for a lifetime. Having a dog who "nags" you for his/her daily walk is a good motivator, if you have one of those. I am sharing this out of my own experience. Losing weight is hard, and you have already shown you can do it. Actually, "off" periods are normal. Accept that, and start counting calories again. CC acts as sort of an "accountability partner" which you need right now. Don't eat it if you don't want to count it! Go for a walk and think about it . . . Best wishes to you!!!

You have already received some wonderful responses to your post and there is not much more to add to all the inspiring advice.  Your comment about needing school to start in order to get your work outs in struck a similiar chord for me.

I am a single mom and stuggle with getting work outs in I just incorporate my kiddos into exercise.  It might not be real focused exercise, but exercise none the less.  We walk to the park and play tag, or while they swing and play, I run around the perimeter of the park while being able to keep my eye on them, they ride bikes while I power walk or run, we go hiking, etc....ask them for their ideas.

Stay the course, the biggest step is acknowledging where you are at, which you just did.  My prayers to you.


I have never posted or replied before.  I have been working on this since Feb. 01, 2011.  I have lost between 20 to 25 lbs.  I was between 180 and 185.  Now I am at 155.  Since the first day I exercise every morning on the treadmill for 30 minutes, watch my intake.  So now I am at my goal weight.  My fear through all this process has been that I have lost and gained in the past.  I know that I can lose it (even though not easily), but can not sustain it.  Every time someone commented on my weight loss, my response and thought was, "Yea, it is good, but it will not last."  Now I have decided that I need to take some concrete steps to maintain it just like I had to take steps to lose it.  I have created two sheets.  I have one posted in my washroom, where I weight myself everyday and record it.  If I am 1 lb over or under, I do not react, just record it.  I have another sheet in my treadmill room where I exercise for 30 minutes and record it on my sheet every day.  I think it is recording that is helping me in maintaining it. 

I feel that why would my weight not go back to the old one if I go back to old habits. 

ICry still go into binge eating once in a while.  All the old habits are still there but not on regular basis. 

I also read comments from the message board and get a lot of encouragement.  Just watching that others face same struggles helps on my tough days. 

I decided that leaving the home without morning exercise is non negotiable item just as I would not leave the house without brushing my teeth. 

Not saying that it is easy.  Please look at your accomplishment of losing the weight and do not beat yourself up for gaining some of it back.  Acknowledging that you got off track it step 1. Now taking some corrective actions will put you back in the driver's seat.  Good Luck.




Forgive yourself, think back to what your food intake was about before you let things get away from you.  Cut your portions down to size, get back on a routine of exercise, or walking and deep breathing.  Try to encourage yourself by knowing this is not a diet for today, but a new lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your natural, healthy, beautiful life.  You deserve the best!  Drink your water 8 glasses per day.  Check your weight regularly as you know it will drop at one point or another.  You have lost the biggest majority take heart!. aea

Today is September 1.   A new month and the first day of school for lots of kids (I don't have any in school anymore).   I used this to motivate myself to get back on track.   I'd been slipping and making excuses to myself these past couple of weeks and it's time I start treating myself with a "new me" attitude.   Kids get new shoes and clothes and books, etc for school so why not treat yourself to a little something to kick off your own renewed committment?    I purchased a cute little food diary for myself.   Not expensive but it helped.   Good luck!

I think you are being too hard on yourself.  You did great.  You still have an overall weight loss of around 30 pounds!  Many people can't even lose 5 pounds.  Don't give up because you already know that you can do it.  More importantly, you did it the right way by exercising and eating healthy.  Post a before photo of yourself on your refrigerator and remind yourself how far you have come.  Make a list of where you have gotten off track, too many calories, eating out, not exercising and tweek those areas.  Good Luck!

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