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Feeling a little less confident in my decision to diet

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For the first week I was all about this diet thing, I even lost 3lbs. But I am finding myself wishing that I could eat what I used to eat, such as, candy, snack cakes, and soda. But resisting temptations up until today was easy, but today I gave into the temptation of a cosmic brownie and I felt horrible after I finished it. I am finding it harder to stay consistant with my diet and portioning my food. I am catching myself thinking about how I could eat something and not log it. I havent done this but I still think about it. I dont know how to change my mind and stick with it. It feels like I am falling into old habits and I cant imagine going back to that lifestyle. Please help me.

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That happens to everyone on a diet from time to time, feel positive and good about the pounds you already lost, Many people have succeeded at weight lost. why not you. Believe in yourself and don't give up. Keep trying I know you can do it.
You can eat what you used to eat. You just need to control your portion sizes, and eat those things less often. Instead of feeling guilty about that brownie, relax and enjoy it, (or half of it) then empower yourself by burning some extra calories with exercise. You're going to have good days and bad, just like in life. You've made the right decision to get healhty, but it takes work and dedication. Stay strong... I'm here for you!

I work really hard to get in the mind set that "I am not deprived because I can't eat that", but "I choose not to eat that because it's not healthy and will not help me reach my goals".  This does help with resisting temptations.  Really, long term, it is about my health and being here for my family so that is what I am working for, not just to lose a few lbs, although that is nice too :)

The fact remains that you know the caloric formula so as long as you portion yourself appropriate servings and keep splurging as an occasional treat, you can have your cake and eat it too. Forgive the pun, but the phrase is correct. 

Everybody wants to eat cake, namely because it's a supersaturated beast ;) that blows the taste of broccoli out of the water and of course, it's normal to have cravings for such foods. 

But, you're in control of your decisions and weight loss is namely a choice. :)

Take care. 

I think I know how you feel. Consider the possibility that you've got a sugar addiction.  I did and it was SO depressing to realize that my weight problem was not so much about hunger at all, but about desire and boredom and comfort and addiction... After the first couple of days of eating right, it seriously felt like breaking up with a guy- you know he wasn't good for you, but you feel lonely and you miss the good times, and the comfort and the routine of seeing him and you just want to run back to him even though the end result will be bad. 

I don't know for sure what will work for you, but for me, I had to stop eating sugary things altogether for several weeks and ramp up my exercise dramatically in order to kick the sugar habit and start feeling satisfied and content again. I really think it's chemical. I think for some of us, the snack cakes -even in small amounts- keep us addicted. It doesn't have to be forever,  but your brain is probably crying out for the shot of dopamine you get when you eat that stuff. Take it away suddenly and your body is going to miss it. The only thing I can think of that helps your dopamine receptors come back into balance, is vigorous exercise.  

Little Debbie Zebra cakes will always be my achilles heel, but now, I can treat myself to one serving every now and then and be satisfied and not eat the whole box.  Also, I know some will disagree here, but I'd have died without being able to use Crystal Light and diet soda in the early days. I really needed those things to motivate me and I allowed myself to drink as much as I wanted. I don't even need them now.

Where you are right now is exactly where that smoker is when he/she is trying to kick the habit- great for the first few days, and then the real work begins on becoming free of the addiction. You may have to get ornery and treat this like a medical issue and go on a serious mission to get free for the next month. Then see how you feel. You may find that the desire for those things is much less. I had to actually get mad at feeling so shackled before I managed to get free. You can do it! Good luck!


It's ok to have  brownie! Don't worry...there's no such thing as "bad" food. Every food is perfectly fine in moderation. If you used to eat lots of sweets and now all you've had for a sweet in the last week is a brownie then I think you're doing absolutely amazing. Do you have a sweet tooth? I know that I do...completely cutting out sweets or "unhealthy" foods was way too difficult, so I just eat sweet things like that in moderation. And I've been really successful at losing weight. That brownie isn't going to have any effect on your weight loss as long as you don't let it get you down. Giving in to temptations helps keep you sane while you're trying to lose weight and can help prevent a huge binge down the road. So why not allow yourself 2 treats a week or even a small treat each day? For me, it's worth it do to a little bit of exercise so I can have a guilt-free treat.

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I agree with rachelwert, just continue to portion what you eat, including sweets. My worst habit was my Starbucks lattes I had. I knew I couldn't cut if off all together or I'd go insane. So I started by searching for alternative drinks with non-fat milk and sugar-free syrup. Then, I cut down on how often I go, from once every day to 2-3 times a week. Now, I'm at a point where I only go if someone says let's go out for coffee! I feel great about it and I don't miss it much. But when I do crave it, I get it but I go for alternatives. Try the same methods. Don't avoid the sweets, try something that's less-calorie condensed and see how you handle that. Then try to cut down on how often you have it.

Good luck! 

I have been in exactly the same place as you. For the first week I was fine. Halfway through the second week, the guy at the desk next to me broke out a chocolate and I had to go for a walk so I wouldn't wrestle it out of his hands!! When I came back to my desk, I made myself a cup of cocoa, one spoon, no sugar, just hot water. Its not chocolate but it took the edge off the craving and it is way less calories than I would have eaten had I given in. My body is going to fight me until healthier eating becomes entrenched as a habit and I need to find a way to work with that without giving in entirely.

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I know how you feel. When I first started my diet, I was addicted to green tea and black sesame icecream. i'd spend a week eating really healthy and nutritious meals and then on the weekend when I was alone in the house I would eat the whole container and blow my weeks calorie limit in a matter of minutes. it was really depressing but then I read somewhere online that if you're getting serious cravings for icecream, you probably arent getting enough iron andd you should eat more red meat and protein. I had nothing to lose so I increased the amount of red meat I ate and the next weekend I only ate half the container, sure it wasnt a total victory but I felt a lot better and exercised a lot to try and cancel it out. the next week I did a little better and better all the time. eventually I could say no to the icecream altogether. it was a great feeling. anyway, maybe your body is asking for something specific when you get those brownie cravings, maybe you should have a bit of the brownie but also look into what that brownie really means. is your body asking for more carbs or monosaturated fats? im no expert and everyone is different but who knows. keep at it and know that youre not the first to get those cravings but its the culmination of all those little decisions to eat less that will help you lose weight, not a big bout of deprivation because youre trying to get used to eating healthy for the rest of your life and not just for thecourse ov the ciet.

@jenniferger    Excellent description of how I feel.  Thank you.

Hi...I know how hard it is to lose weight.  At 62 years of age I decided that I was not going to "diet".  I decided to "cut down".  Somehow the change of wording made it easier.   I did not gain the weight overnight so I also decided that if I was going to lose it then it would be done properly and I aimed to keep it off.   I stared a year ago March and I have lost a total of 42 lbs in the past year.   I had a taste of anything I wanted.   I would decide whether or not that particular item was important to me or not.   For instance that brownie you were talking about.   Would a bite of it made a difference to you?   If you had a bite and it satisfied you then great...if not go ahead and eat it and cut down somewhere else.   It actually became easier as the days went on.  I believe it was because I felt in control.   If I went out to dinner I would eat light during the day and watch what I ordered.  The worst thing we can do to ourselves is decide that we have to deprive ourselves.   If we make the decision that we are in control and can have anything then perhaps we also can decide that it really isn't that important to have that whole brownie....Good luck with your healthier way of eating....think of it as a "LIVE IT" and not a "DIE IT"....

I had a lot of motivation issues when I first started to try changing my eating habits.  I said I was trying to other people, when in fact I was binge eating in private.  I'd buy a quart of ice cream, eat it in one sitting, and then hide the container from my husband.  One day he caught  me, and wasn't that a great conversation.  I was totally self-defeating.  But then I decided to try for real.  I decided to follow a healthy eating plan of 6 mini meals a day, with a small treat each day (I chose a square of dark chocolate, which does have health benefits as well as being super tasty).  I certainly don't think having a brownie is bad for you, but like so many people have already said here, don't beat yourself up about it.  You can exercise a few minutes longer, work it into your calories for the day, whatever works for you... just don't feel so guilty!  I fine eating mini meals throughout the day is easier than eating three large meals.  Another reason I eat mini meals is because I have Crohn's disease, and the mini meals make food easier to digest than large meals.  Also, you don't have to starve.  Sometimes I am not even hungry when it's time to eat again!  Well, it's something to try anyway, and it helps to curb cravings.  Good luck to you!  You can do it!

Start out slow.  If you try too hard, you will fail.  Gradually cut things out and replace them with healthy things.  Once your body adjusts to real food instead of preservatives and nasty chemicals you will not longer crave those bad things.  Also become educated on what is actually in junk food like candy bars.  Once you know how bad they are for you, then they become less appealing.  At one point, I couldn't walk past the "junk bar" at work without picking up a snack size candy bar... just because it looked sooo good.  Not because I needed it.  Once I started weaning that stuff off... now i walk by and am sickened at the thought of what my body would feel like if i ate one.  I actually crave fruits, vegetables, and protein now.  It does take time, but you WILL get there! 

Also it is a lot to do with your mind.  I know i used to make "excuses" as to why I needed a double  cheeseburger meal with onion rings and a coke... i used to make excuses as to why I couldn't go work out.... i sat down, wrote down all of my BAD excuses and then came up with counter GOOD excuses to incorporate to overcome those bad ones... for example bad excuse "when I'm stressed, it feels good to eat a dbl cheeseburger, onion rings and a coke"... good excuse-first of all, i NEVER feel better after eating that, in fact i usually feel worse b/c i just ate that.  when I am stressed, i will feel better by doing things that are relaxing like taking a hot shower, going for a walk, having a glass of wine, etc.  Once you change your mindset, you can accomplish anything!!!

I was feeling just like you for a long time and a nutritionist told me start taking a really good multivitamin and fish oil capsules every day. It really helped me, my cravings are so much better now. Try to pay attention to your nutrition grade as well, your body often craves what it needs. 

Good Luck, You can do this!

You have to remember that every day is a new day and a chance to start again.  If you have a brownie it's ok.  Just make sure that your next snack or meal is healthy.  You can do it! Smile

Wonderful advice !  I have never thought of myself being a addict, but Iam of sugar. I would rather eat cake or have a milk shake than have a hardy meal..OMGoodness, your comment is a huge eye opener for me ! Tell me about why you stopped drinking Crystal Light?

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Some really great advice here!  It really is about what works for you.  After all, we are all incividuals. Suemurray19, I'm in the same boat with you. My one difference is that my REAL weakness is salty, fatty snacks (crisps! (or potato chips)  Soooooooo  I basically banished them from the house.  I don't buy them cause if they are here they sing to me! ;-)    I can cope with the rest... one cookie is enough where it would take the bag of chips!  We all have our weaknesses!

Like Suemurray I found that 'cutting down' meant it was easier for me to cope with the rest of foods.  Diet to me has always come across as a negative word... people tend to use it as meaning deprivation.  If someone tells me I can't have something it becomes more desirable.  Like Sue I found that telling myself I can have anything meant I was less likely to eat it (or want it!)

Brittani... whatever you choose to do it has to fit your lifestyle and be doable.  You lost 3 lbs!  That's great. You ate a brownie... big deal... we've all done it!  Maybe as some have already said cutting down on sugary goodies would be best for you.  Wean yourself off them gradually rather than go cold turkey.  Ok, the weight won't fly off but even a few pounds lost is still a loss if you keep it off.   

Great comment Jenniferger. Thats a very interesting and eye opening point of view. Thinking of it as an addiction and treating the problem as such may be very helpful. Thanks for the insight!!Smile

Have you considered making your own brownies or cakes? The option of baking my own cakes has worked very well for me. I use all healthy ingredients (organic when possible) minus eggs and butter and still get a nice cake:) It costs more and will never compare to the one bought from a store but neither do the calories nor the fat content. What I love is that I can eat it multiple times a month and still maintain my weight.

Hi Brittani, 

I am working toward losing 100 pounds.  A couple of things that have really helped me, is that I wrote down all the reasons I wanted to get healthy on a card and I carry it with me.  When I have something like hostess cupcakes calling my name I pull the card out and read through it.  If I still want the cupcake, I have it - after I have exercised off the calories for it.  

Another thing I have done, I am really a visual learner so I got on the computer and copied and pasted a bunch of images from Google images of an unhealthy life style - like a clogged artery, a picture of 5 pounds of human fat, a giant flubbery arm with McDonalds Arches on it, a whopper, krispy kreme donuts (my major weakness - the box just slows me down :)   a picture of a couch potato, and so on.  On the another page, I printed images of why I want to lose weight, a picture of someone in restful sleep, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, green smoothie, my garden, my family, a girl running (I used to be a runner 30 years ago).  I pull those two pages and look at them and it really helps.  Especially that clogged artery.  

Get rid of all of the junky food in your house, give to the local food bank, have a buddy go grocery shopping with you so you don't sabotage yourself, and don't carry any form of money when you go out.  Avoid places and people and who don't support your new healthy lifestyle.


Good luck!  You aren't alone in this!

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