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Why do I feel the need to constantly EAT?!

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Hey all!


I am recently new to this site...I am on here to lose my last 10lbs! It was going great for a couple weeks, UNTILL...I started to eat everything in sight! How do I stop this madness...I always start off well in the morning, then I hit disaster all afternoon long. Ill have a cookie here, some walnuts seems nothing is satisfying me what-so-ever. It just seems that all I want to do is snack. I am fairly active--I ride my bike around town for about 2 hours everynight after I am done work(I am a waitress)...I am eating anywhere between 1800 cals to 2200 cals a day. I have gained aprox 2lbs in the last two can I correct my eating habits(i use to have great control)? Anyone with tips would be GREAT!

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My answer would be, are you logging your foods?????

Calories in, calories out.

If you are eating everything in sight as you state, then yes, you are not going to lose those last few pounds.

Try eating smaller meals thruout the day.  Try a little bit of protein mid afternoon. and most of all, try logging your foods.

Plan your meals and snacks in advance and eat every 2.5-3 hrs so you don't get hungry in between.  I also keep a pack of sugar free gum in my purse so when the snackies hit I can chew on that and I keep a glass of water available at all times.  I also try to find something else to occupy my mind and hands so I am not thinking about food.  If you know there are treats somewhere, stay away from them.  They always seem to be in my break room at work so I stay away. I know sometimes it is hard but I think if you can overcome this habit, it will get easier.

1. Think back to how you used to eat, what did you do then? 

2. Make sure you're getting enough protein and good fats: 2200 calories of carbs is gonna make you want to eat more.

3. Make sure what you're eating is substantial: this is just an example but something like rice crackers isn't going to fill you up, make sure you're choosing complex carbs like whole wheat products, brown rice, oats etc.

4. Avoid sugar, sugar can be addictive and make you crave more.

5. Maybe you should eat a big, varied lunch so that you don't get hungry in the afternoon.

6. Eat plenty of fibre and drink a lot of water. 

If the afternoon hits and you feel like you want to snack, just have a big healthy meal. If it has veges, protein and fats you'll most likely stay full from it. ^ All that addresses actual hunger/cravings, but if it's just boredom or the need to eat then maybe find something to distract yourself with when you feel the need to eat.

My starting weight was 285 (after a couple of weeks I am down 6 to 279) so believe me I know a little about the munchies. I am determined to lose this so I make sure to excercise thats key. BUT when I eat I try to eat foods that are heavy but low I eat yogurt with granola for breakfast. Lunch I have egg salad with lite mayo and on 1 peice of 35 calorie bread. If you get hungry have some sugar free jello with cool whip on top, its very low calorie and tastes good. There is also the infamous 100 cal snacks. Drink plenty of water as well....caffeine is horrible for you and all the sugar in tea and soda will kill you. Good Luck with your 10 lbs!

it sounds like youre fairly active, so maybe youre not eating enough.

what are your stats? maybe you shouldnt be losing any more weight?

Thanks guys for the input.

When I was eating nothing but fruit to fill the gaps  and boredom it seemed to work...but then I heard that eating toooo much fruit is not the greatest thing.

My stats are 6feet 140lbs and aged 24. I have a healthy bmi right now, i know that. I am just  much more comfortable with the 130-133 range. I was there before I can do it again. (if I was not muching out)


Why is caffine so terrible for you? I drink like 5cups a day. I also drink enough water too!

Wow i am having the same problem. I was doing good for the first 2 weeks and now i just feel like i have no control. Like im just spinning out of control. I weigh 240 and i really let myself go the past two years. I have always been a little thick . But never this over weight. Im new to this site and im not even sure how to post my own problems or talk to any one. I just keep posting things, but not sure if any one is even able to see my post. If u could please help me learn how and if any one sees this please i need supportive people and any friends i can get. Please feel free to message me any time. Thanks. Jamie Schrichten

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