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Do you ever feel like it's impossible for you to be thin?

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Gosh, I wonder how many times people ask this, but seriously, I feel like it's impossible for me to be thin.

Genetics? Metabolism? Bone structure? Are these just excuses, or serious reasons?
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well for me genetics are working against i guess thats a reason....a reason to work extra hard to get into the shape I want...
I have a really hard time picturing myself as thin. Even looking back at pictures where I was at my fittest, while I looked pretty good, my face was still super chubby (maybe because I was 15? haha, I so want to blame babyfat...) and I remember always looking at my stomach, and having this roll that would go over my jeans. Though in the pictures, I can't see any bulge where that might have been, so maybe I just had poor body image issues? At any rate, even at my fittest, I was still 138lbs, which is considered overweight for someone 5'2 (which I was at the time, I'm 5'3 now.)

Another thing is that I do have a medium/large frame. Even if I do ever weigh 120, I don't think I'll ever look as thin as certain girls. My ribs are huge (I mean, at about 165lbs you're able to count them when I'm shirtless... it's very frustrating since I'm so short, I would love to have a petite frame, even though the tradeoff would be to look "fatter" than I do right now, even at the same weight) as are my legs. But I try not to let it get me down, because right now I'm trying to do this for my health as well as simply losing weight.

I hope this wasn't too off-topic... I don't really have a problem losing that isn't motivationally/BED based, so I'm not one to blame genetics on sub-par weightloss. I'll just blame them on how my bones are :p
Genetics do seem not to be doing my a favour. I felt good at 154lbs, like i was when i was 15. But to anyone else that's obese for my height. But i looked good, everyone says i did. I know i have got a large frame.. C-C tells me i do! And i am square set, just like my parents. I know my legs aren't really going to get any thinner - they're pretty much just muscle. But i've always been told i've got "great legs" (i don't agree mind)

I never wanted to be skinny, i like my curves. I'm not a very feminine lass really and my curves make me feel more womanly. (i mean come on, my biggest passion is my car and what i can do to it, with.. i even know how to fix most of it!)
I'm not a huge fan of Doctor Phil, but he had a show about people making excuses for being overweight once, and said somethingthat really stuck with me: "You cannot be overweight unless you have a lifestyle that supports it".

So yeah, gentics, large bone structure, poor metabolism all play a role, but they are not the end of the story. Maybe we cannot all have the perfect idealised figure, but the amount of fat you have on your figure is controllable.
"You cannot be overweight unless you have a lifestyle that supports it". -- I love that quote! Totally hits the mark.

in answer to original post: Yes. I do feel it's impossible for my thighs to get smaller than 20" & hip smaller than 35" -.-;;;;; But I wont give up until I can't exercise no more!
i have been at this a year PLUS, and i cant seem to get below 34c-27-34. i have tried. But.. the running machine on Monday might help.
My advice? persiver! keep GOING!

i mean, i thought i could never ever be a size 12, yet alone a size 10 (8 usa) with a hypothyriod. I used to be convinced i could never get thinner... my stats were 38DD-34-39/40 and i was CONVINCED i could not get thinner, so i kept eating like i was already thinking what the point? (chips, chocolate) so no wonder i didn't lose weight!!

now im a size 8 in some stores (In USA i think thats a 6?)  my aim is 34c-24-33 i have natural small hips but a big butt that never goes i have to live with that lol.
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Define thin.  I can have relatively low body fat but I'll never look boney. 
No because it's not impossible for me to be thin although I doubt I'll ever be a flatchested, tall model because genetically, my boobs are big and I'm 5"2.

I can/will be thin though and depending on your definition of 'thin', I can also look boney. I'm an average weight now for my height and you can see my collarbones, my hipbones are beginning to stand out and my ribs when I breathe in.

I'm very positive about my weight loss...   

yes... sorry I know I shouldn't be posting somthig so negative but sometimes I feel like it is impossible for me to b thin.  No matter how much I work out to stay healthy, no matter what tricks I use to tone I just look chuncky... Days like today when I feel so terrible all I want to do is sit infront of the computer or curl up with a book and binge on chocolate don't help either, (the ruination of an entire weeks worth of good work in one hour).   I know its just a state of mind.  I know there is nothing to blame but my own lazyness but I just am too mentally lazy to get thin.
Yeah...I feel that way sometimes too, and I use to be really thin. A long long time ago I was 100 lbs I'm 5'3". It's a thin line (no pun intended) between being thin and being healthy. I look at pics of myself back then and wonder what I was thinking I looked sick. On the other hand, I am now 140 and don't really care what the scale says anymore, I just want to be at a healthy weight with muscle tone and definition. I want to be able to run a mile without feeling like I'm going to die. Some days I look in the mirror and think I look sooo big and others I think lookin good mama!

It's all a mental game for me and I know it, some days I win some days I don't. Sometimes I am positive I will never reach my goal size. Sometimes I am positive I will. I don't think genetics have anything to do with it, unless you have an image in your head that isn't realistic. I do think metabolism has alot to do with it, but you can change your metabolism around. I've been on hypothyroid meds for over 20 years, the thyroid is not why I put on weight and it's not the reason I have a hard time taking it off. My weight problems are because I don't eat right or exercise enough....well I use to not eat right and exercise enough now I'm all about it, and it's working. You'll get there if you persevere!!
Be happy and healthy. Forget about thin.
Just strive for healthy. Think less about wanting to lose weight and body wishes and MORE about creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Once you master the healthy lifestyle, the healthy body will come naturally. NOT QUICKLY, but without any effort.

I went from 250 down to 155 (I'm 5'10 and male) in two years. It wasn't fast. But I'm super healthy now and still losing weight very slowly. I used to think my genes were against me and I could never have six pack abs. And now, they are starting to appear without me even trying. Woo!
Sometimes I feel like I'll never think I'm thin, even though I'm at around a 20 BMI right now.

For some reason, I look in the mirror and I still just feel huge, and see all this room for improvement.

So, yeah, I feel like it's impossible for me to be thin.  Like I'll always have wide hips and a big chest and that I'll never just be tall and willowy the way I want to be.
I put it down to a lifetime of bad eating habits and yo-yo dieting.  Also, all the women in my family, on both sides, were thin as young women and got fat when they had children.  50% of my excess weight was gained after menopause, and now it's very hard to lose it.

Having been thin, then fat, then thin again, several times during my adult life, I know I can get back down to a healthy weight.  The challenge is doing it in a good way so I don't gain it back yet again.  I don't ever expect (or want) to be skinny.
Nope, mainly because I have not been thin since somewhere around seven years old. Can I see myself a healthy weight, maybe, working on it.

I don't want to look thin, I want to look fit!
I'm not worried about being thin....just about being healthy....ive never been thin in my life ...i was even a chubby baby.....but i know i can be fit and muscular again with work....
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I think I can someday be thin. Sometimes I start to feel like it will never happen because the weight loss takes a long time. I'm not giving up though. I know I have a small frame underneath and I want it to be shown!
I agree with billb. I don't want to be thin, I want to be fit and athletic.

But then, I'm 5'8" with a medium/large frame, so it isn't like I'm a candidate for waifhood anytime soon. lol
Speaking on behalf of anyone who has lost the weight, I was so big about 2 years ago (300 pounds) I decided, as soon as I started losing, that I would not want to be thin...EVER! I wanted to have an athletic figure and be slimmer. I have achieved this, after miles and miles of running and gym time. Now I am where I want to be, I love my figure. I am a size 10 UK (size 8 US?) and have kept my curves. I would say that I am a medium frame and am 5'8 tall. I weigh about 148 pounds at the moment.
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