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I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere!!!!

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It's been 10 weeks and I'm only down 5 measily pounds (147lbs, 5'5").  I've been eating 1700 cals a day, for a weekly intake of around 1400 cals. (CC says 1800 intake needed daily to MAINTAIN if I was sedentary, but I don't know if I'm sedentary or light exercise). I go back and forth between being motivated and unmotivated.  I say I must be gaining muscle because of all the working out that I'm doing, but who knows.  It's like I think I see myself dropping inches, but then I talk myself out of it because I have only lost 5 pounds.  NEED INSPIRATION/ADVICE PLEASE!!!
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It's not the number on the scale, it's how your clothes fit and how you FEEL.  5 pounds is GREAT!  Now throw the scale in the closet for 6 more weeks and pick a pair of pants that are a little snug and work towards making them loose instead.  If you picked up walking or dancing or marching in place or any activity, the weight will come off faster.  Park in the boonies at the mall or work and walk more.  Look in that mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are for losing 5 pounds and how awesome you are for being healthier for it.
Same here megs, I'm losing at a pretty slow rate of 0.5lbs per week, sometimes it is a little demotivating but I am losing weight 7lbs is 7lbs for me, so, its taken me 14 weeks to get down but I don't slog my guts out at the gym, I eat enough nice food to not complain about being permanently hungry, I guess I could give up my time reading books or chilling at my friends house but I'm doing pretty well the way I am.

I might increase the intensity of my gym sessions a little (holiday in 9 weeks), but I'm going for permanent lifestyle change, not a quick weight loss that I know I wouldn't be able to maintain.
Here are two really good articles i stumbled upon yesterday. Please read both: t.html gProgress.html

If you are working out, all kinds of good things are happening to your body right now that don't necessarily translate into lost weight on the scale, but do translate into change of body composition to higher lean mass and less fat.

Now is not the time to quit - just keep persisting and doing what you are doing.
Hey Megs,

don't give up. I know how you feel I'm in the same boat (146 5'5). I was down to 145 and then the supid scale went up a pound! :( To say I felt bad would be an understatement. But then I thought about it and you know you just have to keep on going and not give up because of set backs. Things will always happen that will keep you from reaching your goal on time, but you will reach it.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for your posts!  Even though I was never looking for a quick fix, I guess I was getting frustrated that I'm not losing the weight faster!  But you guys are right - I'm going to be happer about how far I've come thus far, and just keep it up!

Once I heard Oprah say (lol) that her nutritionist and trainer told her not to weigh herself except for once every month or two, because ESPECIALLY for women weight can fluctuate a lot because of hormones so it is hard to see the effect of dieting. PMS can cause a 5lb gain! And always weigh at the same time of day every time. I usually weigh a couple days after my period is done in the morning , just that one time a month. It also helps that I don't have a scale in my apartment and have to go to my parents house to weigh ;)

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