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How can I feel full without drinking a ton of water, I need advice...I don't want to go over my calories

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I'm trying to eat 1500 calories and this is new for me. I like to feel full and satisfied and I don't feel that way when I spread my calories out over the whole day in small meals. I always end up going over my calories. It is hard for me to drink a lot of water to get that full feeling. Any advice out there?

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Still spread your calories out throughout the day, it is the best way to ensure your body is using those calories in the most efficient way. But, make sure you are getting plenty of protein and fibre in your meals. It will satisfy you more and keep you feeling fuller longer. Promise.

I second the protein and fiber suggestion made by trikki. Try to have protein at breakfast and it will make you feel so much fuller throughout the day. I usually have eggs or a cereal with protein and fiber in it. Salads and carrot sticks with hummus are great snacks that have lots of fiber and fill you up!

I hope these suggestions help

you might want to conscider adding 3-5 grams of essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, a multi vitamin/multi mineral. Its not so much the amount of calories that a person eats each day, but how much of those calories are being asymalated by the body. by adding these supplements and removing from your diet as many processed/pre-packaged foods as possible you will begin to notice that you aren't as hungry as often, and it wont take as much to fill you up when you do get hungry. hope this helps


When you feel like you need to be eating something but don't in actuality need to, you could try eating foods that are made up mostly of water and have minimal calories like lettuce, cucumbers, celery, etc.  That way you're intaking solids and actually eating, but aren't letting your munchies harm you

i have to agree with the others on the protein and fiber thing. I'm currently eating 1300 calories a day, which seems low, I know. But I am eating tons of fiber and protein, and some days I am not even hitting the 1300 mark, and haven't felt starving one time. And I notice a BIG difference if I don't do it. If I have a day where my diet consists mostly of carbs, I'm STARVING all day, never feel full. This makes sense since your body digests the carbs at a quicker rate than protein, I think that's right? I try to do at least a portion and a half to 2 portions of meat at lunch(6-8oz) and then more in the evening, and that gets me thru the evening/nite of wanting to snack b/c I would normally still be hungry. You might want to do more protein in the morning though, my schedule works so that I miss breakfast most mornings and don't get to dinner until about 9pm, so it's different for everyone. And I try to "fiber up" on my snacks, which keeps me feeling full during those in btwn times. Hummus and veggies, cottage cheese with veggies/fruit, those combos seem to work best for me as snacks. Hope that helps? Good luck!

Hi indiadrinkard!  Try to find out a little about the volumetrics style of eating.  It's alot about feeling full on relatively few calories.  A cup of steamed broccoli is only about 60 calories.  Same goes for carrots.  Corn is only about 120 calories for a cup.  I'm like you and don't feel satisfied eating small meals.  I shoot for about 1400-1700 cals a day depending on activity level.  Also, if you're feeling really hungry, just make sure that you aren't getting too few calories.  Protein and fiber is important to your diet, but I found that it was easier to start off filling up on fruits and veggies to adjust to the different foods I was eating.  After a while, you can slowly reduce the volume of foods you eat so that you can get that same full feeling from less.


I am actually enjoying the feeling of being slighty hungry and ready to eat at meal times. I was sick to death of feeling bloated and stuffed 90% of the time. I never felt hungry at meal times because i ate that much all th e time, but I still carried on eating.

What I am basically saying is that it is ok and normal to be feeling hunger but never get starving. I think half the problem is we are conditioned to always eat even if we are not ready, and to eat huge portions. We are always been told we eat too much but how often do you actually see advertisements/programmes showing how much you should have on your plate.

Also if it does not suit you to space your meals and you feel that you need to save your calories for a particular meal then do that.



Thank you all for your advice. I will definitely try doing protein and fiber combos. I might also try that volumetrics idea. I'm not sure if it is a mental block or what, I think I need the sensation of eating a certain amount of food to feel satisfied. I can be happy with a huge salad, it doesn't matter that it is salad I just need a lot of it. The tricky thing about that is salad dressing, even low fat has plenty of calories.

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A little bit of olive oil, balsamic vinager, garlic, and dijon mustard goes a long way and is my favorite salad dressing. Healthy too.


Are you sure that 1500 is the right number for you?  A 500-1000 calorie deficit is ideal, but if you're feeling unsatisified it's not a sustainable program and you're like to slide back to old habits.

personally the best way

is to make your stomach smaller, if that makes sense

eat 200-300 calories 5 - 7 times a day (tot 1500)

or split it up what ever, (this basically means, you keep your sugar levels relatively even all day), you'll also find you feel less bloated and gorge less

give 30 mins after every meal at least


obviously if you're always hungry you should review your calorie intake first

You can't make your stomach smaller --- you can only adjust the amount of food that needs to be consumed in order for your brain to send out the 'full' signal.

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