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everyday weigh in group!

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Hello, I have been on CC for about 2 and a half years. I've gone up and down on weight, even finally reaching my goal in May! But I have lost track of myself since then, and I want to get back on track TODAY. I've been part of lots of groups and they start out great but then people eventually stop showing up. I know I need more consistent and frequent motivation than that, so for THIS group, I want to check in EVERY DAY. That means a daily weigh in and update on how we're doing, highs and lows, etc. I'm sure there are at least one or two others out there who could use this kind of structure. Can't wait to meet you!


Monday July 12th-- 142.6 lbs

Where I'm at: After finally FINALLY reaching my goal of 135 in late May, I have really been slacking in every sense so it's no wonder I put 7.6 lbs back on. I know some of it will be water weight cause I've been eating a lot of processed food and not drinking enough water, so hopefully I can drop a few of those pounds fast.

The plan: Today I am going to drink TONS of water and eat only whole foods. Also going to take both dogs on nice long walks and hit the 4 pm weight lifting class which I love. I want to continue this plan through the week... going camping Sunday-Wednesday so I need to lock these new habits in before I'm in the woods with nothing to do but eat and nap.


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Good morning!

Today 179.96

I'm at 137.6 today. I wanted to be at 135 when I made this trip, as it will be hard in my waistline, but that's the way it goes sometimes. So, I'm in the salt lake airport for a 3 hour layover, then off to Texas. I am going to say goodbye to my dear friend who is dying from cancer. Please remember us in your prayers as it will be extremely difficult.

Well I am in a state of shock - this is too good to be true. I had to step on and step off the scale several times to really make sure it was accurate. It was the same every time. 142.5 Yipee. I knew the gains I have had were just water weight as I was not eating all that much and was super active.  But knowing my weird body I am sure I'll bounce back. I just hope I can stay below 145 this time.

Lots of love to you Shelly and to your friend. I hold both of you in my heart.            With love, Sarah

On June 3, I weighed 200 lbs and today I weighed 194.6 lbs. Two months & down about 6 lbs.
08/18 - 126.4 Grrrrrr! No ones fault but my own though. sj
Original Post by ShellySunshine:

I'm at 137.6 today. I wanted to be at 135 when I made this trip, as it will be hard in my waistline, but that's the way it goes sometimes. So, I'm in the salt lake airport for a 3 hour layover, then off to Texas. I am going to say goodbye to my dear friend who is dying from cancer. Please remember us in your prayers as it will be extremely difficult.

Shelly - you and your ffiend will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Peace for your heart!

Good morning.  148.2 - still hanging in between 147 - 149 without too much effort.  After a fun lunch with a friend and an afternoon coffee with another I am pleased that I am hanging in there.  Students return to classes at the University on Monday so my schedule is about to get busier Smile Excited to have a more predictable schedule.  I will have to work out lunch plans for my Fridays as I will be teaching a seminar from 11 - 2.                                                                                                     

Yay mamma!  That is so exciting!  You go girl Smile

Congrats to everyone else who is making progress and encouragement to those who have stalled.  Plateaus are a time to reflect and reassess.  You can do this!

Have a marvelous Saturday!  PJ

Hello I've just started back on cc and I need to do this!! I need the motivation also! I had drop weight using another program and can't get back on track but I'm really liking what cc has to offer and I really need motivation from everyone! Weight 189 Goal 145

Really excited about my new adventure and life style change!! ???
Good Morning to all.

8|17....176.6 8/18....176.6
I haven't logged past 2 days. But I managed to stay at 141 this morning. Now to keep the will power and not gain the weight back 6 more lbs till I'm at my goal :)
Yayy out of the 160's weighed it at 159.8 today! Down from 160.2 yesterday. Worried about the weekend though tend to eat more junk eeekkkk!
  • 4/16 = 206
  • 5/17 = 205
  • 6/18 = 201.5
  • 6/29 = 201 (5#!)
  • 6/30 = 200
  • 7/16 = 199.5
  • 7/22 = 201 (5#!)
  • 7/26 = 198.5
  • 7/31 = 198
  • 8/3 = 199.5
  • 8/8 = 199.2
  • 8/13 = 198.8
  • 8/14 = 197.2
  • 8/17 = 197.5
  • 8/18 = 198

I find it so funny how all of a sudden I am loosing weight like crazy. I weight 141.75 this morning. Dropped another 3/4 lb today Of course much of this weight loss is water weight. I have heard that when loosing weight the cells will often fill up with water and you don't see any changes on the scale and then woosh all of a sudden you see a big drop. I was for months -9 in particular- fluctuating in the low 150's.  I did get to 148 on Jan 1st but blew it in Sri Lanka as I was not eating correctly and didn't do regular exercise. I gained 12 lbs in 5 weeks and then it took me 12 weeks to loose that weight. Even then I didn't stay in the 140's until May 22nd. Sure I touched into the high 140's once or twice but only to bounce back into the low 150's. It was slow going. Now all of sudden my body is dropping weight like crazy. It is really quite bizzare. Friday last I weighed 149 (bloated with water weight)  and today I weigh 141.75 that's a huge drop. I haven't done much differently and on top of that I haven't been to the gym either. I even stopped recording my food as I was sick and tired of logging my food every day. I start out logging in the day and toward evening I say the hell with it. But the good thing is I have a really good sense of portion control and I am not eating extremely either. So I guess whatever I am doing is just fine. I think my body has it's own way of doing things. @ Karijos  Good for you girl. Isn't it wonderful getting into the 170's

@ Curvymama you are doing sooo well. Soon you will be in the 180's

@PJ nothing wrong about hanging. It gives the body time to re-adjust. I was just thrilled when I was able to stay in the 140's with no bouncing back into the 150's. Believe I was so damn done with 150's.

@Ligia that's faaantastic of getting out of the 160's you can do this. Who knows maybe you can work at being in the 150's for the rest of the month. I am bound and determine not to hit 145 again that's my mini goal. 

@Rancho you can do this. Keep the faith you can do this.

Tootles everyone, Sarah

yesterday, 195.6 TOOOO many freakin carbs! I'm so carb sensitive! Drinking alot of water to get rid of the water weight and moving on. Thats all I can do. Btw, I'm coming off hHCG, realizing I prefer CCing and moving.

VICTORY! I am 179 today!!! Happy Dance like Snoopy.

15 mile bike ride on the rail trail to celebrate! :)

The one month plateau is OVER! 

25 pounds to goal....tick....tick...tick

Have a great day y'all! 

Good day!

Back up again today (boy I cannot wait to stop bouncing in and out of the 70's)


the scales moved ...but in the wrong direction!!! erg! Frown. I did make my commitment to day on my c25k , and got in a total of 5.25km. I need to keep hanging in here....sooner or later the scales will move..right? Also did my measurements and I have lost inches, so that's encouraging.

8/9-283 8/10-283 8/11-282.8 8/12-282.8 8/13-283. 8/14-283.2 8/15-283.4 8/16-281.2 8/17- N/A 8/18-N/A 8/19-283.2 8/20- 8/21- 8/22- 8/23- 8/24- 8/25- 8/26- 8/27- 8/28- 8/29- 8/30- 8/31-
I am happy to see I am back to 147.2 today. It is still a gloomy day but I am hoping to get in some time at the gym. This plateau has been hanging around long enough. There is no particular new goal in mind - I would just like to lose a few more pounds and continue to tone (i.e. lose more fat).

Hope everyone has a lovely day today! PJ
Thanks Mamabear! Hopefully if everything goes the ways it's been now I should be at the lower 150's within the next few weeks keeping my fingers crossed :) I also wasn't seeing the weight come off just inches (which is great too) and all of a sudden it's like it's melting off lol.

Today literally I stepped on the scale four times! I couldn't believe the first weight then second third and fourth were the same so it had to be right: 159.0!! Lost .8lbs, my scale measures fat % and that keeps going down as well so hopefully I'm losing more than than just water weight. Congrats to everyone! Every loss as tiny as it may be is a great triumph :)

211 from 212.  Let's keep this up! :)

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