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everyday weigh in group!

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Hello, I have been on CC for about 2 and a half years. I've gone up and down on weight, even finally reaching my goal in May! But I have lost track of myself since then, and I want to get back on track TODAY. I've been part of lots of groups and they start out great but then people eventually stop showing up. I know I need more consistent and frequent motivation than that, so for THIS group, I want to check in EVERY DAY. That means a daily weigh in and update on how we're doing, highs and lows, etc. I'm sure there are at least one or two others out there who could use this kind of structure. Can't wait to meet you!


Monday July 12th-- 142.6 lbs

Where I'm at: After finally FINALLY reaching my goal of 135 in late May, I have really been slacking in every sense so it's no wonder I put 7.6 lbs back on. I know some of it will be water weight cause I've been eating a lot of processed food and not drinking enough water, so hopefully I can drop a few of those pounds fast.

The plan: Today I am going to drink TONS of water and eat only whole foods. Also going to take both dogs on nice long walks and hit the 4 pm weight lifting class which I love. I want to continue this plan through the week... going camping Sunday-Wednesday so I need to lock these new habits in before I'm in the woods with nothing to do but eat and nap.


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Hi guys it's 5 am  so I am not going to do my weigh in  for another few hours. Yikes I can't believe it that we actually have internet - more often then not I have to go to the library to get on line.  Just want say what a great we have and I so appreciate all your support. I am well over my mini rant and look forward to my trip to Napier.

Oh wow yesterday I discovered the Basement cinema where they show interesting films and I did a double feature. One a documentary  titled Discovering Hayden - which was interesting but only a so so film photographically . In the past I use to be a photographer so I tend to notice the camera angles , lighting etc.  Then at 5:30 I had a chance to see the Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep. Wow was she fantastic - she gave a brilliant performance and well deserved that Oscar. 

amie I can relate. When I returned from Sri Lanka and I gained all that weight (all 12 lbs) I was relieved that at least I didn't hit 160 either (159.5). Keep on trucking girl.

Hi Mesi welcome to the group -we have a great group of supportative people and we cheer each other on. While I am not at the moment doing circuit training as I am a total water jogging nut- I find that doing a 30 min workout very helpful. Also the rowing machine is great too. The important thing is to find something you like to do. That said I also think it is good to vary your exercise routine too.

Today I'll be on the road and so for the next 2 day wont be exercising. I hope I don't see too much of a jump on the scale.

Tootles, Sarah

249 enjoying the sunshine and making fajitas for dinner. Happy weightloss ladies!

Hi Everyone! Thought I would  check in, I lost 40 more pounds and am totally beautiful now, fighting the men off("git"), so I just wanted to say....boy am I full of chit! ...I got near another virus and it followed me home and I am feeling lousy. Why can I never the moment I know I have been exposed to something! I know someone had a cold, just not whom, want to thank em ya know?  Anyway wasn't eating much and oh heck, sorry. I am very happy to be back and it is wonderful to see how well everyone is doing! Great work.  Yes, yes, it is a great moment when one begins to spot that next number down! Of course me, I spot those long hidden numbers and dang if I don't start fixating on the next one down!

I read everyone's posts. What a wonderful and interesting group of folks you are. I think is is wonderful we can share like this. I take little notes as I read for later comment, I did that tonight and now I cannot read what I wrote, sorry. I remember something about an egg plant and a rude guy (what a strange idea) time, serve everyone's plate and make sure he gets the extra right off the bat. Pat him on the head when you put the heap in front of him. Hey it is way better then setting a rotten egg plant on his door step and ringing his bell and running!

I had a bad thing happen this week...I am still very got cold again. The singing in the wet lands has stopped. I want to make this very short, I have written a lot on my Facebook Page and there is more to come...Sadie and I found a very nice, large box turtle. We brought him home, and got a light on him and fed him...I had been lucky to have had the acquaintance of many turtles in my life so I am pretty good with them. (Honestly, I am so much better with animals than people). Anyway called my friend at Animal Control, it is illegal here to house a native species and I wondered if there was an animal rescue program in the area, there isn't. She said no and that she would call DNR and see if they knew. I was fine with the idea of keeping the guy for a few days as the temp was set to plunge and we had freeze warnings. Long story short, 3 heavily armed men came to my home and removed the turtle as I refused to release it til the weather was better. Basically I feel like he, the turtle,was murdered. I am still working out a response. As the whole thing was so stunningly strange it takes awhile to figure it out. I am praying for all the animals that came out too early because of the warm weather we had.

Oh, I remember my First Communion, what a wonderful day that was!

Ok cutting it short. Water, bed and rest! Thanks everyone!

Weight: 172

Mood: dizzily mixed colour

Tonight: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Good morning everyone!

Rise and shine!

This morning sees me at 153.25, same as yesterday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

174 Ugh.  Not even 0.2 lbs!

Did an incredible workout last night.  TRX suspension training.  Yikes!  Great for core strength.  And biked to work for the first time this year Smile


137 - I have no idea where that came from - still no batteries in the scale - so I have my fingers crossed.

Back is still acting ugly - at times - so I'll be slow going :0(

Hope everyone is doing well this Fine Thursday!

Happy Scales! :0)

Still 249. Thankfull for every week that passes without it going up. Scheduled an ultrasound for the 16th to confirm a due date and find the sex. Can't wait!

Very odd about the turtle! I think the three men showing up for one little critter would have been a little unsettling.

205 from 204.  Wrong direction!  Oh, well, tomorrow may be bad too as we are going out to eat for lunch and I plan on getting what I darn well please.  Have a good day guys!

  • Day 65: 12/18/11: 199.5: 0
    Day 69: 12/28/11: No weigh-in
    Day 70: 12/29/11: No weigh-in
  • Day 74: 1/10: 199.7: .2
  • Day 75: 1/11: 199.7: .2
  • Day 76: 1/12: 199.6: .1
  • Day 80: 1/19: 199.4: -.1
  • Day 82: 1/21: 199.9: .4
  • Day 84: 1/22: 199.4: -.1
  • Day 85: 1/23: 198.9: -.6
  • Day 89: 2/6: No weigh-in
  • Day 90: 2/7: 199.7: .2
  • Day 91~2/8~199.4~-.1
  • 3/29 = 203.0

162.8 again today. I hope tomorrow shows a new (lower) number. Have a great day!

Good Morning. Well maybe I am getting the frame back on a normal schedule again. At least I am up. Have to tell you that this flu (or whatever it is I have) has knocked me loopy. Pretty much have slept the past few days. Not sniffing as much this am. But tired! Someday I sure would like to wake up, stretch my arms out, leap out of bed, and into my day!
I haven't been eating much while I have been sick. Today I am going to make chicken soup and get some more apples.
I don't feel like running away anymore (for a while there I was ready to pack it in..) I prayed for guidance and am keeping myself aware of what is going on around me. Yesterday, Sadie and I walked up to the store, several people were so nice and friendly. I have been trying to decide fir quite awhile whether or not to move back down state to be nearer to my family. Or, stay up here and keep trying to make some of the community projects I dream of come true. Is a hard choice. If I had a car I could drive down for visits, that would be cool. I read yesterday that they are talking about put a high speed railway from the Southern part of the State to the Northern, oh gosh, that would be so cool! It isn't projected til 2015. And I am sure there are a lot of people up here who will be a little upset at the possible infusion of visitors, altho they have no problem taking their vacation dollars. Just don't want them to stay around. I always thought it was ironic that there are very very few families up here that go back more than a generation or two. Honestly, I came here to get away from too much craziness in the city. But I don't cop an attitude about it.

It is nice to be back here, interacting with you all. Also nice to have weight coming down again. I really have had to force myself to eat lately. Well I am gonna get some yogurt today, let's see what happens then!


Mood: green/blue

Today I will work on my bedroom (winter change over). There are clothes everywhere!!! Also working on several art projects.

Chers - glad you are feeling somewhat better. Congrats on the loss. Being sick is a tough way to lose it.

162.8 again. Disappointed there was no change. I had a 4300 calorie deficit this week so you have thought there would have been some movement. Oh well, I will keep on keepin' on!

Have a fabulous Friday! PJ

Good morning!

Christine - Huzzah!!! 169!

pj - lookin' good

rancho - glad to see you!

eeyore - hope you had a good lunch :)

whick - nicely done!

js - hope the back is getting better

mesidjz - every bit counts!

today sees another little drop !153!  Let's see if I can maintain that this weekend :D

208 from 205.  Well that sucks.  I only had about 1700 cals tops yesterday, and worked out for 250 cals worth.  Must be salt.  God I hope so...

mornin' all

138 today - oh well, hangin' in

no time to chat today - much work to do here so...ciao for now : )

137.6 -I'm going the wrong way!!  But I'm not going to complain too much - I made B-A-D food choices yesterday - so I guess I'm a bit thankful it was only up .6 - I've got today all planned out - so nothing crazy willing get me today!  * crossing fingers here & wishing *

cher- glad you are feeling better

eeyore- don't worry it will go back down -

kari - I wish you lots of luck on your weekend - they always kill me :0( this is the first time I've weighed more on Friday than I started the week - so I'm gonna do everything I can to be good :0)

pj - it will move down in no time - your body may just be thinking you are starving & want to hold onto everything - once it figures out you are still eating - you will see the change.

wknd- congrats on maintaining!!  can't wait to hear the news on the 16th!! :0)

mesi- how you feeling after the workout??  My workouts are making me feel old - lol BUT I'm gonna keep at them!

Happy FRIDAY & Scales to everyone!! :0)

I'm the first to post today - hmmm....odd

137.4 - hope it sticks

jsand - you know that number's temporary. It'll come down. Now drink your water!

Must get to my Saturday chores - may pop in later. Have a great day all!


Morning all!

153 again today and TOM - what??? has it been a month already?!?!?!!!! 

*goes to check back*

*comes back from excursion*

That's what I's only been a couple weeks.....gotta love the 'pause' :)

GRRRR.....162.8 AGAIN!  Plateaus are landforms.  They should NOT be part of my weight loss journey.  I am so frustrated.  Oh well, I will keep on working at it. Glad to see that some of us are enjoying positive results.  Hope everyone has a spectacular Saturday.  Smile

Still 208, gotta drink more water!

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