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everyday weigh in group!

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Hello, I have been on CC for about 2 and a half years. I've gone up and down on weight, even finally reaching my goal in May! But I have lost track of myself since then, and I want to get back on track TODAY. I've been part of lots of groups and they start out great but then people eventually stop showing up. I know I need more consistent and frequent motivation than that, so for THIS group, I want to check in EVERY DAY. That means a daily weigh in and update on how we're doing, highs and lows, etc. I'm sure there are at least one or two others out there who could use this kind of structure. Can't wait to meet you!


Monday July 12th-- 142.6 lbs

Where I'm at: After finally FINALLY reaching my goal of 135 in late May, I have really been slacking in every sense so it's no wonder I put 7.6 lbs back on. I know some of it will be water weight cause I've been eating a lot of processed food and not drinking enough water, so hopefully I can drop a few of those pounds fast.

The plan: Today I am going to drink TONS of water and eat only whole foods. Also going to take both dogs on nice long walks and hit the 4 pm weight lifting class which I love. I want to continue this plan through the week... going camping Sunday-Wednesday so I need to lock these new habits in before I'm in the woods with nothing to do but eat and nap.


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*breathes heavy sigh of relief*  It's so nice that everyone seems to be in much better spirits (than we have been lately) - yay for us!

139.2 today

@ms, eeyore, 2012, stooges - good job!

@jsand - *puts enough glue on jsand to make her stick through the weekend* - there! that should hold ya ; )

@kari - sounds like a "sensible" cleanse - going to have to give a try. Glad you're feeling better.

159.0 today...  and I was not good at all last night.  I baked a brownie layered cake...  It was awesome!!!

Morning my fellow daily weigh in friends. I'm at 131 today. No big surprise - I had ice cream yesterday. It's pretty much my archnemesis. But I'm feeling great. So that must mean I am great :)

Nothing going on today, just laundry and dishes. The usual everyday Homemaker affairs.

Have a wonderful day, and share a smile with someone. It feels pretty awesome.

No change. OK.

2012 - I live in France and Paris is only 2.5 hours on the train, so I guess I'm lucky in that respect.  However, I know I'll never get to the USA (fear of flying) so win some, lose some.

run - Hooray! 139 again!

eeyore - good to hear from you again.  I was beginning to get worried about you.  Hope you're feeling somewhat better.  I'm much better due to the new therapy, which I'm practising every day.

Happy Friday everyone.

151 today.  Day 5 - last day - for my 'cleanse'.  I am thinking about doing it again next week.  This weekend I will allow 2 pieces of toast and 1 baked good each day in addition to my usual suspects (veggies/meat/fruit/grains).  My tummy feels so much better.  No bloat!  I zipped up my jeans without having so suck in the tummy last night! yay!

Have a great day all!

214.4 today!!!! What is going on!! Lack of water maybe??!! Mixed with a late supper do to work. Ugh this number makes me frustrated. Hope to see it go down tomorrow. Have a good Friday everyone.. I'm going to drink some water.

203 from 204.  Water is working wonders.  And yes, I am feeling quite a bit better; things are not looking so bleak anymore. :)

138.6 - Didn't think about the seasoning I used on dinner until this morning.  One more glass of water & I could have stayed the same... 

But I made good choices this morning - my normal coarse of action on a Friday is to stop & get me a large NONfat Mocha.  But today I didn't do that!  I also go out to eat for lunch on Fridays - I will still do this but I will have a salad.  Now to see what the rest of the weekend choices look like.  It seems so funny to me that I don't know where I go wrong on the weekend - I must turn the brain off completely - lol.  NOT this weekend - I will watch out for the pitfalls!


Happy Weekend & Happy Scales! :0)

139.8 - Undecided - hanging in there and trying to focus more on how I feel than the number on the scale. I've been feeling great since I've been able to start running again. I've been very good with my eats and my water so I'm hoping it'll all "click-in" soon and the number will catch up to my efforts.

@jsand - *ties rope around jsand so she doesn't fall in the pits*

@eeyore - so glad you're feeling better

@everyone - must go now, have a great Friday!

Today 162 down 1 have a good evening all .

still at 131 as of this morning. I ate to much at supper though and the calories quickly added up so I'm guessing I will be up a little tomorrow.

Saturday is going to be a major calorie burn day. I have training for an hour in the morning. Then skate practice from 4-5 at the event center, with a little break for snacks and then our bout starts at 7. I'm guessing over all that's -1,500 of calories from exercise for the day. I'm going to eat healthy and drink lots of water. Wish me luck at our first game!

Good morning! Yesterday was the first day in a really long time that I didn't post. There were some comments made about:  "how great we were doing", how our attitudes seemed to be on the "upswing" and "how we were only as strong as our 'weakest' link". Somehow I had managed to negate all three affirmations and not, wanting to be the 'wet blanket, I did what I used to do when faced with a problem, ran in the other direction and hid out all day. Made everyone miserable. To be a little positive, I have not engaged in that infamous misdirection in a long time either. I perhaps I was due a reminder of how much I have changed.

Back today to face reality. Naw, I  would rather run away again!! See ya!

Wouldn't do that to you all, after I have you all wondering: "What did you do, Christine?"

Several things. Well, I reread the calorie count on a tasty fruit bar treat I had been allowing my self. And in a brighter light, dang if it was the sweet 100 cals of happiness I had thought. It was 160 cals of oops. Lots of difference between 3 one hundred calorie treats spread thru out the day and 3 one hundred and 60 cal treats: 180, to be exact. Well a least it was a 'clue' as to a reason for some of the times I have been just plain stuck. The other thing was I had mentioned going on my pain meds and expected the usual 5 or so temp gain. I did not expect to feel like I was having a miraculous visit from a long vanished TOM, bloated, sore and grumpy, miserable even. Hit with such a great 'blast from the past' I went whole hog and did little to try to get  handle on my appetite. Fortunately, enough sanity remained that I ate 'good stuff', just a lot of extra good stuff.

This am my scale was even scared to give me a reading, 190..ooooo nooooo.

So I am not too happy today yet. And, while such an amazing feat of sudden weight gain stretches my 'link', I do not think it will break it. It will and has been making strange 'groaning' sounds. I know it is water, as my ankles are swollen. And I wonder, do I limit my fluids as my body will eventually adjust and I will  reverse this disaster?" (this is also one of those very rare times when I feel inclined to make every other word I write a four letter one starting with 'f'). I think with the water question I will not change it. Bottom line is 2 simple things, a misreading and a med change, and I am knocked for a loop. This despite knowing, in a few days things will adjust and I will lose all that super weight and then some. It is just that it was so stunning. I can only imagine what the insides of me feel like.

So I plod on. And I will look forward to the pending return to the right direction.

Of course something like this does cause me to do a "review" of how I have been eating and I can pick out some areas where I have let things slid a bit. Not anything major, but taken together, well, I believe a deep breath, a more determined than ever attitude hat, and a nod in the direction of those forces over which I have no control except one: I don't give into them. I won't let them  sign a long term lease in my head!, are warranted.

Weight: 190

Mood: Momentarily "Out of Order"

Yesterday I did not make things worse by eating "bad food". I had extra vegetables, fish and limited fruit. Today I will do the same.

And as the Man of Steel, the most super of the Supermen used to say: "Up, up and away!" Sadie is urging the mention of another super hero, who always started  up that trail of the unknown: "Arf! Arf! Arf!" At a girl, Lassie!

@chers - good plan to keep up the fluid intake. how much do you normally get?

@kari - howdey, back at ya!

@runyour - things are mostly ok. i've had a mysterious leg paid, which at this point we're putting down to some kind of strain even though i don't remember doing anything to strain it. at least with some rest, heat, and massage it has gotten manageable. but i'm the lucky one, the thing that has really made this week wonky is my son's motorcycle accident. he's doing pretty well, nothing i would call a major injury considering the possibilities. that being said the hospital seems to be taking their sweet a** time getting anything done.

today's weight: 171.6

still longing to be back down in the 160s, but at least i'm heading in the right direction.

Good day all today's weight as of 7:30 am. 162 by 9:50 am. 164  and that's only having a coffee and meds. so Cher I'm right there with you and I know how discouraging it can be I have been going through the same thing bloated and sore that old familiar feeling that I thought I was done with;I guess we are never truly free of TOM;he may be able to stretch the links but I know they will never break because we are strong;so you go girl  and know that Lacey my faithful sidekick and I will be posting everyday and watching for those words of wisdom that have kept me going this long.

Hello...I have been struggling with my weight since I can remember...this is the heaviest I've ever been which is 30 pounds over weight...I am trying to enlist in the military but with all the issues at home..I've been more sedentary then I would like...I have the tools..time..and idea...just let my issues get the best of me and just don't allow myself to get motivated :( I have a puppy who has forced me to get out and walk but even that I've found ways of avoiding...I pledge to check in every Morning with my plans on how to burn calories and with details on how I did the day before...just like u I also need consistency...and if u stick to it...that can start my own motivation process :)
Last time I checked I was weighing 164...I have to buy a scale soon...this morning I plan on going for a light jog with my dog to get me back into the swing of things...I've been listening to Jillian Michaels Podcasts...I love her!...she is all about being healthy :) which automatically will give you the results you are looking for...I'm feeling better already and excited to get out and run :)

138.0 - I was very happy to see this, this morning!! 

BUT my very WONDERFUL daughter greeted me in the kitchen with a very sweet surprise!  She was making breakfast - My FAVORITE - to cheer me up - Been a bit moody the last few days.  Anyway, she made me double chocolate chip muffins!!!  Gotta love her!! :0)  I ate 2 & had a glass of choc silk. Nothing was measured!! :0S 

I will try to be careful the rest of the day - but it did brighten my mood :0)

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend & Happy Scales!! :0)

Hi Everyone!


I haven't been on in so long and I apologize for that!  With the holidays and work and then having surgery this week, everything has been crazy.  But I've been home this week and will likely be home for another week recovering.  In terms of my weight loss, I've been doing pretty good and the surgery has helped me lose a couple pounds which is also good.  The only bad thing is my doctor said I can't go to the gym for the next 2 weeks, but next week once I get my cast off, I can at least get out of the house and start walking!  Can't wait!

CW: 162.4

Admittedly, I have been eating very little recently but yesterday I had Popeye's chicken and gained about .4 pounds, so I guess my body needed extra food.  I'm about 10 pounds away from my goal!

didn't weigh this morning.  Don't know why, just forgot - perhaps that's good.

run - I'm in there with you.  Keep at it.

satyr - *hit, how awful!  Hugs to you and get well wishes across the ocean to your son.

honey - surgery is gruesome.  Forget the gym, just heal.  Warm wishes coming your way .....

Busy day today.

TOM and still 151

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