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Eating when bored!!!!! Stop the madness!!

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I need help!! I eat when I am bored. To fill the time. I love food I really love eating and enjoy it but I hate it when I eat to eat. I need help in what to do during these times. It is so hard to keep myself from eating and eating.

Any suggestions?



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I also eat when I'm bored.  It's a most dangerous trait - because I'm bored beyond belief at work.  I don't really have a role and I'm going crazy - but they keep paying me - so I stay.

When are you at your most bored?  Have you tracked a trend or anything?  I hope you get some great advice - because I'd like to know how folks handle it.  I guess the great thing is that you know where the problem is.  That's the first step, right?


Good luck

yeah, I'm the same way. Best advice I can give is drink a LOT of water instead of eating, eventually you'll be too full to snack.

I also suck on hard candy, it seems to keep me somewhat more occupied!

Good luck!

Chew on gum when you're at work. Sugarless gum if you can as it has very few calories. Or drink plenty of liquids, but remember not to drink your calories!

When you're at home keep busy by doing some exercises and by doing the things you love to do. I update my blog or do something for me or go for a walk or something. Any thing to keep me busy!

Hope this helps!

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I am prone to eating out of boredom too and I have just had a REALLY bad day! I usually relieve the boredom with exercise in the morning, but I was exhausted today and not feeling good so I didn't go to the gym :( Then I was too tired to go to the shop and stock up on the sugar free gum I normally chew instead of eating so I munched through a load of cheese and crackers instead. Now I have realised that I've consumed an extra 500 calories today while burning nothing significant at all. So I have resolved to keep myself extra busy tomorrow - and forgive myself for being human!

you guys rock!!  I am in a transition phase.  I am currently looking for a job and I am home ALOT!!  I do know the Water/gum/keep moving/ tricks but I just give in so easily!!  Today was supposed to be back on track - work out eat right after the weekend at the parents eating and drinking - I even lost weight but I have just sat infront of this computer chowing all day long!!!!

But this truly does help to vent and hear from others!!!

I remember last year when I was switching jobs and I was home all day surfing the web. I would always swear I was going to go to the gym, but I didn't do a damn thing except watch TV and apply to jobs online. Once I got a new job and was already out and about working, is when I found it easier to be motivated to go to the gym. I think I just work better when I have a full schedule versus when my day is wide open and I can procrastinate. As for eating when bored, I am totally in the same boat. The gum and water thing helps me, but I have learned to eat more filling foods with fiber and protein, like veggies and nonfat cottage cheese with peaches. They're better snacks for you and you stay fuller longer.

If possible, try getting out of the house in this nice summer weather to take a walk and get your mind off eating. Or at least to burn off any snacks you consume while job hunting, lol. Good luck!

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Don't put things in your kitchen that are unhealthy.  Then if you cave in it won't totally blow your diet.  Sometimes I find myself gorging on the kids spongebob cheezits, its then I know I need to find something to do!  But, I do that because I don't buy any junk food I know I like unless we're having friends over or something specific and then I throw away the leftovers.  Waste?  I think not, more of a waste on my hips than in the trash.

look at before/after weight loss photos/ videos.  and read CC posts they are so inspiring!

chewing gum IS a good way to keep your mouth busy.. but for me personally i realized that i need to break the need to be chewing something all together.. or else youre not TRULY getting rid of the habit. 

When I absolutely can’t stop myself and those baby carrots just aren’t do it for me then I bake something really healthy. That way it takes your mind of binging on cookies because you really have to focus, and when your done your urge may have gone away. Plus, for me it’s very relaxing and seeing the great outcome makes you feel good inside.

Just a suggestion. Good luck.


You might be interested in my recent post to a question on this topic titled, “How can I resist the urge to eat at work?"


i also find it helpful to cook something when i have the urge to eat. Once you are done, the urge is usually gone! I even find that even if i cook something unhealthful, i still dont really feel like eating it when i am done. When this happens just share some with friends or other people, but it probably isnt the best idea to keep it around the house....

i don't eat when i'm bored so much like i used to.  i will sometimes brush my teeth so i won't want to eat anything because i don't know about you but i don't like my food tasting like toothpaste. 

if you just start working out you will eventually forget about eating and be more concerned with you workout.

if you don't want to do that you could always pick up a good book or write in a journal.

you could maybe pick up a new hobby that you would be interested in or just take a nap. haaha


I try to read, chew gum, drink water and hot tea, anything not to eat. I know it's hard though, it seems no matter how hard I tried not to eat the thing I most desire, by the end of the night I will have ate it. Reading really does help me though. I'm reading Breaking Dawn, the last of the Twilight book, and I seem to take up most my time reading it. I can't wait to find out what happens next. It's better than a tv show or movie.

I too am a boredom eater.  What seems to have helped me is to keep my mind off of food.  I used to come home from work and immediately have a snack, then another snack, then dinner, then a snack.  Some days I would skip dinner and eat a whole bag of pretzels!  I guess by the time I got home from work I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything but my mind says let's do something that isn't strenuous, let's EAT!  So, how did I overcome this?  I added an hour a day to my work schedule.  Now everyday before I go home I workout and it is not optional.  Just like how work isn't optional neither is my gym time.  It is the only way I will continue to go.  I mix it up though, cardio 3 times, weights and cardio 2 times in my 5 day work week.  '

So, how does this tie into not boredom eating?  Well for one, it is an hour or so less a day that I have the chance to snack, by the time I get home I start making dinner.  I try to eat a moderate dinner so that I have room for a little snack or desert afterwards.  I also only eat at the dinner table that way it is inconvenient to watch tv and eat at the same time.  If I know I just need to take the edge off of hunger I go for a string cheese.  It is one of the few foods that I usually don't still feel hungry after eating.  I hope this helps!


Oh my god, I was really bad at eating when I got bored, I'm getting myself to be a little better at it, but I still have my moments. I try several different things. I keep busy with eating ice, I chew calorie free gum, and instead of going to the frige I clean or just do something else, ergo keeping yourself busy. Its a hard habit to break, but little by little you get better at not eating when your bored.

If you really need to eat out of boredom, make it something harmless, like baby carrots or celery. Nobody every got fat eating baby carrots. Or try sunflower seeds in the shell. They take forever to eat and provide your hands with something to do.

i ask myself, "will eating this make me feel any better? any less bored? or will it just make me fat?" that usually helps. i also read these forums.

i eat wehn i'm bored too, sometimes i'm just at home and eat, cause the food is there!

what i do is have like baggies of healthy snakes like veggies cut up or juice

or drink a glass of water, and then see if you still wanna eat :)

Get rid of temptation food and stock up on super low-cal snacks like 10 cal jello and lightly salted quakers rice crackers and... the best of all, low-cal healthy popcorn.


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