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Down 10 by '08! (~~join me~~)

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Having experienced a great loss today,  I recommit myself to a healthier lifestyle!!! 

No more Sonic
More water
No more "just one drag" from the bf's cig
More wogging/walking
Positive self talk

I have to do it.  I refuse to give in to the little voice I have been hearing lately, saying the most insidiously comforting things....   "I will do it after I take a break for the holidays...."  "It's only a month...."  "I will make it my resolution and stick to it....."  

I did it already.  I do not want to do it again.  I want to keep moving forward and get 'er done.  ( ;

Anyone out there who needs to get and stay motivated to NOT gain the average 7 POUNDS of holiday splurge gain?????  I would like to make it to 180 before New Year's/  That's my goal.  Anyone else?  ( :  
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Hi Oliva!! I hope everything is going ok. Sounds like you had a GREAT WOG today. I just love that name, "wog" -- it's fun to say :-)

Welcome stormsrun... that is my goal too - 10 lbs from where I am at now, by Jan. 1. It's gonna be tough for me I think.  My weight is not dropping as quickly now as it was when I first started. I am so close to a "healthy" BMI that I can smell it!! But I'm having some trouble getting there.

hey Amy,

   I think this goal is just the kick in the butt I need. You see, I lost about 40lbs between last winter and this fall, but over the past few months I've gained about 15lbs of it back, mostly in a binge/starve/binge cycle :-( However, I'm determined to quickly lose that weight so I can continue onto my goal of 125lbs by the spring. I LOVED how I looked and felt at 135 at the end of the summer, but I want to be even a bit skinnier than that. This time of year is tough for me, with tons of schoolwork & stress, but I'm trying to get to the gym nearly every day. I've been working on my abs a lot and have some pretty firm muscles under my belly fat, I just wanna get rid of that layer to show off my six-pack! lol....  Sooo yeah, I'm off to a good start, about a week without any major binging, I had one day where I had a mini-binge but it was mostly healthy food and nowhere near the extra thousands of calories I can pack on during a major binge, and one day of unhealthy eating, but probably didn't go over by too many calories, plus 4 days of perfect 1200-calories. I'm doing good today so far, made myself by a frozen lunch (Amy's Roasted Veggie Pocket Sandwich, 230 cals) to avoid going to the dining hall alone for lunch before my riding lesson, a time I've binged during several occasions. Since lunch is usually when I screw up and start binging, making it through that time will set me up for success for the rest of the day! I'll probably pick up dinner from Panera after my practice tonight. I hate spending money on food, since my funds are kinda limited right now, but I keep telling myself that spending some cash in order to keep my eating in line is better than saving money and binging on free food, right? I talked about it with my mom when I was home for Thanksgiving, and she remined me that I need to keep myself focused on my diet goals. So I figure spending some money on the foods I need to keep me in line is just part of that equation.

Haha, sorry for the crazy-long post... I got a little carried away with myself. Come on guys, we can do this!!!
I love wogging.  ( :  I did some ab work and push ups yesterday afterwards too when dinner was cooking.  Yay!

I had a teacher workshop today, so I am home early.  I will do more abs and push ups and clean house which has to burn a few cals. 

storm--I think we ALL have to do things for ourselves sometimes to motivate us and keep up going.  Making the dollar sacrifices seem small compared to body happiness sacrifices!!  No more binge/starve.  You deserve to take good care fo yourself, girl!

I'm in too!

No more fast food and no more soda. Trying to walk/jog at least 4 days a week and adding weights in 3 days a week. It's only been a few days, but I'm going strong for now!

Good luck everyone :)

Welcome to the new folks!!!

Hi Olivia!! **waves**

Olivia, the second link worked. But I didn't really like the format of the videos. For example, the yoga video is just different variations of the sun salutation. Hmm...

 I think I will just be a bad girl and download several videos and rotate them.

 I see some people with a list of goals just as Olivia wrote down on the first post of the thread. Should we all do this, see who has goals in common with us and kinda keep each other on track?

Also, was anything decided about the weigh in?


I think the deal is that we all need to weigh in once a week, and report how we're doing ... but people are free to choose which day is their weigh-in day.

Mine is Sunday.

As of 11-23-07, my goal was to lose 10 pounds by Jan 1. So far, I've lost 2.8 pounds (7.2 to go).

Of course, I just started my TOM, so who knows if I will lose anything by Sunday.... I stepped on the scale today for an USWID (unofficial sneaky weigh in day) and hadn't lost an ounce.

=^..^= MOLLY


Oh I see... I usually weigh myself every day and only record the weight on here once I reach a weight lower than my last record. I'll try and think of a day. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day =P

Happy 100 Days of Dieting to meeee .....

Happy 100 Days of Dieting to meeeee.........

Happy 100 Days of D ... I ... E.... TING ........

And Good Morning from MOLLLLYYYYYYYY!

** cheers and wild applause gratefully accepted! **

I posted about it here ... 81.html

=^..^= MOLLY

molly that was an awesome post! congrats on the changes you've made!

so i didn't weigh today b/c i went drinking last night. I only had 3 drinks (2 double rum and diet cokes and an AMF). We went to dinner and I didn't eat too much so taht was good. I also ran before we went out. So I'll weigh tomorrow and see how I'm doing. I've been stuck at 194 now for a while so I"m hoping I can drop closer to 193. I seem to stay at one weight, then drop like 2 or 3 pounds at once, then be stuck again. It's odd.

I am resisting the donuts in the breakroom today (the owners buy us donuts every friday). I successfully avoided them last week so I'm trying to do it again. I'm running again tonight, then taking tomorrow off so I'm ready for the CIM on sunday.

Congrats Molly!!! that link didnt work but I went kinda stalkish, went to your profile and found the post that way =P


Kt... also congrats for avoiding the donuts =) Just think that of all the other food you can have in exchange for that donut. I love pasta... so I always look at candy and count how much of a cup of pasta it translates too and see it's not worth it.

Or you can think of how much exercise is required to burn off a donut... That always works out against the donut =P

Molly- that post was incredible! You should be so proud.

Today marks my third day in a row of "perfect eating" as I like to call it. Ussually weekend are when I slip up, so I've tried to guard against that this weekend by buying my own food so that I can avoid the university dining hall, where I often wind up binging on unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to plan out nice meals, so I'm mostly stuck with lean cuisine & healthy choice frozen meals and canned soups, plus my usual breakfast of FF yogurt or Kashi cereal and fruit. I just want the weekend to finish without me failing to keep up the healthy eating, which will mark 5 days of "perfect eating," the longest stretch of time for me since I've started binging! I just keep reminding myself that I could give in to my cravings at any time, but the shame and depression that follows my unhealthy eating far outweighs any pleasures.

Okay - heading out to the gym, ttyl!
Original Post by mollymouser:

As of 11-23-07, my goal was to lose 10 pounds by Jan 1. So far, I've lost 2.8 pounds (7.2 to go).

OK, I lost another 1.8 pounds this week (not too shabby for having my TOM, huh?) That means I've lost 4.6 since this challenge started, with 5.4 pounds to go.

I'm a bit worried about this upcoming week since I will be out of town on vacation for part of the week. EEEK!

=^..^= MOLLY

Yay, count me in!


Started at 129, now at 122-121 ish...(even though this morning scale said 125, when I was 121 yesterday...WTF?)

 Anyway, semi-goal is 115, and I'd like to be 110 (that would be PERFECT!)

So...goal by New years I guess is 111....BRING ON THE STARVATION!

i didn't weigh again today (woke up super early for a relay marathon) so i'm anxious to see what the scale says tomorrow. I've been stickin at 194 for way too long now seeing as how i know i've had a deficit every day. my run today was great. did my 5.9 miles in about 70 minutes and it would have been faster if i didn't have to pee! so i was pretty happy. no more events for a while, thankfully, so i'll be able to relax a little bit and work more on strength training. so now i can just look forward to the scale!

Wow look at Molly go... You're already half way done with your goal for New Years. Geez!! Congrats =) Good luck during this week!

 Hey KT! So... did you break the 194?

 Congrats Storm! I know what you mean about being happy because you are going down but at the same time upset because you have been lower. It really does suck... Unfortunately that is how it has to be. We messed up, now time to fix it. 

I also finished the weekend well, but unfortunately after a couple of weeks of doing really well, I got the bottomless hunger feeling on Friday and I indulged it. The weekend actually took care of that and I am now back to the weight in which I started this thread. Boo!


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I hadn't committed to this thread for fear of failure, but I've been working at the 10# goal anyway since the thread started.  So far I'm down 2.8, leaving 7.2 to go in the next 4 weeks. 

Losing weight at Christmas! If we do it, here's to us!

pattikins- i'm on this thread but i can't lose weight haha. i'm here anyways!

luna- nope, i was actually at 195.something this morning. i'm pretty flippin annoyed. i'm droppin cals to 1200 a day now, w/ a 300 cal window. i've had a deficit everyday so i don't know why i'm not losing. i posted my weekly goals in my journal. i just have to lose some weight. as long as i am below 190 by 2008 i'll be happy, since at this point i can't seem to lose anything. here's to hoping.

congrats to all of you with your clean eating! i'm hopign to jump on that bandwagon too!

I was totally going to pick up a bog chocolate chip & m&m cookie, because I've been craving one SOOOOOOOOOOO badly... but then I made myself check in here and read a few posts, so I think I'll avoid the cookie. I'm going into the city to visit my grandpa, and I think part of me wanted to sabatoge my diet before I went in, so that I could have an unhealthy lunch with him and not feel too badly about it. Shame on me!
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