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I feel so discouraged.

For the longest time, my weight had been 102, 104 at the highest. Now its 108 and I don't know what to do. I've tried everything to go back down... I just feel horrible.


Anyone else get the weight gain blues? Or have any advice to help a newbie out?

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I hear you! I was once 103 and now I'm 110. I started the Cabbage Soup Diet yesterday. It's a 7 day diet that you can lose 10 pounds. My coworker has done it twice and lost about 9 lbs each time and hasn't gained it back. So I'm trying it out. It's kinda rough cuz I'm a daily sugary coffee drinker and the lack of sugar/caffeine has really gotten to me. To the point I didn't workout yesterday or today. Which sucks but I know I'm just adjusting. I hope you find a weight you are confident and happy with!

What are your stats, current exercise program and how many cals are you eating?  Was this weight gain sudden or slowly over time?  Has something changed in your life recently that can explain it?

Edited after researching your profile.  You are 15 years old and 108 is a healthy weight for you and probably on the lower end for your height.  Eat healthy foods and be an active teenager and stop trying to become unhealthy :(  Please!

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