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Diet Buddy! 220 lbs, 19 yrs old :)

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I've done the whole trying to lose weight thing before, and I did, but it came back, but now I think I really do have the motivation and what it takes to really make it happen this time. I was just in high school when I tried before, and I have been over weight my entire life. I'm in my second year of college now, and I know that if I really want to set myself up to have a great life that I am happy with and can enjoy living the way I want that I need to healthy! I mean HEALTHY, not just skinny, pretty, or to have people like me, I mean energetic and be able to hike and do other things I enjoy without having to catch my breath every five minutes.

Mainly, my point here is that I don't think I can do this alone. I don't have support at home and I have moved on from all of my friends in high school. So if we have similar goals and starting points and you would like a diet/exercise buddy to share with than please add or message me!

Height: 5'7"

Age: 19

Current weight: 220

Goal weight: 150

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Hi Rachel!   My name is Juanita and I am new too.   I know what you mean about catching your breath.   I have gotten to the point that I am depressed about my weight and it makes me very sad and depressed.   I am trying really hard to get motivated and I need support and motivation too.

Hi Rachel! My name is Rachel, too! We should be diet buddies. I had very similar starting stats; 5'8", 21, female, 225 pounds. Now I weigh 158.8 pounds as of this morning but I'd like to lose between 14 and 24 more pounds in the next 5-6 months. I'd love to support you in your weight loss! Send me a private message if you want any tips or anything!

Hello Rachel,

I am new to CC. When I got out of high school I went right to college where I reached my highest ever weight of 245ish. To be honest I completely stopped weighing myself and ate jalapeno poppers by the box and made smores every day. I made a change and got down to 145 at my lowest, which was very in shape for me as I biked an hour each way to work and then lifted during my lunch break. Anyways, I got married and started making all of these great, calorie filled meals, and now I am back up to 168. I am trying to lose about 15lbs to get to 155. Lately I havent been that motivated because I feel like I am not accountable to anyone. In fact, my husband encourages getting seconds and extra cookies. I think that it would be great to chat with someone or email with someone to keep each other motivated and give tips and advice!

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Hey Rachel hi I'm also 19 but I weigh 238 which is disgusting and embarrassing I'm 5'9.5 loosing weight is extremely hard plus everyone in my house r skinny and all they do is eat junk it stresses me out I'm thinking about being your buddy so we can motivate each other :)
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I'm proud of you for seeking support instead of quitting when quitting might seem easier - that's no easy task! I'm just under 5'6", almost 23 and 160 pounds. My goal is also to become healthy - not necessarily skinny! My goal is to reach 130 pounds in 3 months: on my 23rd birthday. My health and happiness will be my birthday gift to myself!

I would live to join you on our mutual trek towards health and happiness, and I wish you - and everyone - the best of luck in achieving this goal!

We are strong, beautiful and able - lets prove it to ourselves!

Best wishes, Meriel
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Wow! Thank you guys for such supportive words! I don't really have much support with this from my family, but everyone's replies and success stories really give me motivation :)


Hi there! I'm 18 and 240 pounds, my goal weight is 180. I'm also quite new here!

Hello everyone!

I am 5 9 and 20 years old. Started out 220, now 180, but my goal is 150-160. Yeah I would love to join you on the path to healthiness.  :D

I am new here too. I'm almost 34 years old. I'm 5-10 and weigh 255. I want to get down to 165 or 170. I have medical problems that won't allow me to get exercise. I have an active work life but when I get home I'm usually in pain. I've lost weight before with portion control and will be trying that again. I want to add walking when I'm feeling up to it. ;)


I'm 21, 5'9", starting weight of 211, current weight of 200. I got down to 182, but I gained weight back. I've kept off about 11 pounds for over a year, but I want to keep losing. My goal weight is 145. I would also love to give support/have support. :)

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Just start eating lots of fruits, vegetables, green smoothies and green juice.

Eat as much fruit as you want and as much green juice as you want

Hi All!
This is fantastic! I'm 220 and 5"6 21years old. i'm not depressed but fed up.. Let's do this thing together!! :)

me me me ! I'm 22 years old

current weight 213.4 lbs

my goal in agust :185 lbs I dont like to do more  exercies sometimes I have  got depression mood , few days same food no fruits I lost 15lbs at 2-3 months 

while I start I went to gym I did cardio 4/week but I get bored :( I'd like take a long walk when I feel good myself .)

we should be dietbuddy kisses;)

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Hey my names krittle and im 19 too :) im currently at uni and trying to avoid stacking on any extra weight. Im 185 pounds and 5"9 i would love soneone to buddy up with :)

Hey Rachel! 

I Just turned 22


225 lbs (and I've lost 25 lbs)

I'm always up for buddies if you're active on the sight :) I have lost motivation recently but I feel like I've wasted so much time so I need to get back into gear! So if you're just starting out and I've been on too long of a break then we'll have similar mentalities :) We both need motivation and we want to lose some weight!! :)

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