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what does 'curvy' really mean?

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OK, I hope I'm not completely weird asking this, but I really don't understand the definition of the word 'curvy.' It seems like people use it to describe someone who's not fat but chunkier than average. I don't get that. To me, 'curvy' should mean someone with curves, and to me that means someone who's slender. I don't see how chunky people have curves--I mean, I guess they can have, but there's a whole load of people who are really slender and have beautiful curves!! So why does 'curvy' connote plumpness?? Really, I'm confused!!
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i think the technical def of curvy is 'has boobs, butt and hips' and looks womanly or femenine. but people also use it like you said because they don't want to outright call someone fat or plump or whatever.  so by saying 'curvy' others get that the person has a little (or alot) extra.

right? *looks for reinforcement*
i'm not trying to offend anyone or be rude but i think it's a false security for some women. they aren't "fat", they are curvy. sounds better to everyone. although i've seen some women call themselves curvy. to me beyonce is curvy. she's thick but it's not flabby.
"i think the technical def of curvy is 'has boobs, butt and hips' and looks womanly or femenine." I totally agree with this statement. I am one of those so called "curvy" women. As I gained weight I kept my curves because of my body type (I'm a mesomorph). Basically I gained weight all over. If you really look at some women who are a little over weight they simply don't have any shape at all. I'm not trying to be rude either, but it's the truth. Some women carry all of their weight in their torso, and have skinny legs. Others carry it in their hips and thighs, and are thin or "flat" on top. I personally would NOT refer to these body types as curvy, even if they are a little plump.

Just to sum it up for myself: I may be a curvy girl, but I am curvy AND plump.... working on getting it down to just the curves!
Let's do the honesty thing for a second. Curvy is something we invented because we didn't like referring to ourselves as fat. Somebody once said "curvy" was sexy and we thought, "hmm, I'll take that, since I'm not thin, and I'm definitely round in places, so let's go with that."
But in reality, curvy essentially means someone with a tiny waist and hips and boobs that are larger in comparison to said tiny waist. Think Jessica Biel vs Nicole Ritchie. The real world curvy ideal is not a word for people who wear anything above a size 0 or 2.
I would like to think that I'm curvy, but the people, the magazines, the men and the women that say they prefer curvy girls aren't talking about size 8-10 me, they're talking about Christina Aguilera and Alessandra Ambrosio.
I'm sorry, but I disagree completely with those who feel that curvy is either a lie or something we "fat" people call ourselves to make us feel better.  That's rude and narrowminded and, quite frankly, completely lacking in historical context.  The "real world" is not the magazines.  I don't live there and neither do most of the rest of you!

Curvy is a description of a FEMININE figure.  Not stick thin.  A woman who has a waist, hips and breasts.  Now, you can be that at a size 0 or you can be that at a size 12... and there may be others as well.  It's about being feminine, NOT about being as skinny as you can get without dying. 

Oh to bring back the days of Marilyn Monroe and not the days of Twiggy!!!
I agree with the  "'has boobs, butt and hips' and looks womanly" definition but would like to ge off on a tangent about the whole thing.  I know none of the posters were using the words as insults but many do. I think that such emotional charged descriptions of different body types such as curvy, fat, voluptuous, or whatever should not be the way women define themselves.  While I'd like to lose weight let‚??s not forget that my desire is based on an arbitrary cultural norm and that body type or current body size has no bearing on any woman‚??s inherent worth.  That curvy had to come about to describe someone who is overweight because the descriptive term "fat" became a put-down is just awful in itself.  Why are the words to describe types of different people (ie, body size, race, gender, sexual orientation, ect.) used and often accepted as insults?

Just a random thought about all this
Connotation is a bitch.
I consider curvy to mean a small, defined waist in proportion to the rest of one's body, with more in the chest and butt/hips. Size is irrelevant, although it's more difficult to get that shape at a very tiny size or a very large one.

I‚??m Curvy!!

I‚??m 5‚??7, 150lbs (as of yesterday down from 160!!!! Yay!!!!) Not fat, not skinny like I was when I was 15.  Just curvy.  :o)

I don‚??t know my measurements exactly, but I am approximately 36B, 32, 40.
my little sister is "curvy". I envy her shape! she has a larger chest, tiny waist and a big bottom and hips. She is short though so she isn't satisfied with her weight right now but I think she'll still have a rockin, curvy bod if she decides to lose anything!
I see curvy as  girls with a little more meat in their thighs, breast, and butt area with a teeny waist.

When Seventeen magazine does their clothes bit, they always have a very overweight to obese girl under "curvy". In this case...I think they are using curvy as a euphemism because it sounds ALOT nicer than "Fat" or "Obese".
I have to agree with those that are saying 'curvy' is not someone on the heavy side, but someone who has a butt and boobs, but a nicely defined waist.

To quote one of my favorite songs (It's a pirate song from the renassaince festival :-P )

Nothing can compare with the natural curves I love.
Even when I‚??m sleeping it‚??s curvy girls I dream of
Curvy girls are lovely curvy girls are great
Curvy girls make me want to master‚?¶my own fate

So if you are out there looking listen to these tips
Find an ample bosom and some child bearing hips
An hour glass figurewith  all the curves just right
That‚??s the best thing in the world to keep you warm at night

And that is what I personally see as curvy.  Not someone that's fat, fluffy, plump, heavy or anything else that I have seen myself as (or have heard someone else define me as) over the last several years.  However it IS something that I'm getting closer to! ;-)
Marilyn Monroe was a size 14! I've heard it said that our sizes are different now, but still! She was definitely curvy. :)
Marilyn was 5'5" and 115-120 lbs. A size 14 from then is equivalent to about a 6 now. She had a 22 or 23 inch waist. However, she definitely counted as curvy...
Thanks for the stats, trustwomen!
You can't really be "curvy" and wear a size 0! Trust me on this one... I can wear a size 0 now because my hips are quite narrow (boyish and barely 32"), and I have no butt anymore. But a size 0 dress won't zip up over my breasts, which are B's.

If you fit into a size 0 dress, you are NOT curvy. A 32A is not curvy, and if you have a butt you won't be able to fit into a size 0 pants either.
P.s. I consider myself curvy on top only. :-)

Nobody would ever say my lower body was curvy. Sigh...
Ok, we need to stop this. Women are beautiful if they are "curvy" or not, fat or thin, we need to stop "defining" beauty in such a way that it makes us all depressed and self-critical, the way hollywood and the media portray 'beauty' is unrealistic and frankly, unhealthy. It's just as unhealthy to be severely underweight as it is to be overweight. Curvy means just that, curvy, as women we should be curvy with hips and thighs...that's the way we were made, we shouldn't have the figures of ten year old boys when we are 20 or 30 year old women. Yes, being at a healthy weight is great, but if you don't like yourself at 300 lbs, you will never truly like yourself at 110 pounds....the change is inside out, not outside in, we have to love ourselves and who we are no matter what the body on the outside looks like...I have to say that the responses to this post were not motivational at rant is done. :)
I totally agree, kristicro.   :)
Well said, kristicro! All women are beautiful regardless of body type, and it does start from the inside! : )
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