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currant, heaviest and lowest weight

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hi guys just wondering what how peoples weight has fluctuated.

im 5 4" and my heaviest weight was 168lbs about 2 and half years ago and my lowest weight was 126lbs last august when i got motivated to lose weight for a holiday. Im now at 146 lbs, i think the reason i put back on all that weight was because i quit smoking. Im now alot heavier and smoking again.

Would love to know your guys stories

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Ohhh noooo, theonly thing worse than an overweight person is an overweight person who smokes!  Before you worry about your weight you should stop smoking.  Congrats on you weight loss by the way.


My highest was 135 and lowest 126 my current is 128

if i see ONE MORE "oh, i'm 5"8 but SUCH A PIG and want to be down at 100 pounds" i'm going to SCREAM.

all others: congrats on joining and keep up the great progress!

I'm 5'5".

Highest weight: 185 lbs. (the Before pic is in my gallery)

Lowest weight: 128 (in college)

Current weight: 131

The 185 was right after my 2nd son was born. I've lost over 50 lbs since then! It's taken me abt. 20 months. Just trying to lose 11 more and then it's all maintenance!

Hey everyone,

I'm 5'4"

Highest weight: 153 (about 1.5 years ago)

Lowest: 109 (sophomore year in high school - took dieting too far)

Current: 132.

My goal is 120 for my wedding in June, but hopefully I will reach my goal a few months before then for my dress fitting. 

I'm 5'8
Highest weight - 170ish (i was 2 inches shorter at this point too, so my bmi was 27.4 at age 14)
Lowest weight - 121 (I looked the best I ever have, but I was completely depressed - I lost the weight waaay too fast and in a completely unhealthy manner, like 500 cals a day - but my bmi was still above 18 so technically I was not anorexic)
Current weight - 140ish, give or take 2lbs
Goal Weight - 120-125. I know, I was unhappy at this weight before, but this time I am going to take my sweet time at losing the weight, and hopefully keep it off. And this will be my final goal weight, whereas before I was aiming for 100lbs, bmi 15.

Highest weight:  320

Current weight:  199

Lowest weight:  199..never been under 200lbs. in my entire adult life until now. 


highest weight 200 <bout 2 months ago

lowest weight 155 <before i got maried >.<


current weight 190 something i havent weighed myself in a week :-D

5'7 lowest weight-87 lbs(cringe and yes, ED when I was only 13) highest weight-118 current weight- don't keep a scale anymore:) prob around 110-115

I am 37, standing about 5'11"

Highest weight: I am honestly not sure, guessing probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 pounds a couple years after my son was born.  I was not a happy person back then.

Lowest weight:  137 coming out of Air Force basic training at 18.  That was just AWFUL, I looked like a corpse!!

Current weight:  221... headed for somewhere in the neighborhood of 175-180.  I will know where I need to be, when I get there.

My lowest adult weight was 195, about 5 years ago before I was married. 

Highest weight ... 315 ... that hurts seeing it in black and white.

Current weight ... 268 ... and hoping to get down to 165-155, unless I get pregnant in the spring. 
Highest weight: 173, back in January. I can't believe I got that high while still mentally believing myself to be lower than that.

Lowest weight: 153, my current weight and it's dropping all the time. I want to be under 140 eventually.
My highest weight 238 in January 2007. I saw pictures of myself from the holidays and that was just the kick in the pants I needed! Just like emmylou, I believed myself to be MUCH lighter.

My lowest weight is (drumroll) 165, where I am currently! I'm 5'7" with an hourglass figure, so I'd like to get down to 145-150. I'm almost there!


Highest weight = 264lbs in Nov 06

Lowest weight = no idea, too long ago to remember!

Current weight = 189 lbs

Trying to get to the 160s (I'm nearly 5'9"), seems like a long way to go.



height: 5'1.5" highest weight, maybe 110 in may of this year lowest, 84 in 2004 currently i am around 92, and i'm aiming for 87.
I didn't own an accurate scale until a few years ago, but I would estimate that when I graduated high school I will guestimate as I believe that was my lowest.  So:

5'7"   27 yr. old female

Lowest:  150 (just a guess) - high school graduation

Highest: 205

Current:  174 

Even though I know I weighed less in high school and early college years, I didn't own a scale.  So 174 is what I'm considering the lowest weight "on record" for me.

Here's hoping I can make it to like 165 by Christmas!
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I'm 5'8"

and seeing as im still in high school...

heighest: 132

lowest: 117

current: 127

i am aiming to lose 7 pounds and then maintain from there....
Height- 5'8

Highest: 188
Lowest: 123 (in 6th grade!)
Current -140
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lowest weight: 152
Heightest weight: 171
current weight: 167

5'0 tall...

Highest weight: 123

Lowest weight: 100

current weight: 112 

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