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It all started yesterday when I bought a food scale.  My wife went absolutely nuts and yelled at me for twenty minutes.  Anyways I need your help in justifying or disagreeing with my actions.  I am not crazy with dieting.  My diet is just to use this site and watch my calories.  I got the food scale because I can never tell just how much cheese or meat I put on foods.   I almost always try to have a little bit of whatever the rest of the family eats.(very small portions of Hamburger helper, tacos, cheeseburgers, and pizza)  But in the end I always come under my calories.  It drive her nuts that I have to count my calories on this website to see what I can eat the rest of the day.  And to top this off she is trying to loose weight using slim fast.  Instead of eating normal healthy things during the day she has shakes and bars all day.(nothing against slim fast but here is the problem.)  Then supper time comes and she is starving eats a big meal filled with fats.  And to top off the evening she goes and drinks a few beers late at night.  And she is mad at me because I used to do these same exact habits.  I just feel like there is very little support or no support.
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I think a food scale is critical. I have finally gotten a really good digital scale, and it is absolutely necessary.

For one thing, I frequently find errors as to weights and measures on this site (for example, when a cup of something really weighs 80 gms, not, say, 56 gms., and therefore has more caleries.)

How can your wife not support you in this? Controlling your weight is a major factor in heart disease and diabetes. Does she want to live with the consequences of you not choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Food scales can be expensive, but they are totally worth it, and they do cost a lot less than they used to.

I am sorry to hear about your wife yelling at you for trying to do the right thing. I guess that's a matter of education and communication....


I recently bought a food scale and I'm really glad I did. I used to just fill my plate and eat it all. I haven't a clue what a healthy portion is. A couple of years ago when I joined another program, I said I would never weigh and measure. Well, I am now and I'm eating better for it.  In the slim fast case, I would think if I'm not getting enough healthy food, that is going to make me miserable, deprived, and just plain irritable. No wonder she gets angry with you. And change is a difficult thing. You are both changing but using different tools. Yours is making you feel good about yourself and her is probably making her frustrated. It's hard to admit when you've made a wrong choice, especially when your spouse has made a good one. Her pride may be a little damaged. Also it's hard to break away from traditions you have shared like Pizza night. maybe she really enjoyed that, but since you abstain she might feel guilty for still wanting it or hurt. I know I have a great deal of emotions revolving around food. Trying to lose weight is a very personal thing. I think a lot of us have some deep feelings about it. Being overweight goes straight to our self-esteem. Good luck to you. Vicki
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