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Couch-To-5k Motivational Thread

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Hey everyone!
So, i set this up mainly for those in my weight loss challenge, but anyone (runner or run-phobic) can join up for extra motivation to get out there and move!

Here is a link to the website for C25K:

Which also has pod casts for Ipods which will tell you when to start and stop jogging/running.
But, you can count in your head if you don't have an ipod, or you can just set small distances.
Perhaps, run to the next letterbox, then walk for two?
Or, run to the next power line if you live in the country like me! lol.

And here is a link to the program... I find its good to print it out and keep it on your wall, then you can put a tick on the runs when you have completed them: html

I will be running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and plan to begin next Monday (7th July) because i like the "orderly-ness" of starting on a Monday lol.

However, feel free to start which ever day you like!

Everyone needs motivation to work out sometimes :) so lets support each other to reach our goals!
Happy running everyone!
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Everyone is doing really good!

So, ran today - more running than walking.

I walked 2, then ran 4, walked 2 and then ran 3 act till the end.

I guess for c25k that puts me somewhere inbetween week 3 and 4.

My best time yet too, 32.18 mins. :) thats the whole 3.1 miles. :)

Feel very good about myself! :) just thought I'd share!

first - thanks olivia77 for the cheering! I appreciate it I do have to say tho that this attempt at walking has my wife and Nurse Pratitioner daughter driving me nuts. They think I'll drive myself into another heart attack. Frankly I don't see it that way at all. Walk/jogging is a great way to remove cholesterol from my system (along with diet and drugs of course...Laughing). And I'm getting a good calorie burn rate out of it as well so its a real boost. even tho I know the tables are wrong for me, I'm still not convinced that my F4 yields the correct calorie burn rates. Believe it or not my blood pressure is significantly lower after walk/jog than before! The activity must cause some interactions that reduce my BP.

OK - here is how it went this morning. Both disappointing and encouraging. disappointing in that I won't be able to follow a full couch to 5K program. My heart rate was getting to high and I was approaching anaerobic zone after 45 seconds or so of jogging. However HR recovered quickly (good drugs I guess, or is it good conditioning!) and I was able to sustain a good pace over a 3.2 mi route. I'll have to add jogging intervals more slowly as conditioning improves (think positive Bob!). As I suspected I am not normal (may never have been - but thats another story...Innocent). Overall I am encouraged. Today's jogging intervals were longer and more frequent than I achieved before and I think I can continue to increase it. Time will tell.

lozzle - great job! Keep it up. Don't ever give up. Say with your "Can Do" spirit I should annoint all you guys official SeaBee's (US Navy Mobil Construction Battalion's). Part of our motto was the "Difficult we'll finish tomorrow, the impossible takes a little bit longer!". That's the way you guys sound to me. So keep it up!

I finished my first week and will be starting week 2 today...I LOVE RUNNING.  I've never done it before, but I truly enjoy it.  For the first time in a long time I've been looking forward to excersizing.  It feels unlikely I'll be running for a solid 25 minutes in a matter of weeks, but it's almost like an experiments for me (follow the plan...see how I do). 

I think part of the reason I am doing well is because of the wonderful comradery and positivity of this thread.  Thanks to all and good luck to everyone!Laughing


T --  I am a teacher and a big sister.  If those two things do not make me a good cheerleader, nothing ever will!  ( ;

bob -- I love your motto and am stealing it for my school kids.  : D   keep it up, whatever level feels good to you and your heart....  it IS good for you, but you know the drill -- don;t overdo it.  I think it is is awesome you are getting out there after the heart attack and grabbing the bull by the horns!!!

YAY lozzle!!!!    I think you are kind of doing your own thing like I did, but that is the beauty of c25k --  it works for everyone......   keep it up, girl!!

miss juliebean -- I love experiments.   ( :   I like the way you are lookng at it.   I thought there was never a way I could make it 2 blocks, or to the next mailebox once upon a time.  ah hell -- I still have days like that, BUT I keep going.   Isn;t that the secret??????

Well today I'm dragging my lazy butt out of bed and going for a run while it's still cool outside!!  I'm repeating Week 3 since I've only been getting in two runs a week, but my goal is to get up every morning for the rest of this week and run.  I know I'm only supposed to go 3 times a week, but I think I'll do better if I get into a daily routine.  

Bob - you're brilliant and you'll get there. :) Thanks for the motivation!!!!!!!!!

Olivia - <3333 thank you!!!
Yeah, I'm sort of doing my own thing, but in a good way. :D

I'm running again tomoz and I'm going to do walk 2, run 4 - because my next week is run 5. AHHHH. I'll do it though, even if I sweat buckets!!!

Carrie - make sure you don't over-do yourself, I'm currently doing 3/4 runs per week though, so... I can't really say much. LOL. Just listen to your body!!!!

Julie - Well done, I really like the positivity on this thread too. It's really motivating. I really like running, I like that special me time, when nobody can do or say anything. It's a little half hour of bliss. :D
a half hour of bliss  (with sweat)

lol --- I like that!!

going to attempt to run tonight w/ a friend...will see how it goes....

good for you, jovi!  I would find a running partner (besides my awesome dog) a HUGE motivator!!!   having someone else who is counting on you to be there would get me out the door every time.  ( ;

I got in a great jog today after taking a rest yesterday and just riding the bike.   4 miles in less time than usual  -- it actually felt easy to keep going!!    YAY
wow - way to go olivia.

so, I'm thinking, I just took my dog out on the run I do - I don't run with him - last time I did he started chasing leaves and then stopping really quickly and I nearly ended up falling on my face!!!

So, I just walked him, and I don't walk slow,I walk pretty fast. the same route (asides from playing about on a field with his toy), took me 55 minutes. Makes me wonder how quick I'm going when I run, haha!

My run today was 32 minutes. :)

I'm looking forward to tomoz, running 4 mins straight each time, it doesn't sound alot, but it's hard work (in a good way)

It might sound odd, but I like to feel the sweat when running, otherwise it just doesn't feel like I'm working hard enough. the sweat on the back of my top is like a good indicator for me.

As horrible as it sounds....

jovi - :D I would LOVE  a running partner. I guess my mp3 player is as close as i'll get!
hey lozzle -- that is honest sweat.  I am proud of it!  ( :

you have a big dog?   Sugar is just medium, but STRONG and used to just about rip my arm off trying to get to a squirrel..... 

I got an anti-pull harness for her at WalMart.  works like a charm!!!   and really?  once you get any pup "trained" to just go with the flow (meaning your wishes), most of them are happy to get out on the road!    ( : 

raarrrrr I am so restless! I want to go running soooo badddd!!!

I dont want to push myself quite yet (today is one of the first days I am off the tylenol 3s for my wisdom teeth surgery, a little painful!!) but I think I may just go walking today and get the blood flowing a little.

I miss runningUndecided

everyone is doing great by the way ... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

mbeazley -- just wait!  you'll be out there soon pouding the pavement with us all! 

Had a great 4 mile run today.   ( :

juliebean- it's great to hear that you're enjoying running so early in the program!  It gives me something to look forward to!  Good for you!

It's great that some of you have found some running partners!  I'm still trying to convince my husband to join me (my friends laugh at me when I suggest that they start running with me Laughing).  My hubby used to be a big time runner and hasn't in quite a few years...hopefully I can get him to join.  Someone there to push me!

Everyone-thanks for the great support as always!

Just wanted to check in and say hello to all!  Have a great day and enjoy the running/jogging/walking....whatever you are doing today :)!  I'm going to hop on the bike since I ran yesterday....


I would love love love to have someone to run with!!!   If I could get the bf out on the road....oh, what a miracle...  he is convinced that 20 minutes 3 times a week on the Bowflex is all he needs..  Psha!

I am getting on the bike myself, julie!   I love that thing. 

Hi everyone!

Sounds like you're all doing well. I'm inspired by Bob. Good luck in your recovery. And mbeazley, I feel your pain. Wisdom -tooth surgery is no picnic.

I started running with neighbors this week, so I started back at week 1 with them. Monday I ran with one neighbor and we were really pushing it on the 1 minute intervals. I felt like I was running to keep up with her, but heard today that I ran too fast for her Laughing. Today I got to the track and found no one there. I busted my butt to get up early. I ride my bike in, while the others drive, and so I have to leave 15 minutes earlier than them to get to the track in time. Since I didn't have a running partner, I thought I'd move on to week 4, but didn't know the plan. So I made something up--run 3 minutes, walk 2. It's not the plan, but it worked. However, 30 seconds before I started the last interval, one of my neighbors showed up. So I just ran a minute with her. She's younger and more fit than me, so that minute was a lot faster than I'm used to.  But, hey, I'm finally learning to run. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I'd never once run a mile in my life. Can you believe it?

You guys are all so awesome! Congratulations you are doing great - just wanted to offer a few friendly suggestions that I have learned over my running 'career' to date

Mbeazley and everyone - you GOTTA have good shoes. I didn't think this was such a big deal when I started but really it is! Go to a proper athletics/running store and ask them to do an assessment. They can tell you if you are neutral or a pronator and give you good shoes that will protect you knees, feet and your lower musculature. Without proper fitting, supportive, cushioned shoes you are risking so many injuries that will stop you from running altogether. Even if you are only doing short distances at walk/run you still need good shoes. Every step you take running your knee has to take forces equivalent to 2 or 3 times your body weight. Be nice to them and get good shoes.

Tamarabee (?) Try the running club that's how I got started and it's brilliant. There will be a beginner group and you will not be at the back of the group. It's fun, social, the motivation from running with others is brilliant and you will train properely which will have massive benefits in terms of speed and stamina in the long run. I started in the C25k group equivalent in January, now I am rocking it with the intermediates

I'm not sure who mentioned it but you shouldn't really run more than 4 times a week - you need to give your body time to recover - especially after long runs!

You guys are all doing so great! Keep it up!

For those of you doing this for weight loss - I just broke the official 20lb weight loss mark (and that's with muscle gain) so boy does it work - and with the weight training it's not just your legs, I've lost those awful bingo wings (flabby arms)! : )

secret to non -flabby arms, himantura?? 

GOD--  I still need help with that one despite the Bowflex and lots of pushups!  ( ;

*pops head in*

Hi, guys! I'm not new to CC or C25K, but I'll introduce myself here. I'm Lauren, I'm 19 and I am now addicted to running. Even if I don't feel like exercising, I'm always up for a jog! Shocking, considering how lazy I can be sometimes. :P

I just got done with W5D2, and I feel great. I can jog 8 minutes 2x over now...woah. Friday is gonna be SCARY...20 minute jog nonstop! Surprised

Good luck guys...I mean, ladies!

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