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This is REALLY COOL!!! Search pictures of women by measurements/pant size

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I have found a few WONDERFUL websites today that have totally changed my ideas on my goals.  The first is Curve Appeal. You can actually search pictures of women by their measurements!!!  And, another one (which I've submitted pictures to) which is

Have you ever wondered what you might look like at your goal, or what you look like right now?  Some of these pictures are of models, but I'm tall and have similar measurements to "plus size" models.  40-32-43  So, I can put in my measurements, and look at women with the same measurements!  It's quite empowering. 



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This IS really cool. I don't know why no one is commenting on it. I bookmarked both of these  sites :) thanks for sharing

Hey that mybodygallery site is great! Thanks for sharing its really useful! :)


So awesome to see all of it!

aw mybodygallery didnt have anyone that matched my body stats.. and curveappeal just made me feel bad for having a boyish

one thing i will never understand is all this "girls! love your curves!" obsession...i mean why do you curvy girls even need to be told to love them? at my high school, the hourglass girls were the hot and most popular ones...we had tons of tiny skinny girls but they weren't the "queen bees" by any means. ive found that pretty much all truly sexy women have curves. yeah some celebrities are sticks but those aren't the ones who are drooled over...look at the big sex icons; marilyn monroe, beyonce, megan fox...all curvy. all the curve-themed sites and whatnot just depress me because i will NEVER have curves--it just isnt my body type. and its frustrating when curvy girls take it for granted!

sorry just had to go on a rant. dont mind me :)

Great site - though one comment: the sizing is wrong


US to UK is always +4 (not +2 as in the link)

So a US size zero would be a UK size 4

US size 10 would be a UK size 14 etc.


So I guess if one wants to be "accurate" - exact measurements are the way to go.

How neat!! :)

A while back I found this: px?endpoint=personalize

It lets you create your own little model from height and weight and personalize it.

It's nice to see models with curves but sadly many of the photos are photo shopped and I'd have loved to have seen normal, non model women. Working in advertising I have seen the unbelievable difference  between real and "made up"...

I'm just starting to like the shape of my new body and after looking at the women on curveappeal I think I realized that I needed that as a kind of final affirmation for me. I feel much better about myself after going to the site. I'm definitely  favoriting/bookmarking it for future references.  

Great links, thank you!!

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