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I did it before...I have lost 50 lbs...I have kept that off..but I have fallen off the wagon...for pretty much the whole summer/ early part of the fall. I am trying to re-commit myself to myself..but I can't convince myself that I am worth it. I try to tell myself that I am but then I just start to think that I'm not..that I am not fooling anyone. Like if I want to eat something not good for me, I will tell myself that it isn't good for me and that my body doesn't need it. That works for about a minute and then I start to think that well my thighs are fat now and if I eat said food my thighs will still be fat, I have worked out and eaten right and my thighs are still fat so whats the point...I shouldn't deprive myself anyways. So I eat whatever the temptation is at the moment and then I feel guilty and say I won't do it again, that I am worth it, but then I do it again. How can I convince myself that I am worth it, I am worth losing the last 30 lbs and I am worth being healthy and most of all, I am worth being loved?

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I know you are worth the work you have put into yourself in the past. You can't keep those ugly thoughs and ways of thinking rolling around in your head. You have to get it out of your head. I had to learn how to love me for me, and embrace the things I could not change or control. I can change my weight, and I can leg press until I can't walk, or I can keep my program solid, and it's hard by the way, but I keep on pushing on to the highest power. I do me, and I don't let my thoughs out do me and send me down a road of madness or mad thinking.

You lost 50 pounds, and thats effing great and you relaxed during the summer. SOWHAT! You address the problems, and you know what you are facing, and I tell you this. Don't let those last 30 pounds make excueses for you. Run the best race you know how to run, because we all aren't perfect, and the weight loss isn't going to be easy either. It's hard work and beating yourself up is the easy part of it. Getting up and getting focus again is the hard part. I know if you can do this with 50 pounds- then surly you can do this again with the last 30. Stop letting those last fat pounds tell you- you can't when you know damn well that you can.

Maybe, as you're posting in the motivation forum, take a look at some other threads and find some inspiration, there's lots in here!

If you want to lose weight to feel better about yourself, maybe try remembering back to when you lost the 50lbs and think about how you felt about yourself then.  Were you more confident? Did you feel more attractive? You can feel like that again.

Also maybe have a think about what it is you want from weight loss.

Losing 50lbs is amazing! But sometimes if we've done it before we know a) how hard it was but also b) why cant I just do it again?! :-

Find realistic goals to work towards and praise yourself along the way.  Dont make it all about restraint, denial and punishment.

I know it's hard! Seeing little progress and having patience is one of my big pitfalls :-s gaaah.  But you know if you did it before, you CAN and WILL do it again.

I think it's all about attitude. Losing weight means you change your lifestyle; at least that's what i meant for me. I lost 40 lbs REALLY slow (2.5 yrs) and went from obese to almost ideal weight.  i also changed my habits drastically, starting wt what i eat (or don't eat) and wt what i do. Hubby's been here for me ...and loves the new person which appeared under my old obese one.

If you don't have REAL reasons to stay at a certain weight , you won't. It's a lifestyle change we have to face; I know I cannot eat deep fried things and I don't even want them; I know I cannot eat sweets either except on very special days, and it's NOT a problem for me.

But I also know I am healthy and happy and can do whatever I want. I am sexy and loved and I enjoy my life.

Re-read your journal entry.  See what you have become from the successful weight loss alreadyLaughing.  You are at one of the hardest stages of life, never mind your weight loss journey.  I have a daughter your age and I don't envy you guys with the pressures you have to deal with.  But sweetie you are so WORTH having this for yourself.  Just keep telling yourself it is all about self-control.  Once you conquer self-control, nothing can stop you (Don't be like me and wait to learn that at 47 :().  You are a beautiful young woman who deserves everything life has to offer.  Good luck to you!!!!

In all honesty, no one else can tell you that you are worth it.

Only you can. That is why it is called self worth.

Either you want to picture yourself in a happier, healthier state of mind or you don't.

I am almost sixty and very committed to exercise and eating well. I want to spend my next thirty years or more (hopefully) going places and doing things with friends and family not in a bed in a nursing home.

Don't think about weight. Think about building your bones with weight bearing exercise, improving your skin, hair and nails - even your vision, with better food choices. Breath deeply, increase your lung capacity. The weight will follow.

Good luck on your journey, one step at a time.

Lose a pound a week and keep it off. You wil be 52 pounds thinner by this time next year, and I bet a whole lot healthier.


Just in case you can't convince yourself that you are worth it, I'll tell you! You are worth it! A healthy life is worth it.

Congrats on your previous weight loss. You know you can do it! I think alot of us have those moments when we indulge because we think.."Hey, I am fat anyway, so why shouldn't I eat that brownie."  I think its something to just get past. Look at the big picture and see yourself how you want to be. You will get there. I see in your journals and previous posts that you are searching for that special someone. You probably get tired of hearing it, but you are young, and guys your age are not necessarily looking for real relationships. ALOT of them are jerks. They haven't really grown up yet and they don't know a good thing when they see it. Don't let that fact determine your self worth. You are worth loving regardless of the fact if you are dating someone or not. Love yourself and be good to yourself. The rest will happen. 

this isn't going to convince you just by reading it, but i found it yesterday and it's going up by my bathroom mirror. I actually found it on david kirsch's website, which has a lot of good stuff on it:


“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be?”

Nelson Mandela, 1994

Okay, well, maybe you are just PMSing right now and feeling crappy.  I do that myself.  I get down, and say things I don't really mean, then look back a week later and think "what was I thinking?"  I read your bio.  You need to re-read it too-the part about who you are now.

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