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I've seen those computer generated images of what you would look like at one weight and then at another weight.  I saw a really cool shot uploaded of jawild who has similar goals and a similar lifestyle as I do.  I've seen them on other member profiles.... how can I do this?  This would be a great motivational tool for weight loss for me I think.  While I know it won't have my body, it will be cool to see an example of what I look like at my goal weight again since it's been so long!
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go to  It's My Virtual Model.  You can look at what you would be at a lower weight.
I think the link is    :) 

I believe you have to save the pic on your computer in order to download it into your profile.
Thank you to the both of you!!!  I can't wait to do this!!
So you can't actually upload your own picture then?  It's just a simulation of someone else that you create?
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Quality. Kept meaning to ask this, but one problem..... I am a blokey.

Any ideas please?
same site roj..  you tell it you are a blokey..  uh.. man...
I tried one of those before but the model doesn't ever come out looking like me. It stores most of the fat on the models stomach, and she comes out with some what okay legs and really thin arms. My stomach isn't really that big, but I have lots of fat in my thighs and arms....
I was able to save the picture of the model by right clicking on the image and going to "save as" and saving it on my computer.  The only real problem I had is that the program they use only allow a max of 350 lbs for the model, so if you are over that weight, you are going to have an inaccurate photo.  What I did was maxed it at 350 and put a little note that it is my '350 lb photo', which means when I lose about 50 lbs from my starting weight (actually a little over 50).
No, I know you can save the model, I've done this with success and even changed the bathing suit, but I guess I thought these were virtual models of me... I thought I could upload my own picture and the computer program would generate a simulation of how I could look.  The virtual model looks nothing like my body, even as I played with the settings.  My chest is much bigger, my body is much more athletic, I have very shapely legs with a sweep as us fitness gurus like to call it.  This would be a great idea for a programmer to create something like this... I will suggest it on the calorie-count website!  While it was fun to create the virtual model, it's not really me...

And I felt very bad when I told a friend of mine who is very much overweight to use the site (to help her with her motivation to lose weight) and she tried to create a model but the site spit out that there were no weight loss combinations in the system to match hers.  In other words, she was too heavy for the simulation to work for her.  I felt terrible because it made her feel worse about herself than she did before I gave her the link to do her own model.  UGH.

I was entertained by the virtual model, but I wish it was really me that I could upload.  I have a ton of ideas for a site like this...

Thanks again...
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okay, bumping an old topic because I've been fooling around with the virtual model site, trying on jeans and such, and getting fits at levi strauss, one pair of jeans say 2 short, the other say 7 can there be such a huge discrepancy when they're both the same brand of jeans?! I'm not American btw so sorry if this sounds dumb...but why does one pair have odd sizes only and one have even sizes only?

I don't know if this is the reason, but I have heard that Juniors sizes (teen/young adult) are odd sizes and women's are even sizes.  Could it be that one of the pairs of the jeans is from the juniors department?

Also, if the 7 (the odd one) is from the juniors department, that might explain why you need a bigger size than in women's.  I notice this for me as well.  4 women's 5/7 in juniors
This should be in the FAQs, people ask this a way too much!

I used My reults turned out great, very realistic and it helped me lots :) haven't reachde my goal yet but I'm down 12 lbs! Good luck! ex.php?id=

You can upload your picture to this site.

brilliant for bumping this topic as today I wanted to do one for myself and had no idea how to do it :)
Let me try and give a report on my findings. xx

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There's a new service at that is very realistic and only costs $9.95. Try it and let me know what you think.

You may have missed the body shape part, you can select hour glass, pear, or box shaped body, it sounds like you had it on box shaped

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