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For every comment I'll do 5 minutes of cardio.

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Inspired by soontobeskinnyy's crunches topic.


Starting to feel guilty after comsuming 1500 cals last night at dinner and another 1000 this morning, so it's time for some compensation.


I've got an appointment this morning then I'm heading to the gym in a few hours. I'll check this thread before I leave. In addition to the hour I already plan to do, I'll do an additional 5 minutes on the rowing machine/exercise bike/stair stepper for every post I get.


I'm going to the gym tomorrow as well, plus I can play DDR if I have the energy in the evening.

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LOVE it! haha Enjoy!

It's easier to heap that extra 5 on you than myself so go get'em tiger!

I hope you get this in time.  Happy sweating!!

get to it lol good luck

Drop and give us 5 more

Funny!  What a great idea :)

At this rate you could possibly still be in the gym until tomorrow morning! :)

Lol "anginwi"...I was thinking the same thing! Laughing

I hope all this exercise doesn't kill you!

take five from me! ;D


5 from meLaughing 

Keep On!!  ;)

how's about 5 for your next workout too :D

Add another 5 minutes to Wednesday. LOL

that's 3 hours for you :)

will do an extra 30 mins on my Wii exercize machine.

Do 13 minutes for me. 13 is my lucky number :)
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Never feel guilty when you have a slip. The important thing is to pick yourself up and move on from that moment.  When a person has a heart attack, most often it's not the attack that  kills them but the amount of time that lapses  between the attack and getting help that makes the difference between life and death.

If the challenge is still going here is another 5 minutes! You can do it!

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