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140/130 club

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Anyone in this grouping looking to drop from 140 to 130's.  We can all use support.  Today I am focusing on all the food groups.  Exercise would be good, but I won't be able to since I am working from 9 to 10:30.  A Super long day.  I hope I can stay focused, when I pass the fast food chaines on my travels today.
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anyone know, do we have to "sign up" for this new site?
okay this is kinda weird (i signed up)  guess it will just take some getting use to? ugh...
Bridgette - so when you "sign up" does it have all your information already?
Hi Everyone!

I am so glad to have found this! I am just starting my weightloss journey, and am trying to drop from 149 to 130. I am trying to consume about 1500 calories a day, and to get in as much activity as possible, although regular workout are difficult with my schedule. (I commute from Sea to LA for work every week)

Good luck to all of you, and thank you for being such an inspiration!

Hi gals,

My weight is up .8 from Monday to 136.8.  Ugh....but it is that time of the month, perhaps that is the cause?  How much weight gain should one expect to see during "that time"?  Oh I wish I could be "stuck" at 134 or 131 like Vicki and Brigitte.  hahahaha.

Welcome Brandy - Good luck!  regular work outs will probably be the clincher.  The thread in the last two pages discussed people's fave DVD workouts.  Maybe pick one of those up and do a workout at home?? (I personally am a gym girl, but i'm still young and dont have children, so I got the time).

BTW: I resent the "oldies" comment Vicki.  (j/k) Relatively speaking, I'm still a newbie on this thread.

Regarding the new site. I'm gonna let you guys try it out, and report back about using it. I'm one of those people that gets confused with change, so I tend to stick to the old familiar routines. But if the new site is better, I'm all for it.

Happy Happy Birthday Tina!
Brianne - no harm was meant, I was just joking.  LOL  can't help on TOM, I have't had a period in like 6 months, pre-menopausal (SO DON"T MESS WITH ME).  I have a daughter close to everyone's age pretty much, other than Joan (I think).

Brandy - try the libary for different DVD's and see how they work for you, everyone is different.  Some of us have Turbo Jam, Slim in 6 and Prevention DVD's.  I have been slacking on the DVD's and wogging (walk/jog), got this from a walking forum I saw.  thought it was funny.

I tried the new site, need more time to figure it out.  At work right now, hiding.....  LOL

vicki glad you figured it out :) this is definitely weird to me lol.   i will look back in a minute and see what else i missed..  gotta eat lunch now..  (just got home from grocery shopping)

errrrr..  since no one has posted since i left to eat lunch (not that long ago) i am editing this..  errrrr..  okay i am just gonna spit it out.. i just totally LOST CONTROL of my intake.. errrr..  i made a total impulse buy at the grocery store,  a big bag of ruffles, and a jar of french onion dip..  errrrrr..  so i got home, put the cold groceries away, so i could get lunch. left the chips and dip out..  thought okay i can do this, i can eat a couple chips and some dip, no biggie.. OH HECK NO..  what do i do?  while i am cooking my lunch, i start munching on the chips and dip, before i knew it half the jar was gone, and a ton of chips.. errrrrrr..  i ate my lunch, and started back in on the chips/dip..  i literally had to walk it out to the dumpster and THROW IT AWAY..  talk about one heck of a cheat day..  i honestly thought i could control myself and just have a couple..  i now know better..  so i am sure with the calories and the sodium i am going to be way up tomorrow :(  errrrrrrrrrrr... *KICKS SELF IN BUTT*

aww brigitte, sorry to hear about your unfortunate encounter with the chips, but you know what, dont be so hard on yourself.  It was ONE time.  And, you've been so good these past few weeks, it's about time you treated yourself.  =)  Gotta enjoy life sometimes right?

If it makes u feel better, I had two hershey's kisses for snack today.  Total empty calories, but i've discovered that just one kiss is only 23 calories!!! Yay!

So on this note, sometimes, i feel as if I obsess about eating too much.  (note, this is just a reflection on me and is not meant to be a reflection on anyone else in this thread).  I look in the mirror and think, oh, if only I lost this much more weight, I'd be perfect. My fiancee says that I look great and am very thin, blah, blah, blah.  He even mentioned, although jokingly, that maybe I have a disorder. You know, where you hear about people who are 95lbs. and think they are fat.  I dont think I have this disorder at all, and never have been anorexic or bulemic (I love food too much).  But, I am very discontent about my weight and always seem to focus on the negative about my weight instead of the positive, like hey, I'm only 136.8 lbs., yay!  That's a healthy weight for me.  I think more like, yuck, look at my back fat or my fatty thighs, if only I was 10 lbs. lighter, I'd look great!  Hmm, any thoughts? Do we obsess too much?

Also, found a good post about the new website HERE.  Think I'm gonna try it out. Sounds like it has great new tool additions.

i agree with you completely Brianne.. i do obsess about eating too much..  so maybe i do have a type of eating disorder..  just not live threatening like anorexia/bulimia...  once i get to maintenance weight and can stay in that area (give or take 5 lbs, cos you know eating out/special events do happen) i will be just fine, sometimes i just question my decision to go ahead and go to the 125 my doc said i could go to. i mean, after all it IS just a number..  i just hate whats left on my stomach and my inner thighs..  but maybe if i worked more on toning, and attempted to say maintain 130? i would be happier? instead of trying so hard to reach that magic number? i like the way i look.. i AM thin.. just those problem areas that keep me pushing myself to that magic number..  (i, in no way, think you meant me Brianne, but i totally relate)

what does everyone else think..??

Brigitte...If you're happy where you are then you really have to evaluate why you want to go lower....Instead of trying to lose more wgt, why not just try to tighten up what you have?  I mean really push the wgt training...LOL I'm sure you were expecting me to say that!  Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I don't care if I don't lose another lb!  I look good and I feel good...I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens...I'm not obsessed with keeping my intake at 1200 any longer...I've even been having some 1300 days which for me is a miracle considering when I started back in Jan I wasn't eating anymore than about 800...Now exercise is the key...

Quick story...tonight at the gym I was setting up the cables and a girl I occasionally chat with came over and asked where my other half was...I reminded her that I'm single and she said, "No, I mean the other half of you!  Every week you get smaller and smaller."  Now I haven't really lost more than maybe 2-3 lbs in weeks and weeks...but the inches are disappearing....

I still have jiggley upper thighs, a saggy butt, and gargantuous knees...but maybe that's how it's gonna be...So, I just keep working out and trying not to over indulge and hope for the best....And if the best is what I have now, so be it! 

Talk about obsession!  I've found myself weighing myself on both of my scales in the morning and counting the number of grapes I put in my salad!....Eating disorder???  Probably....but so was some of what helped me get to 177.5 lbs! 

Funny thing is, I know I could easily lose another 15-16 lbs but it wouldn't be a healthy way....I would lose muscle for the sake of a lower # on my scales...

Maybe it's time for you to give your body a dieting rest, eat sensibly, and lift those wgts, and let the rest take care of itself...


Brianne and Bridgette - I feel the same way, guess thats why I haven't really been counting calories much.  I have been between 133 - 135 the last month or so, wanting to get to 129..... but thought why am I killing myself, life is too short so enjoy but in moderation.  I am sure I was driving everyone nuts for awhile - everytime we ate or went somewhere it was like - god how many calories, or how long do I have to workout to justify eating this.......   my clothes are lose, dropped 3 sizes, I am healthy and feeling great.....  sorry about the babbling!  LOL

Joan - nice for someone to notice!!!

Hi everyone! 

Vicki:  Isn't is nice to finally realize that the number on the scale really doesnt mean all that much now that we've made such progress!  And if you were babbling, then I musta been guilty of an entire Shakespearian soliloquy!

I'm kinda thinking of maybe blowing off the gym tonight in favor of some shopping!  My left lat is still really pinching and tonight is suppose to be an upper body night and I'm not sure that's such a good idea since it really hurt the other night when I did upper....But on the other hand I could go and just do shoulders, traps, bi's & tri's and then the elliptical & treadmill...Yikes what a dilemna!

Hope everyone is having a healthy FRIDAY!

Joan - it was like the light bulb just went off....  DUH!!!   I still want to lose 5 more pounds, but not going to stress over it.  Hubby was kinda surprised I said I wanted to lose more, I realized it was the stiigma of being in the 120's.    My choice would be shopping, but I love to do that, no dilemma for me   LOL

morning all :)   looks like we are all coming to the same conclusion.. i am thinking it is probably a good idea to work on maintenance.. but i am going to finish up week 4  of my plan and see where that takes me... after all, i did pay for it, haha..   and its helping me with the protein, right..  so i am not gonna stress if i dont make it to 125.. going to TRY to concentrate more on the toning.  so far today, i went for a 30 minute brisk walk (basically the best i could do with an umbrella stroller and a 40 lb kid in it lol).. and i am going to do: 

normal intensity lunge, normal intensity bent-over row, normal intensity overhead press, and normal intensity pushups

gonna post the directions on HOW to do them in my journal in case anyone else wants to try em..  and joan take a look please, tell me what you think.. 

i will do those on friday, sunday, and tuesday..(this is the mon/wed/friday of my plan since my plan starts out on friday instead of monday)  with a brisk 30 minute walk.. then on saturday, monday, and wednesday(this is the tues/wed/sat of my plan) i will do tummy toning - balance, plank, bridge, and twisting crunch..  then next week i am suppose to move up to a higher intensity.. i will post how to do that then, if i feel i can move up to that higher intensity..  (i am also suppose to change out the weights, friday basics, sunday, lighter, and tuesday heavier.. but i only have the one set of weights..) and on the sat, mon, and wed i am suppose to do an interval walk  (4 min brisk walk/30 sec of speeding it up ..  this week is 4 "reps" of it, total 18 minutes walking)

Bridgette - holy cow!!!   you are a working machine, did this go along with the menu plan from bodyscience?
nope lol. i got it out of a little magazine they sent when i subscribed to womens health.. i put the direction in my journal.. now i gotta move my butt and actually do the one for today, ha..
I was just looking at your journal, funny those are all the exercises I learned going to the personal trainer. I hated doing that plank, have you tried in on your side yet?

lol noooooooooo.. i just started.. planks are tomorrow.. and the direction dont show a plank on the side lol..

 okay so i got the body shaping ones done.. didnt take long at point logging em, right?  lol.. but my arms definitely feel it,  when i was doing the overhead press my left shoulder kept popping, ouch.. and i was only able to do ten of the pushups haha.. which is why i think i will be doing week one for a couple of weeks lol.. 

anyone know how this "calorie coach"works?? cos it gave me a thumbs down for today :(  boooooooo hisss boooooooooo...

Yeah, what is up with that calorie coach? yesterday I was thumbs down, today I'm thumbs up.  I have no idea what that means at all.  It also, (sadly) told me I'll reach my goal (which I think may be 125) by January.  I wanted that goal in November for my wedding (*said in a whiney voice.*) hahahah.  Whatever.  I agree, we probably all look really thin and great and I betcha there are people that would love to get down to "our size."  I'm glad we've collectively decided to appreciate the weight we're at, but, of course it would be a bonus to get down to that ultimate goal.  If only to reach the 120's (even if its 129.9) just to prove it to myself, it would be nice.  =)  And Joan, I can totally emphasize with u, as we all probably can....I too count my grapes, and my nuts, and everything else. It's sooooo obsessive, it drives me bananas! 

Brigitte - Planks seem hard at first, but after a while they get easier. On this new calorie count..they've got an exercise tab with a 12 week weight loss program.  I started it yesterday, but started at week 2 since I think I'm a bit more advanced in the exercising department (but no where as near advanced as Joan).  They have pictures of some of the excercises and stretches.  In the dynamic abs exercise, they show pictures of side planks, in case anyone was interested. 

So I weighed in yesterday at the gym at 136.  Down .8 from the day before, but still not down to my lowest weight of 134.6.  Gonna head to the gym at the end of the day, and am hoping the trend continues downward.  Happy Healthy Friday ladies!

This exercise fanatic has decided to take the night off and go shopping!  Kohls is having a sale and I need new pants, again...the 6's I bought a couple weeks ago are baggyand the waist and sliding down my hips...They must be making sizes bigger than they use to cause there's no way I can wear a 4...I brought a few pairs of 4 down out of my attic from about 5 years ago and they're way too tight to be worn in public!  so I don't kno what's goin on...All I know is I have exactly 3 pair of pants (bermudas acutally) that fit me....Can't take much time in the store cause my dog is home waiting to go out...I feel guilty making her wait, but not guilty enough to go all the way home, 25 miles, to let her out and then drive 25 miles back to town...So I won't have time to break the bank in the store!

Brianne...Yay on being down .8!  every .x counts...LOL that's why I bought a new scale that weighs in .2 instead of my old one the only went to .5! 

LOL and I told my daughter she can have my old one so I'll stop obsessing and weighing on both of them every morning!

Oh yeah,,,,forgot to mention that my younger daughter and her boyfriend are coming for a visit on 8/30 (Thurs) and will stay til Sunday evening!  ......and the excitment builds....

Ok, almost time to leave work... Hope everyone has had a healthy day... 

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