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140/130 club

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Anyone in this grouping looking to drop from 140 to 130's.  We can all use support.  Today I am focusing on all the food groups.  Exercise would be good, but I won't be able to since I am working from 9 to 10:30.  A Super long day.  I hope I can stay focused, when I pass the fast food chaines on my travels today.
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Yeah, I'm going from 140 to 130 too. well, 147 to 130 to be precise. I just broke the 140 barrier a couple days ago after a couple months of hovering at 142... wheeeeeee!
That is a superlong day at work, maybe you could fit in a short walk or something at lunch for exercise?
and don't let the fast food lure you in! stay strong!
Wow, lovinlife!  That's exactly my goal.  147 to 130.  Right now I'm at 143.  Good luck! 

You'll do fine timbergrove.  You'll feel way better if you haven't eaten any junk food when the day is over.  It'll solidify your confidence.  :)
i'm at 140 looking to 130
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This my sounds a bit cliche.   But if you want to go from 140 to 130, excercise (plus lack of junk food) is the way to go!  I started my freshmen year of college at 140 and rode my bike everyday for about 40 minutes and i went to 120!  I dieted before but i always seemed to hit the plateau of 140 and stopped there.  It seems my body type only allows me to be 140 with a pretty sedentary lifestyle. 
i am also at 143 trying to go down to 130... it seems like i have stuck in the 140's for SO LONG... : /
Wow, I feel ya.  I've been jumping around between 144 and 148 for a looooooooooooong time now. 
Yay! I didn't know there were so many people in the same range as me here. I'm currently 143 (I've been bouncing between 140-145 for the past few months) and my goal is 130.

I've been eating between 1300-1600 cals a day but haven't been losing so I'm really going to concentrate on getting some good exercise in and hopefully that makes the difference!

Good luck everyone!
My first goal is 130! I am 137 right now, finally out of my overweight range! woohoo! My end goal is 120 though. I've still got a little while. WE can do it though!

Carastar exercise will help in so many ways! you'll feel wonderful in your body and your weight will drop off but make sure you eat enough! it's important to remember to supply your body with the energy it burns while exercising!
I want in too! It took me about a year to get out of the 150s.  After I found CC I got out of the 150s after about a month.  A week ago I got to 146.  I felt so good and my pants arenā??t tight but my goal is 125 because Iā??m only 5ā??1ā?.  Last week I didnā??t check in to CC at all and this morning I weighed in at 147.  Iā??ve got to stick with this program or Iā??ll be in the 150s again in no time. Help,  Help, Help me control my food intake and drink water! 
I'm also in this boat.  Definitely stuck at 145, hoping to drop to 130 before the cold weather hits.  
Cool - I'm also at 143 looking for 130.  I started at 150.  I'm slooow.

Okay okay - it's 9:24 already and I have to do some work but I'm inspired to exercise before exhaustion hits.  So a work-out video tonight it is. 

What's everyone doing for exercise tomorrow?  Come on people, some accountability here!  Commit to something and we can take it one day at a time together - whattaya say?
I flexuate between 146-144, but my goal is 130.  I've been working out like a crazy. 
Burn 300 cals. on my Gazelle Edge tomorra, and hopefully walk 2 or 3 miles around the nextdoor park with dad.
Yay!! This thread is perfect. Like a few others on here, I started at 147 and my goal is 130. Well, it WAS 135, but I'm almost to that goal, so I decided to change it to 130. But really I'd be happy with anything in that range. :D

Tomorrow's workout will probably be 50 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of yoga, and...hmm, I think that's it. I gotta rest my muscles from today and yesterday.
hey, guess what? I'm adding to it! (Originally) started out at 184, but then I lost all the weight I wanted to and ended up at 138 and was in the best shape of my life for soccer.....and then over the course of the year I crept back up to 154, and now I've been STUCK at 147 for somewhere around 2 months now. Goal's 130-135 at 5'6"
I just added a bunch of you to my friends! It'll be great to have people with the same goals help motivate each other!

I love this board!
Hi everybody!  The morning is yet young. I will report in again this evening to state my water intake and general behavior. Yesterday, I was able to control the hand to mouth motion but was slack on exercise and drinking water.  Today, Iā??m going to have success in all three: water, exercise, good food choices.  I hope you all check in too to tell me about your great day.  Remember, one day at a time.
Hi Club!

Okay, last night I did 30 minutes of cardio & 20 minutes of lower body toning (using work-out videos).  Hooray - it's my second cardio day in a row & I'm baaad at getting myself doing it.  My food choices were pretty good yesterday, though in my rush this morning I had a diet muffin - who even knows what that means?  Oh, well - down to 142!  Yippeee!
Great job poohb on the awesome workout!

So I didn't get any exercise in yesterday (besides some leg lifts and squats while I was on the phone), but I did drink almost 100 oz of water AND resisted the temptation of the chips and homemade cookies that my husband and his friends were eating! I tried just drinking water to keep my tummy happy but it wasn't really working - so I had a diet A&W instead. I'm so happy that I didn't eat any of that junk!

Weighed this morning and I'm at 141.8!!! I'm so happy! When I weighed on Wednesday, after a 4 day weekend of dabauchery, I was over 145. But, after drinking TONS of water every day I lost about 4 pounds! (Which proves that it must have been water weight as I suspected) Yay!

I *really* need to make sure I'm getting exercise in at least 5 times a week. I'm just SO lazy - even though I love the way I feel after I work out. It's just hard to get started. I did great for about a week...and then 4th of July happened and I totally got off track.

Okay, now that I've written an essay, I'll sign off for now! Haha. Good luck today everyone! And have a good, healthy, fun weekend!!!
Yay!! Carastar, I saw you added me as a I added you back...and I think I'm going to copy you and add other people from this thread too. :D

It makes me feel good that everyone's enthusiastic about this. My workout flew by today! I finished this book I'm reading, too, so I have to get another one to read while I'm doing my cardio.

I'm supposed to take it easy today, but I HATE taking it easy. Wasn't really supposed to work out at all, but I just figured I'd do a light workout. I did 30 minutes (at a slower pace than usual!!) on the elliptical, and then 15 minutes on the stationary bike. No weights, and did 30 minutes of yoga/pilates beforehand.

Oh, and while I was doing my abs during pilates, um, this guy knocked on my apartment door and I opened it up while only in my sports bra and shorts...then I looked down and got really embarrassed. Giggle. Oh well, at least I don't have the paunch I used to have. :">

Keep truckin'!

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