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I left the 170 club as of yesterday after a week stay.  After finding no 160 club I decided to start one myself.

As of today (Sunday Jan 7, 2007) I am at 167.

I'm looking forward to meeting anyone else in this range and motivating each other onto the 150 club.  Let the journey begin!  WE CAN DO IT!!
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Hello!  I am new to this website!  I just finished starting up my account and am browsing the sight.  I found this board.  I am at 160 pounds today and I would like to lose the weight that I have gained.  Which is FOURTY pounds.  When I say 40 pounds I feel like I have sooo much work to do.  But when I think about losing 1.5 pounds a week, that sounds way better.  So if I lose weight at that rate, which I know is healthy. In 6-7 months, I will be at my goal weight.  I just need some motivation, and support.  I have tried to lose this weight before, but I just give up right away..  I really want to stick to it this time. 

I am 168.5 and happy to join :)

Original weight was 213...goal weight is 143.
Okay....I'm not a member yet, but hope to be in here tomorrow morning.  Today I was at 170.6.  So close!!

Welcome, vanenl and newdock!!  Nice to see you again, liney!

hey y'all!! I'm at 173, coming down from 189.5 (eek!!) and although i'm not technically in the 160s yet, I'll be there in a week or two. The 170s group isn't very active, so I figure i'll get a little ahead. Plus, listening to all of you talk about the glorious 160s sounds wonderful! I'm 5'11, 19 years old, and my goal weight is somewhere around 140 (we'll see once I get closer).

Welcome All!!

I'm with you vanenl about needing motivation.   I thought I woudl share my story with you as I find that knowing a persons reasons behind their reason for weight loss helps others motivate you.  Also, I find that when I write it down I find things to motivate myself through it.

Here's my story.

I'm 24 years old (25 in less than a month).  I've always been "big". Big boned, bigger hips (even my doctor says I'll have no problem popping babies out), but the bust area doesnt fit in that category .. hehe.

When I was in grade 12 I became a work out junkie and was sitting pretty at 130 - 135 lbs.  I actually had very defined abs, but still thought I was too big and was uncomfortable with my body.  Through college I slowly gained some weight fluxtuating between 140 and 145 lbs. After college I got a job down the road from a gym and became active there ... was at the gym for around 2 hours a day.  Also, I act like a rabbit (honestly only salad). And, my father had to have an emergency triple bypass so that shocked me into keeping healthy. About 1.5 years ago I got a job in the big city (which not only includes a desk job but a 2 hour commute), I moved (gym no longer close by) and I got a new boyfriend (the guys a firefighter by trade and he can eat and eat and not put any weight on ... lucky).  Also, my roomate and cousin is 200 plus ... she is a beautiful girl but she lives off carbs, pop and sugar.  There is tons of that stuff in my appartment and I found it so much easier to grab that stuff to eat than to eat healthy ...

All those factors helped me gain the weight that I have now (or had cause I've lost some this past week).  As of January 2, 2007 I was 175 pounds.  Today I am 169 pounds.

So, all that background information was to share this ...

Weight Loss goal:

  • minimum weight loss: 35 pounds (already lost 5 pounds) bringing me from 175 to 145. That was where I was when I was working out 2 hours a day.
  • Ideal weight loss: 40 to 45 pounds bringing me from 175 to 135 or 130. This is within my healthy BMI.
  • Get my defined abs back (I have not had any kids ... I have no reason not to have good abs)

  • get rid (or at least limit) the lower back problems, the neck problems and the migranes.
  • fight genetics ... my fathers side has heart problems. His father died of a heart attack and my father has had open heart surgery. My mothers side has osteoperosis, and advanced diabetes and other problems.
  • by comfortable in my skin
  • I want to wear a biniki in the summer
My planned rewards:

  • my best friend is also lossing weight after her baby. She told me that she promised her hubby that when she gets her abs in shape shed get her belly button pierced. She was teasing me two weeks ago asking me if I'd join her. Yesterday I told her I was in ...
If this was way to long and boring I apologize. But I found it helpful and kinda theraputic to write down why I'm going through all this trouble to reprogram my brain with what is heathy eating and exercising.  Ultimately my goal is to be healthy, really and truly healthy.  I respect myself enough to do that for me! 

I'd love to hear your stories.  Let's get this club rocking!!!!

I'm *very* new to this; I am only mostly sure that I am in the 160's. I don't have a scale at my house - I prefer to go by pants sizes and energy levels.

[ Eventually I'll have to break down and buy a scale, though, I think. Seeing pounds come off seems so motivating. ]

To be honest, it was seeing that I topped over 160 on the scale that made me get serious about wanting to be healthy and get in shape.

I was used to being in the mid-140's (and stiull not being happy about it!). I figure the ideal weight for my height is somewhere between 120-130, and I don't see any reason that I can't acheive that.

I think my bone structure would support a size 6 nicely!

My most important goals:
  • to make it up the stairs at work without feeling winded

  • to wear single-digit-sized pants

  • to have the energy to go hiking and really enjoy it

:) So - Glad to meet those involved in Club 160, but hopefully soon we'll all be saying "The club is dead. Long live the club (150)!"
I want to join because that is my original start point , 164! I am at 150 now, hoping to get to 135 (that darned arthritis in my hip!) Great to meet you all!
Hey Liney!  Thanks telling me your story.  Here is my story.

I am 23 years old.  I have been thin my whole life, well, up to my freshman year of college.  (How many times have you heard that?? haha.. ) Anyway.  I was involved in so many sports growing up, volleyball (my fav), basketball, and track.  When I left for college my activity level decreased ALOT.. the thing is.. I didn't really change what I ate.  I was always able to eat whatever I wanted, and didn't have to worry about gaining weight.  Well, of course I partied a little much, and I know that all that alchohol ruined my metabolism. Anyway...Two years ago I had gained up to 30 pounds.  So, I decided I was going to get rid of all that weight.  So I went on a diet, which lasted about 3 weeks.  I got discouraged because I didn't see results.  I eventaully went back to not working out and eating fatning foods.  So, last summer I was slapped in the face when I saw I had gained another 10 pounds.  So, I decided I was going to get my life on track, and loose all that weight.  So, I started exercising, and eating very healthy.....that lasted about a month.. I just stopped... for what reason I don't know.  So here I am now.  Just recently engaged, and I am going to be in my cousins wedding this summer.  Thats alot of motivation right there.  But when I found this websight, I was relieved...MORE MOTIVATION!!!

I realize that I can't just go on a diet.  I need to make permanent lifestyle changes so I can not only become a slim and fit person, but a healthy person.   

I'm 5'7" at 160 lbs, with a medium body frame.

My Weight Loss Goal: 

  • Minimum weight loss:  30 pounds. 
  • Ideal weight loss: 40 pounds
My strategy

  • I plan to eat healthy foods such as whole grains, 5 vegetables and fruits a day, MORE WATER, and lean meats (skinless, boneless chicken breasts, and fish for example)
  • NO MORE.....potato chips, potato chips, potato chips, loaded baked potatoes, pizza, McDonalds, (or any other fast food), chocolate, and did I say potato chips?
  • I would like to work out atleast an hour a day. Some days up to two hours.  Combining, tae bo, pilates, core secrets, the firm (all workout dvds I own) using my treadmill, going for a jog/walk, and getting my butt to the gym (Student discount--$20 per SEMESTER....dang cheap)

  • I just want to feel good about myself....better self esteem.
  • Become healthy so I can live a long healthy life (heart disease also runs in my family, and my mom recently battled cancer and won!)
  • I would like to get back in to the 30 pairs of jeans I still own (Some of them I have only worn once)  (I own like 3 pairs of jeans right now because in the past 3 years I refuse to buy new close when I am this big because it will give me a reason to not lose weight...know what I mean?)
Well that pretty much sums it up.. Sorry so long..  I am excited to get to know you and we can help eachother along this journey to a new life!...joining the 150 club together, then the 140 club, and then 130 club!!!  WORK HARD!
I'd like to join, too. I'm happy to report that I'm down to 168lbs (starting at 187lbs). I want to keep losing something, as long as it isn't my mind. LOL
Welcome everyone!  Keep the positive stories coming.  It helps writing it down doesn;t?

Off topic ...

newdock (aka DJ) Welcome.  Just wanted to say that I read your profile and see that you are a homeschooling mom.  I was a homeschooled too!!!  I was homeschooled from grade 7 till grade 11 when I reentered the public school system to get ready for college (gave myself a buffer year to get used to being 'part of the crowd' again).  My mom didn't homeschool my siblings (there are five of us) but she is very active in their education and they are all doing very well.  Homeschooling Moms are WonderWomen!! 

K, back on topic ...

To myself chant: One 32ml bottle of water down, 3.5 more to go.  Chug, chug, chug .......................
Hi there! I was in the 170's club, thanks for making a 160's club! I am 164 lbs now, when I started on this health journey I was at 192 lbs! That is the biggest I had ever been in my life, including when I was pregnant. I only got to 176 lbs when I had my son!

My story may be different than most of yours, but maybe not. When I was younger I was always underweight. at 16 I was 97 lbs, after my daughter was born I wore a size 7 home from the hospital (and I was so depressed, I thought my jeans would fit me, a friend had to bring me a pair of her's cause all I had were 1's and 3's!) I weighed about 135 and quickly went down to 110 lbs. I was even an exotic dancer for 5 years! After I had my son a few years later I weighed 156 lbs and got down to 125 lbs though it was much harder this time and took a lot longer, 2 years!  At that time I was so depressed because I had never been big!

I went through a divorce when my son was 3 yr and met my husband now. When I met him I thought he was an active social person because we would do all sorts of things in the begining! Boy did he have me fooled! As time went on he became more and more reclusive, he didn't want to go anywhere or do anything unless it was with his family. Of course when your with someone and you love them, you tend to do the things they like to do, and eat the things they like to eat (my husband is italian) and start living their lifestyle.

So when I hit 135 lbs I started freaking out, and I started dieting... that was my downfall, I yo yo'd myself right to 192 lbs in about 8 years! 30 of those pounds came on in May of 2005 to February of 2006! I hated the way I looked, I was so depressed. My marraige started suffering, we were fighting all the time because I wasn't happy! In December I went to see a doctor about my depression and other symptoms I was having. I knew my thyroid was out of wack because I had been diagnosed a year before, but given the wrong medication, so I had stopped taking it. So this time I went to an endocronologist and he put me on Synthroid for my thyroid condition. Then my best friend gave me a present in February of 06' Her name was Angie! Angie is a nutritionist and my friend paid for a six month program for me. Angie is the rope I used to pull myself put of the quicksand I was drowning in.

For the first 3 months I didn't lose even 1 lb! I was so upset! But I was happy I hadn't gained, that was a huge deal to me back then since I had been gaining so rapidly!

Then Angie invited me to hike with her. The first time, I had to stop alot! I could only make it up about 1 mile, and it took me forever! by the fall I was hiking 3 days a week and making it all the way to the top, and running down! by fall I had also lost a few pounds and was into the 170's! But it was not coming off quickly by any means!

The weather started to get rough, and it was getting too dark to hike, so I needed an alternative. I already belonged to a gym, so I decided to join their bootcamp class. 5 days a week, 1 hour a day. I was out there doing squats and lunges and pushups etc... Then I started running on the treadmill!

Today I am running 3.5 miles, I do bootcamp on Mon, Wed and Fri. and just recently made plans to walk with my Aunt every Sunday until she gets up to running. Then we will run on Sundays and our goal is to run a marathon next year! I will start hiking again when weather permits, because now I love it!

I am healthy and happy! My hair is shiney, and my skin glows. I try to eat mostly whole foods, not proccesed. With a few exceptions like crackers and bread and soups. I am trying to get my husband to conform to my way of life now, instead of me conforming to his.. maybe he will come around??

I have about 35 lbs left to lose, but right now I am focused on health, not weight. My body will lose the weight the more healthy I get.

My new excuse to people when they offer me proccesed foods is " no thank you, I'm allergic, it makes me swell" I think that if foods make you swell you have to be allergic, right!?

So I know it was really long, so sorry! But that is my story. I am so happy to be in the 160's club, but no offense will be happier to get to the 150's.. then the 140's... then the 130's!!!
Last time I weighed myself I was around 162 so hopefully this is a brief stop. 
Like quite a few of you, I'm 24, and have had trouble controlling my weight since I hit college.  I was always around 130 in high school, but now that I think of it, I was a chunky child, and did pretty good maintaining my weight for about 1/2 of a semester in college....  I also studied abroad in Austria- and gained 20 lbs of beer weight, peaking my weight at 185 (and at 5'6", it was NOT cute!!).  Since I graduated in 2004, I've lost and kept off 20 lbs, hovering around 165, and now I'm ready to really get back to a healthier and (I'll admit it) better looking weight.  I'm aiming for 135.

I have found that I really do like exercising, but sometimes I am really good at talking myself out of it because I can just be unmotivated at times. 

I'm hoping that chatting with all of you will help keep me motivated... and I hope to see you all in the 150's!
AHHHHHHHHH ... I faltered ... I gave in ...

Last night my cousin, my boyfriend and I went out with a very good friend we haven't seen in ages (which sucks cause he lives about 15 minutes (drive) away).  We went to a pub to chat and catch up and then back to my appartment for more chatting time. 

After doing so well with my calorie intake during the day once I got to the pub it was over ... I had one light beer, a bunch of wings, and I picked at my cousins onion rings and my boyfriends nachos.  At least I ate all of the veggies that came with the wings ... thats good, right??  It was like we were all on this huge gorge-fest.  But wait, it ain't over. On our way back to my appartment we stopped and got coffee.  "One large double-double for me, please!!"  AHHHHHHHH

So, this morning I was up and out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I rowed on my Bowflex for 25 mins, vigoriously and drank an entire bottle of water. 

Even with my actions the previous night, when I jumped on the scale this morning it read a beautiful, 169 lbs.  I thought I would never be so happy to see that number.  I didn't go up!  It didn't go down, but at least it didn't go up.  YEAH!!.

So today I'm starting a new.  Drinking all my water, watching my calories and eating healthy and moving as much as I can (I have a desk job which means I'm going for a walk at lunch).

Like my mantra yesterday read:  Half a 32ml bottle of water down, 4 more to go.  Chug, chug, chug, chug ......................
WWoooohooo!!  I have officially graduated to this club.  169.2 this morning, and I couldn't be happier....and this is even after taking my mom out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I'm so excited!!
Woohoo!!! Welcome axtell24!  I knew you'd make it over here.
Thanks, liney....I told you I'd follow you over here we have to see how soon we can get into that 150s club!!
Hi!  This is my starting point.  I'm 5ft and 168lbs and the scale says i'm a stagering 40% body fat *gasp* (i'm not sure how accurate it is but at 110 the same scale read 22% body fat.....  So here's my story.  I was always a thin, active child but, I started gaining weight in  highschool.  My parents divorced and with their marriage went home cooked meals.  I ate mostly junk food, stoped doing afterschool activities, turned to drugs and alchohol and went from 100lbs to 132 (which is definetly chunky on such a short girl).  I woke up one day and realized I needed to change my ways.  I went to a super low fat diet 10 grams of fat a day (but I ate 3 square meals and a snack and tons of soda:) no fat there) and started walking 3.5 miles a day 5-7 days a week.  In one month I was a healthy 110lbs.  And that's where I stayed until I got pregnant.  I had a very healthy pregnancy and delivered my son at a nice 126lbs.  I was thinner the year after I had him 107lbs because I didin't work and I exercised 2 times a day.  I would go for a walk with the stroller to quiet the screaming baby and later in the day I'd go to the gym for an hour to get away from the screaming baby. lol  About a year and a half ago I finally broke up with my sons father for good.  We were on again off again for almost 10 years!  At that point I realized, I mean really realized that I wasted a decade of my life on a guy who was never good enough for me.  Pretty depressing, so I turned to my good friends Mr. Budwieser, Mr. Mcdonalds and all the lovely California wine makers.  I am now a pudgy 168lbs!!!!!!!!  I am determined to get this weight off ASAP via a healthy diet, low impact cardio, pilates and circut training as well as free weights.  If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of my recently aquired fat girl stretch marks on my inner thighs I will love  you forever ;)  So that's my story.  I hope to travel with you all downwards in the weight clubs untill I'm healthy again.
weighed in yesterday and I am a beautiful 163 lbs!!!!!
163.9 over here :)

Started at 188.1 5 months ago!
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