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Clean Eating Challenge

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Ok, there seems to be a mysterious condition going around that is causing sabotage to our eating. I know I'm not alone here when I admit that my eating this past little while leaves a lot to be desired, causing slight weight gain after such hard work to lose it.

I also know, that I am the same person who was practically flawless in my eating for like almost 90 days straight, so I know I can get ahold of this - who's with me?? 

There is no deadline for sign-ups, anyone can join at any time!!

All you have to do is check in once a week (at least) & let us know how you're doing. If/when you "cheat", simply let us know & I will restart your start date.

A cheat is defined as whatever a cheat would mean to you personally, whether it be going over your calories, bingeing, not eating enough, too many treats, etc. We all know when we've cheated, so just be honest with yourself

Let's be honest with each other & keep each other eating clean k? The PRIZE to the winner? Well that's easy - weight loss!!!!!!!!! (or maintenance for those at that stage!) Let's do this!


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Here's the list of all signed up & the new rules:
(let me know if I missed you)

If you lose your mind & cheat, just let me know. Then you can re-start from the next day. I'll simply unbold your name, along with updating your new start date.

After being clean for a week after a re-start, I'll re-bold your name. So you always have a chance to feel like you are succeeding. 

Also, if you just don't feel like you want to partake in the challenge anymore, can you let me know so I can remove your name from the list? Thanks!!

Anyone not checking in for one week (December 25 - December 31) will be removed from the challenge.

Good luck all! People's names in bold have been going the longest or have not restarted for at least a week - way to go!!!!!!!!

  1. cerhiunnhn - hiatus Jan 30
  2. chanb73 - Dec 10 - 3rd Place, Congrats!!!!! 
  3. deejlb - Oct 27  - 1st Place, Congrats!!!!! 
  4. emmylou - Dec 17
  5. ewwxroflzz - Dec 9 - 2nd Place, Congrats!!!!!  
  6. healthnut24 - Dec 15
  7. jennlett - Dec 14 
  8. madronam - Dec 15
  9. nancy1967 - hiatus
  10. s57chevy - Dec 17 
  11. shadowmystika - Dec 20
  12. skinnyogi - Dec 18
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woo whoo!  Day one of Operation "Back on Track" complete and squeaky clean!  Still battling the salt, but back and feeling gooood!
Can I request to join? It actually sounds quite fun! =] I'm a chronic commitment breaker when it comes to 'clean eating', so here's to a fresh start!
Kay so i failed.
i feel so horrible. like i could die.
i don't know what it is.
it feels like something is controlling me.
Does anyone have any advice to give me?
I was doing so good and now i have to start over.
i feel  like crap.
I would like to join but i have some questions first. What exactly is "clean eating"? Is there anything that you just can't have? And is there a certain day that you have to "check in"?
ok - first of all junkaholic, you didn't fail.  You had a set back - it happens to all of us - I'm on my 2nd restart.  This weekend I managed to single- handedly eat enough to cause a 4 lb weight gain in two days - yup, water weight, undigested food - yuck!!!!  But, after just two days of Operation "Back on Track", I'm back down those lbs.  I'm not a horrible person, I'm just human...but I'm trying, and my goal is to make overall forward progress in the process.

"i feel so horrible.  like i could die."  - I don't know your situation, but please don't beat yourself up, and that's what I think is the beauty of this group - we come together, and understand that none of us is perfect, we do our best.  We're here for ya.  What happened exactly?  Maybe it's not as bad as it seems.
Lunch at Fridays was GREAT! I went with the Dragon Fire Chicken. 1/2 chicken breast grilled with a spicey sauce. I skipped the fried rice it came with and opted for an extra side of steamed broccoli! I figure it to be no more than 300 cals total! It was yummy! I am having salmon, a baked potato and veggies for dinner! Day four of clean eating is going great! Hope all is well with everyone!
Hello everyone! and once again keep it up the ones in bold. I have lost another 3 lbs. in a week, but I was sick so I didn't realize it. But I am excited. It was weird though b/c the before my last weigh in i was at 208 then the next week which was yesterday I checked and it said 198 and I went on again to make sure. then that evening I went on again and it said 205 and I went on again. The floor was level so I don't understand but all in all I lost weight.

carie87- where did you get that body profile from? I remember doing that before but it was so long ago I don't remember the site, can u please let me know or send me a message, thanks.
I'm still here!  Sorry been busy packing, moving in a couple weeks.  I weigh in tomorrow, hopefully my plateu broke.  Oh and still going strong!
Still going strong since my restart.  I am heading to Denver for the weekend, so I'm not sure...  Actually I'm sure I'll cheat, I just hope I can do it resonably. :)
Hey all! Guess what?? Today I reached (& surpassed) my first weight loss goal of 150, weighing in at 149.6 this morning! yay!!!!

Now my next & last goal is 135 by the end of July, 10 weeks to lose 14.6 lbs, should be do-able right?

I've been trying to catch up with all the people who have not checked in for a while. rezaiasl & jjlewis are the only ones remaining that I've heard from on the longest list club!! Way to go you two!! I have not heard from lilazngirley yet, and if I don't by week's end, I'll remove them.


rezaiasl - it's kinda hard for us to say whether you cheated or not. One slice of pizza isn't a bad thing, necessarily. Now if you had your meal plus two or three, maybe. But it's really how you feel about it. Is it gonna sit in your mind that you kinda sorta did cheat if you aren't reset? That's how I made my decision on my two little few hundred calorie slip ups. I wouldn't necessarily have called them a cheat per se, but in the back of my mind, I thought, well, others are doing it squeaky clean & to me I might have felt a bit guilty. Go by your gut & how you feel about it, & let me know what you decide. But I think for the most part, a lot of people think of a cheat as a kind of binge. And I don't think you did that at all.

chanb37 - oh darn girl, its sooooo ok! You did so well, 17 days is amazing without one cheat!!!! Congrats You can do it again!

burmabrite - I've added you. Just make sure you check in at least once a week, let me know if you've cheated & need to be reset, and if you ever want to be dropped from the chalenge, let me knwo that too, k? Thanks & good luck!!

junkaholic - Dont feel soo horrible. Look at that list, we're all human, there's more people that restarted than not (at least I think so cuz so many have not checked in). You're normal, just pick yourself back up & go at it again, k?
I don't have any advice but to move on, and forget about it. Just act in your own mind like it never happened and that you're a clean eater. We can trick our minds into thinking anything we want. You'll do great again!

thesilverstar - welcome. Clean eating is basically whatever your definition of it is. We all know when  in our minds we cheat. So just be true to yourself. Please check in once a week. Let us know how you're doing. Also, please let me know if you ever need to be reset due to a slip up, as well as if you want to  not participate anymore, so I can remove you. Good luck!

carie- way to go, sounds liek you made an excellent (& tasty) choice!

bellad- congrats on the 3 lbs in one week! That's great!

jjlewis- htanks so much for checking in! & congrats on still being one of the first ones still at it perfectly!!! Hope your plateau breaks tomorrow too!

susankaye- hope you can cheat reasonably too, who knows, maybe you'll do jsut fine! Have fun & let us know how you did when you return!

I'm still in, I have been very good but not losing much. I eat at least 5 fruits and 2 or 3 veggies every day. I am trying to drink more water at least 2 glasses per day this week and am trying for 3 next week.
yeah, i agree! Thanks so much!

I dont feel bad about it. the salad was huge but just with greens, and there was probably only like not even 5 oz of GRILLED CHICKEN in it. The rest was fruit and a little bit of figs. AND the slice of pizza i had was on grilled flatbread with hardly any cheese. And my weight is the same as yesterday. If it's okay with everyone, i would like to stay in the challenge!!!
Wow I actually got back on to this thread my computer has not let me in for days. Well I need to be restarted for tomorrow. I am actually clean today but because I couldn,t get in yesterday I might as well count today as a gift. my weigh in i was plus3.5 but I am going to really try to kick some fat but this week. any way I am off to cook dinner.
hey, just checking in :D nice to know i get a second chance, too.

ive been doing pretty good, hope the same is true for the rest of you!
Ever notice how full you get whenyou eat watermelon?? I feel like I'm gonna burst but I just had one big wedge. Weird. It was sooo yummy.

I don't normally eat much fruit, cuz the cals add up so quick, but I've really been enjoying have some the last couple days. Fresh goodness!!


sharkbev - Welcome back! Glad to hear you've been doing good. As I said above, I tend to stay away from too much fruit while losing cuz it's chocked full of calories. Although they are good for you, you may want to sacrifice a bit to cut your cals a bit. I mean alot of fruit can be 100 cals per serving (or close to it), so it does add up fast.

rezaiasl - you're still at Apr 30 girl! Keep on goin!!!

mabear - heck, if you did good today, then today will be your restart day! I'm not gonna rob you of a perfect day. Have a good dinner.

littlefroggie- heck ya, we're all about second, third & hundredth chances here! It's all about keeping each other motivated & going strong, despite our little mess ups! Did I get your restart date right?

piecesofme- thanks girl! Good luck at the party & have a great long weekend!!

Hey, do you think I could be put on Hiatus (silly term, I know,  but it works for this) between May 21st and June 1st?  I'm leaving for China this Monday, and I won't know what/how often I'm eating or how many calories I'll be taking in..... so would that work?

It's not like I'd be giving up on the challenge, and I'm sure going to try to stay in my range, but I'll be darned if I pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for authentic Chinese food/beverages/drinks/sweets just for 3-4 pounds!

Anyway let me know if you'd be willing to do that!  :)
cerhiunnhn - of course! Jsut let us knwo when you're back & we'll restart you then, does that soudn fair?? Or I couldjust put you at June 1st right now too, let me know!

How about you put me at June 1st?  I'll arrive back to my home then, and I will buy myself a bike and bike to the store for good foods if my parents won't buy healthy food! 

Thanks so much for understanding!  Best of luck to everyone while I am gone!  You can do it!
still going strong
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