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C25K : Week 2 Day 1.... Im excited!

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So today is Week 2 Day 1 of my C25K and can I just say that I am a little excited about it!

The app that I have on my phone only says I have to do the run 3 times a week but Ive been doing them 6 days a week.

For example: Last Week: Monday- Wk 1 Day 1. Tuesday Wk 1 Day 1. Wed. Wk 1 Day 2. Thursday. Wk 1 Day 2. Friday Wk 1 Day 3. Saturday Wk 1 Day 3. Sunday Rest Day.

Yesterday I should have started week 2 but I wanted a warm up from the rest day so I just did day 3 of wk 1. But today I am doing wk 2 Day 1! Im a little nervous about it.

Instead of jogging for 1 min its a 1:30. I know its not that much more but after you do it for 20 minutes I might want to die. Haha.

Im really excited. When I was going yesterday I felt like I could go longer than what it told me to do. So I hope I feel the same today!!! AAHH!!

Im pretty motivated today.

Just sharing.

Oh and Im not sure if Ive lost weight. Only weighing on Fridays now. Im nervous about that too. I hope by then ill be down at least 2 pounds

Cool Wish me luck!


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Congrats! I remember when I got to week 2 of C25K -- I thought those extra 30 seconds were gonna be the end of me! But the first day was definitely the worst, and after week 2 I felt like I had much better control over my breathing, which helped tremendously later in the program.

One thing I did want to mention is that the rest days are important. Running for a minute or two at a time at a slower pace isn't so bad, but when you get to 5 or 8 minute runs, you should be careful and really listen to your body. I got a stress fracture in my foot from trying to do too much, too fast, and apparently that's not an uncommon injury. Learn from my FAIL! haha

Good luck with Week 2!

I think that now I am starting week 2 I am gonna take 2 rest days. Just to be on the safe side ... or maybe even just walk a day so that I am getting a little exercise. Im so excited to be able to run my whole lake. Everyone around me is doing it!

I seriously cannot wait! Thanks for the tips though. I really dont want to get injured. I cant stand it. Ugh I remember pulling all the tendons in my right arm. I was out for 3 weeks at least! No fun at all.

Also I think I am just naturally a slow jogger. But when I sprint I am super fast. I did track in high school and I was always the short distance runner for everything cause I was the fastest but put me in a marathon... nooooo waaaay!

Thanks for the input oxford007. I read your c25k story and its totally inspirational!!

If you're looking for a good calorie burn, running is awesome...but walking at a quick pace is really, really good too! I often alternate running days with walking days and  use a BodyBugg and I'm always amazed at the numbers that come out of that thing. I mean, running is hard for me. It's a challenge. But I feel like I could walk 100 miles if I needed to. So I'm always shocked that my calorie burn for a sustained, brisk walk is only about 15% less than my calorie burn for running. It just seems so...wrong!

If you ran in HS, you probably have some muscles at work which will help prevent injuries, as opposed to somebody like me who was starting from zero. I bet once you get into the swing of things you are gonna BREEZE through C35K! Have fun! :)


I'm not sure of your fitness level, but I highly recommend the rest days in between run days, especially when you get into the later runs. If running is new to you, as it was to me, you need to give your body time to adjust to the new exercise- Running isn't exactly a low-impact sport ;].

That being said.. I'm a C25k GRAD! This is cliche to say.. But if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Seriously, I was practically hard-wired to hate running from birth- Even as a kid, I didn't play tag because of the running involved! There were times through out the program (especially toward the end!) where I wanted to give up.. But I didn't.. And now I'm running farther than the 5K! So NEVER give up, never let a bad day get you down, and by the end of the program, you will see yourself in a new light. :]

Im not sure of my fitness level either... Im pretty active on most days if its running around in my work place to get things done or if its at home chasing my kids in the back yard. I was doing turbo jam on a daily basis to keep me energized and everything. Then I quit for 2 weeks. And I am now doing the c25k.

I DID IT! Week 2 Day 1!! I really wanted to quit a few times but thanks to Pandora and me already feeling regret I worked thru it and even though I thought my tibias were going to pop out of my skin I still feel awesome about completing the whole thing! I cant wait to do it today! I like the feeling when I get in my car and I am hot, red, sweaty and just craving ice cold water to be thrown on me. I never get the feeling after I have gotten off the elliptical or done walking. I am truly enjoying this. I just need to work on my form or something so these shin splints can be gone!

I definitely feel like I get enough rest during the day to not go in the evening. I go at 5pm and so by the whole next day has gone by and 5pm roles around I feel ready to. I think it would be normal to just have 1 or 2 days off a week. I know I wont be able to do it everyday cause Im sure I will have days where I am just sluggish or busy. But if not I want to put all my effort into this. And hopefully this Friday I will see a drop in the scale!!!!

 thanks for the support!

Congrats! The first day of a new week is always the hardest. After that, you've done it once so you know you can do it again.

One thing that helped me beat shin splints was adding more time to my warmup walk. I typically walk pretty fast for 15 minutes before I run, and I never get shin splints now. The 5-minute warmup was NOT enough for me. See if that helps!

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