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Care to take a challenge!!!

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I wanted to do a little something different today. Yesterday Salome drank (salome I hope you're not mad I am using you as an example) 2.5 litres of water in the early afternoon. I commented on her blog about me drinking 4 so far.  Well I THINK she took that as some motivation because as of last night she had 4 litres. Yey to Salome

SO I thought that maybe we could motivate some one person to accomplish something today. Whether it be drink 5 litres of water, do an extra 20 crunches, eat another 2 peaches today, walk an extra half a mile,keep fat below 20%, etc. Whatever it may be. Pick one person an give them that goal. It's going to be kind of tough because some 2 people might pick the same person. But if you let me know I can add it on the first post.

these 2 people can then motivate their other partner to do something extra that day that will benefit them.  If no one like my idea, well Erik please delete. IF you do then we can get going.

UPDATED: dO not tell us the goals they want to set for themselves. Just where they are now and let US set the goals. How do you eat? How much/little? How much do you drink? Exercise? How many free days do you give yourself?


Hkellick pairs with Chunkychoo

Phoeniz121 pairs with Anniew

Rahana pairs with Steurl

Lyndalyn pairs with Kirstincmc

Dove, Momo28, Salome, Slappy,  Aquade, Nymo, Isusiubeste,  Mellisabee,

So as more people sign up I am going to assign pair as they come. FIrst come first served. Give your partner a task today to motivate them and vice versa

FOR ME : I have 1200 calories a day. work out once a week because of school, I know I could do crunches really quick when I get home but I have no motivation. I drink 3-4 litres of water a day. I try to eat lots of different fruits.
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ok... no simple carbs.  got it, and I will take Maggie on the hour long walk.
Steu - how are you doing on calories?  I have only had 1 drink tonight.   YEAH!!!!!!
Okay, just wanted to start off by thanking Rahana316 for this post it is great, don't think I ever drank that much water in 1 day, I feel so much better though and it really helped curb my appetite, only 1344 calories yesterday and I got my A, plus I drank 140 ounces of water yesterday, thanks for the challenge Kirstincmc,, how did you do? I also took the kids and dog for an hour walk last night and it felt great, would love to run but with an 86 pound boxer and 2 kids in a wagon that would be a little difficult. Think I needed the motivation to give me that extra push and stay on track. I am going to do the challenge all weekend, plus I added 1 challenge for myself, no eating out this weekend and I must log my calories. I think the weekend comes and I just kind of relax a little to much, and rarely get my water in, so we will see how this weekend goes. Thanks again Rahana for the post and Kristincmc for the challenge.
chunky remember water is great for flushing your system and giving you healthier skin too!  You will be more beautiful than ever!
*nodnods* It even gives me (who has never used a face scrub, face
moisturizer or any of the like) a firmer, healthier look to my skin. :)

I took the dog for a 3.5 mile hike, and I think we are both better for it.  I am glad you saw benefit to the water challenge.  I also did not have any simple carbs, all of mine yesterday came from things like beans, veggies and fruit.  So... I think I did ok too.

thanks rahana... it was a good idea.
steu - I drank a couple of drinks on Friday night.  I DIDN"T eat any chips or dip.  Tonight I asked my hubby when he went to the store to pick me up some chip and dip................he came home with a small bag of Porkies and said "You aren't going to make us all eat healthy and then you eat junk food."

So I ate some Porkies and gave him a kiss.  No CHIP & DIP SO FAR>
thanks for finding me a partner!  

hi lynn, sorry it took so long.  i live in italy.  6 hour time difference.  and a laptop that's a bit wacky these days. i got married to an italian and moved to the veneto region of italy.  leaving behind family, friends and work was alot.  my new best friends became the couch and my next meal.  that was two years ago, and now this former runner is saying basta!(enough!)  procrastination is on my list.  i have been saying 'tomorrow' for too long. 
Hello all! Bad beach weekend!!! Calories were very bad this weekend. I was very low on Firday but made up for it on Saturday I probably eat around 1600. So far for Sunday I have eat about 650. I have gained according to the scale fron Friday to right now 2 and a half pounds... UGH!!!! I can't wait to get back on track. I did run on Sat. only 3 and a half miles and today was only 2 miles. Tomorrow I am going to really need to buckle dowm. Salome I need a new challenge.....
Steuerl - the good news is...I didn't eat ANY junk food this weekend.  None.  No Chips, dip, pretzels...I mean NOTHING. YEAH. The bad news is a drank a little too much. Good News....I walked/jogged for 20 minutes on Saturday and Bikes 2-1/2 Miles on Sunday.  YEAH.

I have told myself and everyone else at my shack that I am not drinking at all the weekend until the weekend.  I don't care who comes over or what happens.  :) This is a really hard thing for me because it also involves other people......for the better/worse.

So Steuerl, I would challenge you to eat atleast 800 calories every day this week of healthy foods.  :)  Are you up for the challenge? 

You can give me one too.......
Help I need to be challenged, weekend was not good, not horrible just not good. Did not have my water, did not log my food, no gym but I did get some walking in.CHALLENGE ME IT HELPS ME STAY ON TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Rahana, when you get in, I was going to suggest we do this again, but switch partners maybe? :)
I had a nice weekend although I didnt drink as much as I Would have liked to. I did however try eggplant and I like it. Thanks HK for giving me a challenege. During this week I am going to try something a little different. Havent thought of it yet.

I am glad that you guys like these challenges because it's good for us.
*is going to (re? don't remember)try artichoke hearts next week! :D*

Nownownownownow ;D
Slappy- Great job with the workout yesterday!! How are you planing on getting more fiber in today?
Salome it sounds like you had a great excerise weekend. That is wonderful. No junk food is great.... Yeah I drink too mush this weekend too. The great part was that by the 2nd beer I was tippsy. Up until a few weeks ago I would need probably 6 to make me tippsy. I think I can do my new challenge. My challenge for you is to try not to drink during the week. Now I said TRY don't be too hard on your self with this one. But I would like for you to walk/run for 30 minutes this time. The biking seems to be working good for you too. If you would like to try to increase the biking to 3 miles instead of adding the 10 minutes to the walking try that. Either way increase the excerise.. Let me know if this can work for you.
Sounds Good.    :)
aquade- not sure....just fruit I guess.
i signied off early on friday and missed my partner.

lyn- here's your challenge: try to eat at least 4 serving of veggies.

i gave myself the challenge of keeping the food diary.  big step.  it's hot and humid here, so going for a walk or run is out.  didn't meet that challenge.  i did keep my 2 ltre water intalke challenge and also got hubby in on it.

if anyone has hot weather cardio suggestions, i'm all ears.
o.k. so I did not complete my challenge last night.. I tried just could not get there. and I did not even lose half and pound this morning. I could not even run my normal 4 miles because it was raining. I was only able to do 2 miles. I did go walk around Walmart for another half.  I am going to try harder today though.  
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