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Care to take a challenge!!!

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I wanted to do a little something different today. Yesterday Salome drank (salome I hope you're not mad I am using you as an example) 2.5 litres of water in the early afternoon. I commented on her blog about me drinking 4 so far.  Well I THINK she took that as some motivation because as of last night she had 4 litres. Yey to Salome

SO I thought that maybe we could motivate some one person to accomplish something today. Whether it be drink 5 litres of water, do an extra 20 crunches, eat another 2 peaches today, walk an extra half a mile,keep fat below 20%, etc. Whatever it may be. Pick one person an give them that goal. It's going to be kind of tough because some 2 people might pick the same person. But if you let me know I can add it on the first post.

these 2 people can then motivate their other partner to do something extra that day that will benefit them.  If no one like my idea, well Erik please delete. IF you do then we can get going.

UPDATED: dO not tell us the goals they want to set for themselves. Just where they are now and let US set the goals. How do you eat? How much/little? How much do you drink? Exercise? How many free days do you give yourself?


Hkellick pairs with Chunkychoo

Phoeniz121 pairs with Anniew

Rahana pairs with Steurl

Lyndalyn pairs with Kirstincmc

Dove, Momo28, Salome, Slappy,  Aquade, Nymo, Isusiubeste,  Mellisabee,

So as more people sign up I am going to assign pair as they come. FIrst come first served. Give your partner a task today to motivate them and vice versa

FOR ME : I have 1200 calories a day. work out once a week because of school, I know I could do crunches really quick when I get home but I have no motivation. I drink 3-4 litres of water a day. I try to eat lots of different fruits.
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momo we can challenge you...

tell us a little about yourself.. and one of us.. will give you a challenge for today and this weekend..
I am trying to get in the extra fluids. Have you decided what you are going to eat? 160 cal's so far isn't very much.
not sure.... prob. some rice pasta that would give me some cals.
46 oz's now!!!
ok... Chunckychoo... how about 120 oz of water for the day's challenge... and bonus points if your food analysis gets an "A"?
Kirstincmc, hello how are you, tell me a little more about yourself or maybe try this challenge take that big dog of yours for an hour walk today. 120 oz. of water is that like 15 cups of water????????? How much water does everyone drink a day???? I struggle to get my 8 cups a day in, so this will be a challenge for me. Have not ate any food yet so I guess I better do that to.
If there is someone needing a challenge partner I'm game.

edit: crap, I didn't read I have to put in stuff about me.

activity wise - my current goal is 150min perweek, but I think I should get this with no problem. I drink (during the week only) about 96oz of water a day.

Food wise I normally get A or B's (unless I go drinkin like last Fri) and Ilike to focus more on my nutrition % (20 fat, 30 prot 50 carb)
chuncky scroll up and read the post.

17 ounces of water is 1/5 litre, the small poland spring bottle.... 34 ounces is 1 litre, etc.

8 cups of water is prob 8 ouces a cup, that's 64 ounces.. come on chuckychoo if we can you can

I had 102 ounces for the morning already, Hk had close to 160 already, aquade and slappy are up there to..salome didnt tell us how much she had yet...
k protein bar and then some rice pasta puts me at 600 cals so far!
Yes Salome I am going to eat 700 calories each day this weekend. I may even get crazy and eat 800.. Thanks all for the help. Dove you are probably right about seeing someone too. I was actually thinking about that  yesterday. I am going to give it one more week and see whats up.  
Alright, momo... what are your weak points? What areas do you need challenging?
chunky choo... yes, it is 15 cups.  I have the 20 oz water bottles that I carry around with me  (everywhere, trust me on that, or ask one of my kids) so it is 5 good sized bottles of water....

My big struggles... the carb vs protein ratios because i am a vegetarian, and I just loooovvvveee all things carb.  I generally get pretty good grades on my food analysis though... and I try to stick to about 1400-1500 ish calories.

have 2 kids, live in the northwest, the weather is gorgeous today, and supposed to be hot and dry this weekend... and my dog, has to weigh 140 pounds, and unlike me, doesn't need to loose any weight.
OK this is a stupid question but whatever...  How many ounces are in a liter..  My bottle of water is 16.9 ounces and it says that it is ALSO half a liter...  (Someone's post on here confused the crap outta me!)

Nymo was the best person to pair me with BTW..  She is great and is making me run OUTSIDE today!!  no mill for me!!  (this is gonna be tough...I live in Florida, it is 98 degrees and like 70 percent humidity!
ooohhh I know this one I know this one..

1 litre is equal to 33.9 ounces of water.. so 1/2 litre is 16.95 ounces..
Ok so your ealier post that 17 ounces was 1/5 of a liter was a typo!!  Thank GOD!! 
Okay I am back finally got to step out of the bathroom for a second, but just for 1 second (ha ha) I am at 60 ounces of water for the day, so I am half way there. How do you all drink that much water while at work, it seems like that is all I am doing is running to the bathroom, plus how do you eat and drink all that water, I am only at 295 calories for the day and I am stuffed. Had a peach, banana, 2 stalks of celery with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and I am stuffed. Great challenge. Didn't make it to the gym this morning, so we got a break from the heat so I think me, the kids and the dog will walk later.
Steuerl how are you doing????
chuckychoo it's hard the first few times but you get used to it.

I drank 136 ounces for the day already and I have to tell you I have had it up to here with water...
chunkychoo... i think it helps keep the calories in check... only so much room in there.  congrats on being half way done.  (I have had 60 oz so far today too... it is about 11 am here now, and I swear 1/2 of my daily exercise comes from walking across the building to the rr.... I swear the fron desk people must be tallying my trips and laying bets by now...)  What's my challenge?
kirstincmc, How about the carbs you eat today make them  count, make sure the are the good carbs. Can't challenge you on the water because sounds like you got that down. Some days I have trouble eating all 1500 calories, so now with all this water it will be even harder. Usually I am trying to down my water later in the evening, was up all night using the restroom, shouldn't have to worry about that today though. 
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